cuz i wanna go back so bad

the notepad on my phone during 32 hrs of vocal rest

A few months ago I did 32 hours of silence as recommended by my vocal coach. I just stumbled upon the ‘notes’ section on my phone from that weekend. This is really uninteresting. I don’t know why I’m sharing it. Oh well, if there’s even one girl that feels better about heavy periods after reading it then I’m glad I shared it. 

Do u know if we have Zertec medicine at home ?

Can we stop at CVS

My vocal coach recommended to take at night to experiment
To see if it helps

No kinda healthy food open this late ?

medicine Taste like poison

My throat doesn’t hurt. My vocal chords are just so torn up from all the post nasal drip

Very well received restaurant from food critiques. Saw it mentioned in vice. Hole in the wall

Will u ask if they have vegan options

This is so generic and scripted

My toilet keeps running
Very bad
It was fixed yes

He replaced the valve
And it just started doing that right now

My vocal coach recommended

When are u going

Sorry I can’t talk. Ur a sweetie for being understanding

I’ can’t talk at all

I don’t want to be around a bunch of people when I feel like I’m gonna wanna talk

Lemme go talk to Yaz real quick about studio

Can I make I breaky when u come back

Only Walgreens has this kind, I’ll have Yaz get it on the way home from studio

Don’t worry about it I’ll have Yaz get it 

There’s hemp milk I steamed

I put fresh ginger at bottom


Dinner date tonight ? I don’t want to I’m scared I’ll turn schizo

What time are ur plans with the guys . I don’t wanna do crossfit cuz I’m gonna be in situations where I have to talk

My period is so bad so no lower body

I feel fine tho!

This whole conversation is a summary of my life

I watched more of Trump speech and it was disturbing felt very nationalistic

But Abu said to give him a chance

Very good point about the pilot thing

Thank you bb. Normally I break out around my period

I’m so heavy I literally have to change my pad or tampon every 30 min

She won’t go unless u walk her that’s what I do when it’s raining 

I don’t like all the back and forth but it’s one of those situations where we’re gonna get convinced to do them

When are we doing vacation
why go back and forth

So still going back and forth

May as well do it after
Cuz we’d come home for like 2 days

I watched it  

We should it’s our president

Can we just board it up since we don’t use it anyway

Our remote only works when you get super close

Borax is a mildew remover and it didn’t work. Also I scrubbed with bleach and it didn’t work

Will u be around to feed the hoe

To dinner with Casey

Maybe we should find another spot

Do u wanna ask how long

I gotta text Yaz about something real quick

I’m not old hehe no I wanna stand for real

When we order can u ask for vegan for me- sometimes they use fish sauce or chicken stock as base . Just so no animal product

When we ask what’s vegan curry on the menu I’ll decide

What time do we have to leave

I thought it was entertaining
I was expecting a crazy twist

I thought the doc was gonna be the one seeing all the ppl

I wanna sleep with you but I gotta get all my stuff

Do you want meee

I do I’m just gonna be a mess. I have to get up every few hours

Only if u really want me. Just cuz my period it’s really uncomfortable for me

Wanna see a really good music video new hardcore band

It’s kinda scary how kids nowadays are so comfortable talking to a camera vlogging

Like I wouldn’t even know how

Did you happen to look at that video interview I posted on twitter a couple days ago

It’s really good . U should watch it when ur more awake it’s 15 min

An interview with this guy Simon sinek . He is an expert in the digital age and talks about social media addiction . Just go on my personal Twitter it’s the first link

Yaz and Nida left and scar only peed I gtg home soon:/

There’s a big women’s march downtown

Yes but they already left

I gotta take care of scar

She just needs to poop so she doesn’t do it inside

I’m sorry u would do the same for Nanuk

Can i borrow your notes?

Jimin Fan Fic 

It was late in the evening when I got a text from my classmate Jimin. He was an odd one id have to say but maybe it was because we had just started talking to each other. I’m sure he’ll open up soon but I’ll admit he is gorgeous and I may have thought of him pressing me against the wall a few times during class and don’t even get me started with his music.

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anonymous asked:

My TC isn't really a TC cuz he's actually the DEAN (Well Behavioral Specialist) but it's close enough, right? Also we've got an 11 year age gap. Anyways, he knows that I like him and has been pretty frank about the fact that he likes me back and we text regularly and flirt openly and like it's honestly so great but like some days he doesn't really pay much attention to me and I wanna know how to not think myself into a bad mood on those days. Help me???

Hey anon. I understand how easy it is for your spirits to frequently go up and down depending on the day. If you know that his feelings are reciprocated, there is nothing to worry about. Your tc has bad days too, and in no way does a apathetic attitude on his part reflect his feelings towards you. 

When a person shows constant love an affection, how do you fully appreciate such emotions? You would develop a tolerance for it. In short, you cannot fully value and treasure the ups without some downs. On days where he ostensibly does not pay attention to you, remind yourself that you text and flirt all the time, and when he doest give you attention, it only makes those interactions more amazing. Good luck to you, anon!

anonymous asked:

Moonbyul is so in love and so bad in hiding it, it actually hurts me physically! She is in so deep I feel kinda bad for her. Knowing that we probably never ever going to find out what's going on there is driving me crazy...I was never sure about the others, but Byuli can't be straight.

RIGHT this kids probably got it so bad. if solar doesn’t like her back in the same way i know how much that hurts and i feel so bad for her. on the other hand solar is probs gay af for byul right back… she seems more than okay with all the shit byul pulls… ahahaha although we don’t know how they deal with it of camera. again though, i don’t mind never knowing cuz it is absolutely none of my business, even though it would be awesome if we did. a girl can dream ;) AND THEY NEED TO QUIT TEASING US WITH LITTLE CLIPS AND PICTURES LIKE THIS OR IM GOING TO GO INSANE BYUL IS SO OBVIOUS I LOVE IT I WANNA LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE OUT LIL GAY BYUL CAN BE OUR LIL GAY BYUL WITH HER WIFE SOGAY SOLAR