cuz i think she will

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Hey I like ur blog! But I think that lapis should apologize too, cuz she was the one who trapped Jasper in Malachite,she enjoyed taking everything from her, both where victims of each other, sooo both of them should apologize. I DON'T MEAN ANY HATE:)

me too! there’s this very specific scenario in my head where they both apologize to eachother and recognize that they really affected one another and become on equal terms. they dont have to necessarily forgive eachother, but at least accept the other’s apology.

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I missed the VMAs! (More like had no idea it was on) was Troye there? Was Melanie? Was TØP? I'll also YouTube it later

troye sang in the pre-show for 1 minute with alesia and he was shown a bit throughout the award show. melanie and tøp weren’t invited. tøp should have though bc they’ve had so many popular songs this year but i guess they can’t cuz they’re on tour(i think?) watch beyonce’s performance bc she SNATCHED ME BALD

Pidge and Her Lion

I really REALLY love that Pidge’s Lion was found in a forest, something COMPLETELY opposite to her character (cuz yknow she all techie technology) and despite that I think the symbol of a forest describes her perfectly

Forests adapt.

They keep growing despite being cut down no matter what building is in the way

Like if you’ve seen abandoned places like theme parks, grass, vines and all kinds of wildlife won’t even mind it. They’ll just grow all over it.

Pidge is a person who knows how to adapt to situations.

When the Iverson kicked her out, she adapted by sneaking in under a different name and identity.

Pidge probably has been underestimated a lot because of her stature but honestly because she’s the smallest, she has to adapt and make do. Just like a forest. Tiny patches of grass are small, but just wait and soon they’ll be a whole ecosystem, a whole forest growing.

Plus animals and plants use their instincts to survive. Pidge uses her intelligence to guide her a lot but when it counts, she relies on instinct.

When she was all by herself in the castle of lions, she was under a time constraint to stop the Galra from taking off with the ship. When she lost contact with Allura, instead of analyzing the Altean symbols logically inside the control panel she literally just said “whatever” and then stABBED IT WITH HER BAYARD LIKE ???? DOING THAT COULDVE BLOWN UP THE ENTIRE SHIP

What I am ultimately trying to say is…

Pidge is FRIKIN AWESOME and being her lion being like “guardian of the forest” is the best thing ever

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Gio, you remember that radio interview the girls had back in London? Lauren said something like "ppl assume ur in a relationship if u show affection etc." everyone thought she was shading Camren, but that can't be right cuz she barely shows any affection to C in public. I think she was referring to LV. she even tweeted that same sentence after she spammed us with those road trip pictures and stuff. 🤔 just a thought.


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I remember Babs saying in one of the episodes that Jenelle has been labeled as a "drug-seeking" person in her state when Jenelle was bitching about all the doctors she went to refusing to give her more "anxiety" meds cuz she already has them. I think cuz Jenelle has that label it will be a requirement of the hospital to test her as well as the baby for drugs when it is born&if it is positive they must contact CPS/police and report her.

Wouldn’t it have been a requirement with Kaiser too then?

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🍼(that drawing you asked for is queued btw, im just curious to see if we think similarly uwu)

send in 🍼 and i’ll create a child for our characters !!

- name: Erica Geneva Braun (Erica, ever-powerful | Geneva - race of women)
- likes / dislikes:
Likes: anything crafty. A n y t h i n g. Hunting out in the fields or forests or anything her moms doing, or working on machinery/woodworking/leather tanning with Reiner.
Dislikes: people that think saying ‘moist’ to get a rise out of someone is funny. Laziness and procrastination. Argumentative and stubborn people. Associating anything (colors or hobbies w/e) with 1) being feminine and 2) sounding like it’s a bad thing.
- first word: Yum (thanks Sasha)
- appearance: Longer blonde hair with cute lil bangs and a few locks out front on the sides. Brown eyes with gold flecks in them that people think are her eyes sparkling 24/7 but no she just got a teeny bit of Reiners eyes in em XD. The cutest fucking nose that she definitely didn’t get from Reiner thank GOD.
- which parent they look more like: Despite the hair color probably Sasha. Once you actually look at her facial features.
- which parent they like more: I don’t think she could pick between the two, she really enjoys being with the both of them even if they are just working and not really talking together.
- height once fully grown:  Maybe on the taller end of the spectrum for females, maybe 5′7ish if not more?
- job ambition: Maybe at the foundries or as a cook? Slight chance of Survey Corps but mostly working with gear designing and shit like Reiner (in the postmain ofc)
- faceclaim: WINRY ROCKBELL

I’m not dead so hey!

