cuz i used some of your art

kimpey  asked:

Look, you're suuuuper whiny. Like whenever someone literally compliments you but tells you how you could improve, you only focus on the "improve" part. You seem to take it like they are straight up insulting you. Idk if this is the first ask to tell you this, but no, you're whiny. Or when someone ACTUALLY just compliments you, all they get is maybe a "thanks pal" or something similar. It's shitty to me.

oh, there you are! i was wondering when youd come back with receipts

its a strong belief of mine that you shouldnt give criticism on someones art without being asked first because its rude, even if you do compliment me first so if thats what youre talking about (me dismissing ppl who give their unprofessional opinion unprompted) then……. thats unfortunate. unless i am literally paying you, as my teacher, (or asking you as a friend) to give me critiques, youre just some rando telling me what you think is wrong with my art. which is insulting. does that not make sense

its so so easy for ppl to look at an isolated few messages and decide that im an asshole because i said “thank u” instead of writing an essay 40 times a day. thats so…… interesting to me … that youre upset bc i say “thanks pal” instead of not answering (cuz there are Too Many messages),,, by the same logic youre using, youre completely ignoring all the times i have been incredibly gracious and thankful to my followers and instead choosing to focus on the few times i got upset. cool

you know you can disagree with someone without sending them hate right? like you know that im sure. there are so many horrible awful people in this world and you choose to get on my ass about something so bogglingly minute

for a second there i got worried cuz i thought you actually had something legitimate to be upset with me about lol ,, anyway if im ACTUALLY doing something wrong or problematic yall lemme know

mysticaccent  asked:

D1 Nick Wilde please if your still taking requests? Idk how I haven't found your account yet!? I'm loving your art style and seeing all the other pieces you've done!

Hooray!  You Found me!! :’D And thank you so much for liking my style,  it means a lot to me ^^”

But as you can obviously see, in this piece I didn’t really use my style but rather Nick Orsi’s XD idk why I draw him like this today, maybe cuz he’s way of drawing Nick is so unique hahah

Anyways, enjoy your time round my not-so- fancy account~  

And about request, I do take some depending on the ask and my mood :) 

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wow every time i see a post by you guys i just... i freak out because i love all of your guys' art?? like how is it so GOOD? keep drawing us some arkakrts you guys know how to draw him best let the boy be LOVdE

him gets ALLLLL the love cuz he is a good ruff tuff cream puff and thank you for a little piece of your love <3

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hey, did anyone told you that your art looks like "the adventure zone" style? idk, i've never saw/read it and when it started to appear on my dash i tought it was your new oc's and i was like "yaay cant wait til Sel tell us more about them" but turns out they're.... not... yours....?????

!!! really??? omg that’s so flattering I love TAZ…………’s such a fun podcast <3 it is super not mine tho haha

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So let's get this straight. Zayn doesn't appreciate his fans because he doesn't bring us pizza? What logic ? Y'all can have your pizza cuz Hagris only remembers y'all when he got stuff to sell. I'd rather have Zayn who appreciates fan art. Interacts with fans. Sends personalized presents and gives me great music over some old pizza.

want to hear something hilarious? zayn literally send his fans pizza during the iheart award album release (a heart shaped pizza no less)

and the time he bought fans shots lol

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Hello!! I'm really sorry if I bothered you :'( I hope, you had an amazing day! I just wanted to say, that I love your account! Your drawings are so cute and adorable. I'm literally in love with it. You're one of my role models in drawing and I wanted to ask you, if I can use your drawings as examples for making my own art style. I won't steal it, I promise, but there will be some similarities? I just wanted to ask this cuz I want your permission. Also I don't want that people get mad at me.

Thank you a lot!!! And no problem with that!! I mean everyone does that at the beginning, so dw later your art style will change but at first u can take my style as a base! :^DD

But I rlly want to talk about something else. I actually see a lot of people taking example on my chara designs. I dont have any problem when it’s just similarities, bc nothing can be 100% original. But when its 99% my chara design without even crediting me or smt it kinda bothers me :^//// (not talking about drawing as a gift for me or smt ;;)

Because it took me maybe 5-6 months to create my designs, and it’s really important for me. It also took a lot of time to people to ‘accept’ my chara design. So yeah if its just a base and u mix it with something else it’s not a problem, if you want to fully use my chara design at least credit me ;;;;;;;;;

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I'm so thankful for your update page. Honestly, I feel like it's what gets me thru the months. College this year has been a mess and I'm so happy when I can look at the update page cuz then I have somethings to look forward to in a week other than Exams and reports. I'm glad to hear writing is a stress relief for you because when I read your works of art I can escape from the struggles for a while. Plz don't ever feel pressured to update .I'm always happy re-reading if I need to💖 your amazing😘

Wow, thank you! I’m sorry you’re stressed because of school. Don’t forget to take some time for yourself and use that time to destress in some way. You can do this, good luck! :* I’m glad my blog helps you in some way :)

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idk if youve been asked this before but what kind of liners do you use for your traditional art?? im trying to get some that wont smudge with markers and wont fade when i erase. any recommendations???

i use Le Pen!! theyre the only ones ive ever used really cuz i didnt own liner pens before my friend bought me this set in highschool… so i can’t really compare it to any others qq i really like them but i’m sure theres better ones haha

a couple months ago i bought one Copic multiliner (0.1) pen to carry around school tho and its really awesome!!! i think it might be better than Le Pen but since i only have one i again cannot tell you qqqq

gl finding which work for you!!

mamoru-itou  asked:

So for the past few days I've been watching your videos obsessively, some of them multiple times. Your art is so incredibly enchanting and inspiring. It has driven me to look into exploring with my own art using your style as inspiration. I've been suffering from a serious depression for the past few months and not doing art cuz of it, so I just want to thank you for sharing what you do with everyone.

