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This is actually something that I drew a few days ago bUT I really wanted to draw something and I wasn’t sure what exactly and I’ve had this particular idea for a long time so I GAVE IT A SHOT AND I’M SO SO HAPPY WITH HOW IT CAME OUT.  I’ve always thought that some of Robin’s hair styles that had her braiding or doing something with the sides of her hair were really pretty (though the short style that Carinus has is my fave obvs iaeirg.)  So I just had this idea of mama Carinus braiding and pulling Lucina’s hair back in a pony tail for her one day and putting white flowers in it because she thought it looked pretty on her and Lucina would love it and (*’v`丱)☆+゜

This was so, so much fun, I think I had the most fun with her hair.  I originally had it down and then the parts of her hair that were braided pulled back but I couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted it too so I tried putting it all up and I LOVE IT SO MUCH *゜✲ฺ(✿◕ฺ ∀◕ฺ)ฺノ゜* This whole thing I just couldn’t be happier with like uGH aoerihg  Also fun fact, with the flowers, I was trying to carry over the flowers from Lucina’s (just S?) support with male Robin.  I DON’T KNOW THE FULL CONTEXT BEHIND THEM I haven’t seen their support yet but I thought mama Carinus would find them pretty on her baby girl.

Pokemon SM x Monster Hunter Stories — cuz i’ll never not going to do MonHun-crossover for shits i love >w>)b 

Nanu with otomon Nargacuga cuz their name kinda goes well with each others pfft~  that, as well as Nargacuga looks like black panther; & panther = cat family = Nanu likes cats(meowth), so yep!! 8D;;; 

add in Melynx on last minute cuz eh why not? i also hv this feeling that Nanu will horde a whole lots of them as well XD

Something funny happened this morning

So my mother had called our electrical company to check out our heater and had forgotten about it .so I’m awake from hearing the doorbell and she asks me to put my dog in the backyard and let the dude I do and ok so it is 730 in the morning and I just woke up and the dude asks what’s wrong with the heater (you know because its not working)and I start off with “oh our uh handy man said the thing is not working the um uhh” (I was thinking motor but couldn’t remember the word ) and I go on with “um the thing that makes it go” (I even do hand motions ) the guy luckily just laughs it off and says yeah

Day 1: Space/Travel

I guess I’m doing Voltron Week then….


Photos 1 & 2: Before on the left of my Forreal Face Skin. After of using make up on my Forreal Face Skin

Photo 3: The two faces. There are subtle differences, but differences no less. one looks more aged than the other. 

Photo 4: For those of y’all who thought my previous skin overlays were for darkskin folk only: relax fam. all my skins are for all skin tones bc they are grayscaled OVERLAYS. i even made both the face AND the body overlays come with a heightened level of brightness and a darker level of brightness to insure it shows up right depending on the skin tone :) i tend to preview my skins in dark tones exclusively just cuz i thought it went without saying. 

I might go and lighten the eyelids bc they look too dark in my opinion. but other than that it’s almost ready to go :D 

It actually really fucking sucks that my family have given me a bad taste for everything like I can’t even laugh about something because it hits home for me

hush child, your tongue is wicked

close your mouth and only listen

be still in your steps, not any closer

stay where you are child, not an inch

no one wants to hear you speak.

“An Unwanted Partnership”


Both her brows rose when Will spoke to her again, surprised by the sharpness of his tone. “You automatically assume I’m implying something about you just because I’m looking at you? Someone is a little touchy,” Lacey hummed, slowly turning her gaze to the side to get a glimpse of the rooms they passed.

Unlike Will, Lacey did not feel small upon stepping into Jack Crawford’s office. She had no negative experiences with the Special Agent, and had no reason to feel intimidated by him. For the moment, Lacey liked him. She offered a soft smile to the older male before her gaze fell back on Will, who was telling on her like a child.

She wasn’t surprised by Jack’s initial response, but as he went on she met him with a curious expression. Will’s exasperation almost made her laugh out loud. “I do have an evening gown, Mr. Crawford,” she told him smoothly, looking back to Will with a sort of “ha bitch” look on her face before looking back to Jack. “This will not be a problem, Mr. Crawford, I’ve attended these sort of events before. It’ll be…Fun.” This was fantastic.

Will ignored Lacey’s snide expression, though the irritation in his stance was palpable. “Jack, you’re making a mistake,” he said. “I’d be more than happy to accompany someone else – anyone else, in fact. Might I suggest Beverly Katz? She has great marksmanship and an equally great understanding of-”

“Special Agent Katz is needed here in the field,” Jack cut in. “We currently can’t spare her. But Miss Adler?” He gestured to Lacey. “She’s not officially a part of the team, but she does have the expertise we need for this case.” Now opening up a manila folder, he turned the file around and lifted it up for their perusal. “This man is Manuel Cabrerra. He is the leader of this cartel, and will be the top person of interest. He’s also very dangerous, so if you have a chance to speak with him, I would not recommend it. This is an instance where it’s best to be in the background.”

Will exhaled and shoved his hands into his pockets. “Ok, so where can I rent a tux? I haven’t needed one since my mother’s funeral, so I’m not exactly stocking them in my closet.”

“Special Agent Zeller can give you one,” Jack said. “You’re more or less the same size and height, so we can cut the middle man and avoid getting others involved. I want to keep this particular endeavor under wraps. The less people who know, the better.”

Will frowned. “Ok, so why me? It’s no secret that people don’t want me around…y’know…” He avoided saying “guns” due to the present company. 

Jack’s expression was grim. “I know, Will, but we need you there. We’ll have agents on standby – and Miss Adler – in case anything goes wrong.”

Will spared Lacey an uncomfortable glance, but chose not to say anything.

“Are there any questions before we begin?”

happy birthday Naruto Uzumaki, born October 10th

I have a fun new thing I’m trying out which is whenever I want to remove hair from some place because I feel ‘bad’ about it I estimate the amount of time it would take to remove it and try use that time to do some more positive instead. Like I was feeling kind of embarrassed about my arm hair lately because like 4 people commented on it last month alone (idk why December seemed to be a popular month for people to point out the fact that my arms are really hairy like I didn’t already know but whatever 😒) so I thought to myself 'OK the amount of time it would take me to wax my arms (aka from my knuckles to my shoulder lmao) is around 30minutes depending on if I’m using hot or cold wax, what else could I get done in 30minutes that I might enjoy more?’ cuz tbh the only reason I was really going to remove it was for other people’s sake more than my own. So in that 30minutes instead I decided to put some music on and do a little painting and honestly I’m really proud of myself, I feel a bit better now and I’ve got something good to show for it! If you’re trying to go down the 'less hair removal esp for other people’s sake’ path it could be a fun idea to try! x