Still on sims hiatus but today was my niece’s first day of kindergarten in the big kids school and I took her to the bus and now I’m just like FUCKKK SHE’S GROWING UP TOO FAST STOP IT NUUU! I’ve been with her, her whole life and now she’s starting real school and I’m trying not to cry ;A;

Unrelated but I’ve been on hold for 15 mins… fml

((Tfw u can feel yourself adding another muse to your fates blog))

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What rumours about Jimin dating Hobi's sister? What picture? Could you like give a link to it or something? I feel like I'm missing on some stupid drama again.

The pictures been taken down already. She posted it on her instagram and then removed it right away. I think cuz she doesnt post pictures of her with the members anymore since she got so much hate when her and her friend did before. So when she realized you could see a member in her photo she deleted it. He’s actually just in the reflection of her sunglasses and the window behind her. But I’m 99% sure its a member because they are wearing what appears to be the exact same shirt that Jimin wore during the V live in Tokyo.

I’m guessing Jimin Jhope or Jungkook. Either way she went all the way to Japan for the end of Epilogue I’m sure they were all just hanging out. 

And I dont have the picture right now I’m at work on the computer. you can try searching it on twitter. But I dont really feel okay with posting it since she deleted it meaning she didnt want it to get around cuz she knew she would get hate

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i know you've said before that your sans is too chill to be the jelly type but how do you see our squish? what do you think she'd do if some pretty monster or human started to put some super suave moves on sans in front of her? (both before and after they get together) i hope it's something embarrassing lol.


well. if it’s before they got together she’d just be sad i think? cuz like. he rejected her, but obviously has the option to go for someone else. and so i think sadness > jealousy and she wouldn’t do anything cuz. that’s extremely petty, especially considering there’s a lack of mutual feelings

as for after…

kay, gonna be real honest for a hot sec. i hate when people use jealousy as a plot device to have drama for drama’s sake because imho, i think most of the time it comes across as petty and also it’s so overdone. plus, i think getting jealous over someone else hitting on your SO shows insecurities in the relationship 

obviously, there are lots of circumstances where jealousy can play a big part of emotional turmoil, but this scenario in particular…i think the two of them would just laugh about it afterwards :)

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Truthfully I think Babs keeps giving Jenelle chances cuz she wants for her to be a good mother to her kids so that she doesn't have to raise them. I don't think Babs wants to be raising Jace I think Babs is doing it cuz she felt/feels like she has to because of Jenelle's drug and relationship issues and she didn't want Jace to be in state care but she wants Jenelle to overcome those issues so she can give Jace back and just be a Grandma not a full-time caregiver/mom in her 60s.

I think it’s becoming less and less likely that is going to happen as the heads go by.

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ok I dont want to be nosey but when I was first figuring out my sexuality n shit I acted like.. exactly like cwg.. its weird hearing u talk about it because ur saying stuff I didnt even realize I was doing but when u were playing fmk were there other people around? cuz I don't think she'd talk about fuckin girls in front of people if she's just figuring stuff out u kno? but when she's touchy and stuff is she like that in front of other people too or just when it's u 2? cuz that's really telling

yeah there were a bunch of other people around. and she was quiet for a really long time before she answered like she was considering her answer really carefully.

but the touchiness…..generally it’s just when it’s us? except last night. last night, that happened in front of everybody. but usually it’s just when we’re alone that she’ll like put a hand on my shoulder or ask me to brush her hair back and stuff like that. or if it’s me, her, and just one other person, like it was on sunday when she let me sit against her legs at the fire.