cuz i want

to anyone who says the women’s march on washington protests won’t make an impact in the long run, i have a story 

my mom went with me to our local march on a whim because my sister wouldn’t wake up and i didn’t wanna go alone.. she wanted to “support my cause” MY cause. not hers.

once we got to the march, surrounded by women demanding to be acknowledged, demanding control over their own lives and bodies, standing in solidarity with each other, she turned to me with tears in her eyes and said “i get it now.” 

multiply that by EVERYONE who finally “got it”? that’s HUGE. together we can make a bigger impact than any farce of an administration because we’re bigger, we’re louder, and we’re united. 

I’m 100% interpreting this as “get ready for the romo which you totally wanted right?”

I’m out fam.

I just woke up. it was raining so hard Jesus. but anyway, I woke up because I had been dreaming that some cat had curled around my neck to cuddle and purr, and when I woke up I was laying on my stomach and my cat was asleep on my back purring very loudly. he infiltrated my dreams. but holy shit he’s so goddamn heavy lol

  • manager: question for you. Is that person over there working in the cheese kiosk a boy or a girl?
  • me: I don't know?
  • manager: not that it matters! I just don't wanna get caught in 'he or she'
  • me: you could use they??????

Yoonkook Week Day 1: Favorite moment(ssssss) 

tfw your teammates don’t forget about you and love & appreciate you ;u;
happy birthday to my boy georgi, forget anya, you deserve happiness!!! 


(im just a few hours late, but still hbd!)