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So I reread “A Court of Mist and Fury” last night and I have so many thoughts and ideas that couldn’t stop kicking me in the shins since I woke up this morning.

[WARNING] This does contain spoilers for the book, so if you haven’t read it, please mind that you have chose to read the spoilers.

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Hi Y'all! So I’ve kinda been away for a week or two now, not really meaning to but I’ve been crazy busy with school (as usual xD), really tired and got sick as well. Life :p

On the upside, I drew Hermione as a kid and I really wish I had her hair. I want fluff!! >__< (what I can’t have, I draw!!)

  • "So what hobbies do you have?"
  • Me: picturing my warden and their LI reuniting, mainly

I want a Hannibal prequel: a cross-telling of Will’s early cop days, Abigail’s life with her father, and Hannibal dealing with the loss of his sister for the first time. And despite them not having met yet, the three of their stories somehow manage to intersect.

nbchannibal - *grabby hands* GIMME.

Okay, so we need to appreciate the beauty that is the last name puns of the ML cast

Adrien Agreste: “Agreste” translates as “wild” in french, which both shows the dichotomy between Adrien’s name and his mild-mannered personality and also calls back to the fact that he get to let his “wild” side out as Chat Noir

Marinette Dupain-Cheng: “Du pain” is French for “of bread.” Marinette’s father (Tom Dupain) is a baker. “Cheng” is Mandarin for “to become,” an obvious reference to Marinette’s transformations. The fact that it comes from her mother (Sabine Cheng) also lends some fuel to the headcanon/theory that Marinette’s mother was the previous Ladybug.

Alya CésaireCésaire was a famous French writer. Alya runs and writes the “Layblog” and, as we saw in “Horrificator,” is very passionate about writing.

Chloé Bourgeois: “Bourgeois” is an adjective that means, in English as well as in French, a person focused on materialistic values. Its more Marxist meaning is closer to “one who supports capitalism.” Chloé is a spoiled little rich girl.

Nathalie Sancoeur: In French, “san coeur” means “without a heart.” Nathalie is Adrien’s heartless caretaker

Aurore Beauréal: This is more a full name pun. This weathergirl’s name means “Aurora Borealis” in French, a space weather phenomenon better known as the Northern Lights.

Mr. DamoclesDamocles is the name of the principal character in the moral anecdote “The Sword of Damocles,” which focuses on how those in power are constantly in danger. Mr. Damocles, the principle of Marinette and Adrien’s school, is often attacked by villains such as Lady WiFi and Stone Heart.

Ms. Mendeleiev: While there does not immediately seem to be a pun here, this chemistry teacher’s name is pronounced the same way as the last name of Dmitri Mendeleev, the father of the modern Periodic Table of The Elements

for all u Latinxs out there

I’m half Latina and honestly it gets me sO fruStRaTED when people disregard half my nationality (the Mexican part of course) because my skin is white! it’s a reoccurring thing!! this post is for Latinxs to reblog with dumb shit they’ve been told and stupid jokes and stereotypes they always have to deal with. Also for mixed race Latinxs who have to deal with the same thing I do. Feel free to rant and share your story below, or just share this around so that people can realize that maybe what they’re saying to a Latinx isn’t really funny, but instead really annoying and ignorant/disrespectful. I’ll start:

“You’re Mexican? What’s your dad, a drug dealer?”


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