This made me smile! Thank you so much. I have anhedonia, meaning I can’t feel happiness or love. But when I draw I feel like I can forget about those things and create something for others to enjoy, love and feel happy about!! Messages like this makes everything totally worth it. I am working on improving myself and my life, and I want to be able to feel positive feelings one day. Drawing and getting messages like this really helps I think. 

Please keep creating art, everyone check this person out!

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duuuude ok so first off i love your art!!! secondly what medium and materials do you usually use?? (I'm asking bc i need to invest in some better art supplies but i don't like spending a lotta money on stuff till I know who well it works ) I really like whatever you use for your grayscale, do you use India ink for that? cuz if there's anything cheaper i cam use to get a good gray wash like that i want it lol. keep up the amazing work!💗💗

Hi there! Thank you so much :D
I mostly use prismacolor markers and pencils-
The markers are a bit expensive, but they last and are good quality. You definitely don’t have to get every color under the sun for them! I only have like 6, that I’ve slowly obtained. (The ones I have are skin tones like “cinnamon toast” and “light peach” among others) the gray scale that I used recently is actually 2 prismacolor markers! (Cool gray 30% and cool gray 60%)
And I was fortunate enough to find my dad’s old set of prismacolor pencils from the 80s- so I mainly use those. Pencils last forever, so if you want to splurge on art supplies that’s what I suggest! And the best part is that they sell the individual pencils for like a 1$, so you can keep replenishing your set for a long long time!
I also use Faber Castell pencils too, those are also really nice.
But yeah I’d recommend getting a nice set of pencils, then slowly maybe adding nice markers to it! That’s what I do haha ✌️
Hope this helps! And remember
*wise ArtiNg voice*
“It’s not the tool, but how you use it,”

wee-chlo  asked:

You should definitely draw more Underswap in the future. Your style is PERFECT of it; Papyrus looks so good!

I always get this sort of comment whenever I draw Underswap!Papyrus. But in truth, I don’t really know that much about the Underswap universe… XD

Here is some fanservice for you guys. ;D

blueberrysenpaii  asked:

YOUR ART IS GOALS OMGG TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!!! 💖💖💖 uWu)b~~~✨ #yoipositivitymovement

I’m not good with teaching people stuff so I’m just gonna say keep practicing and use your fav arts as your references. don’t trance arts too often cuz it won’t help you improve a lot x”“D

and thank you for the positive tag!
I can’t believe I actually got some x”D

Just a matter of time
‘till you give in, Sokol

Aka where there is no particular source for this, but the reason is rather difficult. But. Let me call this a fanart for the amazing @moldysin
I just wanted to draw some muscle mass&fanart&gaysin. And tell the present tale of mine.

This is the place for the personal rambling:
Oh my dear Moldysin; somehow you made my soul starve for being called Sokol. I don’t play OW, do not know about the perosnality or story of  Pharah, it’s all just what’s written by you.
But it just hurts so bad to be unable to change my username now in any used-by-me social media&online gaming portal, 'cuz it’s taken.
Plus. I’ve started working out to gain some muscle. I lay the blame on your stuff for this too. And now I have fire to grab that goddamn pencil 'n draw again (actually these are mostly fan arts but still some process). This is not that bad after all.
Khhm, I really don’t know, what to say.
I just wanted to share with you the fact that you create(d) something what has an actual effect in actual life(s). I guess you would like to know. And that this is amazing (in my side of the story). I was thinking about telling you in anon or pm but I hope you are cofnortable with this form. After all this is all about to adore you.
So. Have a nice day, you amazing one!
I hope I did not bothered you, and you wont mind some doodle sooner or later.

reineyday  asked:

hello! i hope you're doing well!! 😁 you're one of my fave artists & i was wondering if you'd ever consider compiling all your art in a book and selling it? 'cuz i would DEFINITELY buy it :'D if not i mean i still can't thank you enough for your art

Hi, Rei! My friend (from the Chinese fandom) actually helped me produce and sell some merch locally last year…

Photos via Hana and .

The two of us have talked about an artbook but it might take a while, I’m thinking probably… neeext year? So I can do as much art as I can in-between… I’ll also have to set aside time to do some exclusive pieces that aren’t available online for people to actually buy. Gods. I’m actually thinking that three-going-on-four year old comic script Footloose wrote for me that I’ve been putting off forever? Ahh… OTL

tl;dr It’s going to be a long wait, but it’s definitely on the table. *hugs* <333

anonymous asked:

Can you show us the steps in your process when creating art??

Absolutely! Here are a couple in progress shots of a recent colored pencil piece:

I start with some concept sketches: Here are the concept drawings for Dean and Cas:

I fixed them a bit, then transferred them onto a larger sheet of Bristol paper, and added a watercolor background, which I added some colored pencil to:

Then I added a copic marker color base (after deciding that Dean really needed a popped collar instead):

Of course, time to start in with the colored pencils, so I got cozy (cuz it takes FOREVER):

And viola! The finished scan!

Thank you for your question!

perid0ot  asked:

What sort of program(s) do you use to draw with? Cuz I think your art is totally awesome and it has inspired me to start drawing some SU stuffs. :)

heh im glad i inspired you! i use paint tool sai for drawing -w-