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I think I’m going to use Dan’s video on his Depression for project on teen mental health. Do you think it’ll work as a credible source cuz I’m really desperate since I️ need 3 different types of media and I️ currently only have two

well I think it’s awesome that you’re using it! idk if it counts as credible since it’s just his own experience but you can check’s search engine to find credible sources!

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Hello, I know at one point you were looking for ideas for animatics, and I just wanted to suggest For the Dancing and the Dreaming from How to Train Your Dragon 2 with Celine and William. Because it's adorable.

Yes! I am always open for new ideas of animatics! It’s usually hit and miss to see what will stick with me but I love hearing peoples ideas! Right now my output is kinda stalling cuz of school (I have three different big projects to work on in the next little bit so for art in general thats the case)

I agree that does sound like a super cute animatic! However I probably will not do it as this song has always been a love of mine and I actually already have one… done? In a sense? Years ago, probably two orthree, maybe even four, I did an animatic like thing for it. This was before animatics were even popular or anything, but even back then I always planned them out in my head. It was done with two of my sisters ocs. Since it’s more or less the first animatic I did (I’d have to go back and check to be sure - the Undertale pmv was either the sketchbook previous to it or after it I’m just too lazy to dig through my sketchbooks atm) I have always intended to redo it sometime and I try not to reuse songs too often *looks guiltily at my three Satisfied animatics*

TLDR: I always love hearing suggestions for song and love the idea but already have plans for the song! Thank you so much though for the suggestion and I’d love to hear anymore you have!

I won’t be posting a lot for a bit in order to focus on not failing my classes at school so don’t expect much until like after Dec 8th ish :D


so i had like

just recently watched Cats Don’t Dance for the first time in ages and then I got these asks

but to answer your questions

yeah probably

Guys help I’m emotional

So I wrote a thing- Its a Langst thing.

It isnt finished and its just in the ‘summarize’ stage but… I dont know if I should expand on it?

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That was probably the wrong answer…