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little twenty one pilots things i really dislike

as much as i really love twenty one pilots, here are some things i really dislike, mostly regarding the fanbase:

- ‘smol bean’ 

- ‘ukulele screamo’

- ‘clique as frick’

- ‘fren’ is hella cringey, even when tyler says it

- .:pêøpłê tÿpīñg êvęrÿthįńg łìkė thîš:. 

- “DADDY!” comments

- fans thinking top are the only band/artist making real music on the radio

- fans who hate on other fans for being a newer fan, usually the same fans who complain about top being popular

- fans who complain that top don’t play enough old songs live, ignoring the fact that emotional roadshow was literally promoting the album blurryface (i do kinda get that with tour de columbus though, but still they did play a lot of oldies)

- fans who hate on other fans for also liking k-pop groups (i just really don’t get the hate here and i’ve never even tried to listen to k-pop lmao)

- fans who stalk/harass the boys and their families, eg: finding josh’s parents house and taking photos outside of it, even if done respectfully it’s still weird and creepy

- how terrible the pit can be at some shows, pushing, punching, no etiquette whatsoever

- a lot of merch is kinda ugly to me, the designs have gotten better more recently though

feel free to add your own things

hey you match everything!


current theories for how some popular bloggers got popular (cuz i dont know):

the-entire-furry-fandom: furry porn va? maybe?

slimetony: chill anime beats 24/7 + sticks

phillip-bankss: FNAF shitpost artist when FNAF was still a thing

paper-mario-wiki: still coasting on undertale fame i think

furrypost-generator: jokes about people who like piss stuff while trying to hide that they do enjoy piss stuff unironically. same with their audience

if im wrong fill me in cuz i dont know and i am curious

  • Lance: hey Keith,, I overheard ur conversation with Pidge,, so, u have a crush on someone??? Who is it ;)?
  • Keith: ahahahaha woo my crush??? Ahahah wow suddenly I dont remember also I think I have to wash,..... my cat,, u h wATS THAT ALLURA I'll be right there *leaves*
  • Lance: ......???
  • Pidge: in case u couldnt tell he has a crush on you
  • Lance:
  • Lance: OOOOHHH

I like all the random stuff that happens in overwatch tbh.

When i first began i was lucio in a skirmish and this junkrat walked up to me and kept saying “ THE CLAWWWWWW THE CLAWWWWWWWWW” then i very slowly started floating higher and higher up into the sky while he continued screaming.

then this stuff

Then i was on route 66 by the second check point, i punched a genji to death. He came back to find me several times for revenge. Even though both our teams got mad at us, we kept meeting up at the second check point to try and punch each other to death. He later added me to his friends list.

A McCree named coffee murdered my entire team in one Ult

A lucio kept playing “shooting stars” by the bag raiders but jokes on him. I LOVE THAT SONG. then i saw a dude named dadjokes.

A torb who spent his time watching the view with me. later asking questions about life and forcing me to think about the universe.

then i never met this person before

Another player and i noticed we both had the word “frog” in our names. we were also both playing lucio too. Then we had a debate as to what species of frog was the best one. Then another lucio shows up and the debate got longer until we all agreed that all frogs are amazing. he switched to mei then we won.

Overwatch is fun even though i dont post about it.

i really should tbh.