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heyheyhey request are open meaning you'll find me somewhere in ur ask ! seventeen as princes ? please ? thank u !! ^*^

Sounds like a cute au ^^ sorry this turned out so long, keep reading isn’t working on the app x

17 as Princes

S.coups - The Ideal Prince.

  • By this I mean that he would take his responsibilities very seriously just like he does with his leader responsibilities in Seventeen.
  • He’d be a charming prince, the type to win over everyone without even trying.
  • Has like 10 dogs and they all wear chains that say $.coups. Brushes it off by saying its what the other kids are doing too. (Cuz he’s a prince the others copy him).

Jeonghan - The Pretty Prince.

  • Like he would be known throughout all the lands as the most beautiful but it doesn’t compare to what it’s like in reality.
  • Other princes would be jealous cuz he can look manly af and still be pretty.
  • He would also be really sly like he would be laying down or lazing about but would do it when no ones looking.
  • someone’s always looking … who wouldnt?
  • Also quite motherly, makes sure that everyone has started eating before he eats his dinner. Feeds the cooks and servants food while he walks past them. (again on the sly).

Joshua - The Chill Prince.

  • Even though he’s an only child, I feel like there wouldn’t be much pressure on him, inheritance wise as in he wouldn’t have to worry about being King.
  • He’d enjoy being a prince and would be really good at it.
  • Would sing songs for everyone and play his guitar all the time.
  • The people love him because he’s a gentlemen and 100% honest, always talks to everyone and asks about their day.

Jun - The Charming Prince.

  • Really good at prince stuff.
  • Lots of suitors loool.
  • He would be really helpful when it comes to taking care of people (Have you seen the way he was with Woozi <3).
  • Really good at handling responsibilities.
  • Whilst giving a speech he would wink at women in the crowd, greasy af but everyone loves him for it.
  • After his speech 3456 people would be admitted to the hospital because he’s too good looking the grease radiating off him is killer.

Hoshi - The Cute Prince.

  • In reality he’d be goofy but he’d have a lots of governors advising him which means he’d come across as shy or polite when he’s really just not trying to say something wrong.
  • The one you’d find secretly dancing.
  • Cheers up everyone and is really smiley.
  • Would die from blushing so hard if others smile back or if they complimented him.
  • The type of prince to ask how your day was, then leave flowers or presents on your door step, if your day was bad.

Wonwoo - The Quiet Prince.

  • Would spend a lot of his time in the rose gardens so would seem quiet but would be pretty weird (in a good way ofc) when you get to know him.
  • Makes everyone fall for him with a single glance.
  • Holds book marathons.
  • People do get intimidated first because he’s also tall but start to love him because he’s a really cute nerd.
  • Ends up getting mailed 98264 books by girls of the town with love notes in them.

Woozi - The Smol Prince.

  • Would handle responsibilities well but would want to do his own thing.
  • Maybe wouldn’t want to become King.
  • He would low key be evil but only to the evil people. Joke about executing them just to scare them or beat them up with his guitar.
  • Would treat everyone with a lot of respect.
  • Would compose little melodies as his way of flirting with the townspeople.


  • Easily approachable and wouldn’t seem like a prince.
  • EVERYONE loves him.
  • Sings for people and takes lots of pictures with them.
  • Talks to everyone like he’s known them forever, while they’re drooling.
  • Secretly gives all the kids free horse riding lessons and piggy back rides he is the horse.
  • Loved by all the elderly people because he can be great fun (childish <3) and mature at the same time.

Mingyu - The Multi-Talented Prince.

  • This one would be known for his good looks but what everyone doesn’t know is that he likes helping out in the kitchen and he’s generally really helpful.
  • Does all the work, but likes it.
  • Every year has a party at his castle where he cooks for everyone.
  • His smile kills half the population of the area.
  • Also has a lot of dogs.
  • Keeps every little thing given to him from the towns people in his room and makes things for them.

The8 - The Endearing Prince.

  • Would love being a prince and would handle responsibility well.
  • Wouldn’t be afraid to voice his opinion if he disagreed with something.
  • Is low key a thug but gets a way with it cuz he’s a prince.
  • Would be the type of prince you could hang out with and tell everything to.
  • Tries very hard to fit in and be a good prince.
  • Learns new ways to make himself better for his people.

Seungkwan - The Sassy Prince.

  • He’d be very good at speaking so you’d think he’s very normal but this guy is so goofy.
  • Those that know him love him most.
  • He would be in the middle of his award winning speech for the country when a baby would start crying and he would give them the sassy-boo-diva-kwan “really?” look.
  • Impresses everyone because he’s amazing.
  • Tries really hard all the time and you can see it in his passion for being a really good prince.

Vernon - The Respectful Prince.

  • Likes being a prince but enjoys his freedom.
  • Probably slips away to do ordinary things like shopping or walking around the city.
  • Wears those mask things all the time because if he doesn’t he’s always followed around by a group of fans nothing new there.
  • Respects everyone a lot. Doesn’t matter if you’re younger, older, even if you work for him.
  • Does his best to become a better prince when he’s not mailing his new mix-tape to everyone.

Dino - The Jokey Prince.

  • Learns easily and teases people by pretending to be really authoritative but then breaking out in a grin and saying that he’s joking.
  • Is very cute so gets away with everything.
  • Like Prince Vernon likes to get away.
  • The type to play pranks with/on the other princes.
  • Even though he’s young, everyone swoons over him just by the way he talks. Don’t even get me started about when he dances at feasts.
  • Likes to take care of the elderly people, especially his parents and seniors.

Thanks for requesting!

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