cuz i made him up

yousef is gonna be so god damn happy when he meets isak and sees how much he loves even and how he’s always there for him because yousef loves even and he definitely feels like he failed him and knowing even has someone is definitely gonna be a huge relief for him

Reasons to Love Zhang Yixing

He has the most beautiful voice

He gives the most inspirational and amazing speeches

He’s the most kindhearted person on this planet

But he can be quite the tease, too

He looks fantabulous in sunglasses 

He’s super friendly and lovable

He can play the piano

and the guitar

He actually reads the fan-letters that are given to him during his free time

But he doesn’t just read the fan-letters, no, he writes back to the fans as well

He can compose, write, arrange, and produce his own songs (and has done so with over 100 songs, 99 of which he lost cuz of a USB incident :( )

Which eventually led to the release of his very amazing solo album, “Lose Control”

He’s also a very wonderful

and loving son 

And he was the most adorable little kid

But now that he’s a little older, he’s even more adorable with kids

Seriously he’s great with kids

He also loves his members so much and never forgets to mention them

He’s also extremely charitable

And considerate towards his fans

And super thoughtful and respectful of everyone

He’s record-breakingly incredible even when the odds are against him

And his laugh is the most precious sound a person’s ears can be blessed with

He’s also very amusing and silly

And has the most interesting reactions

Apparently he also can’t control his face

Which makes him great variety show material

But it also brings out his strange butt-grabbing tendencies

And his questionable need to play the role of a t-rex

And his even more concerning infatuation with killers (and the need to play the role of one)

But overall he’s an amazing actor

He can also be slightly forgetful at times

But he never forgets to thank his fans

He always expresses how grateful he is

And all of that plus more is what makes Zhang Yixing the wonderful, amazing, incredible, loyal and precious person that he is

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childhood favs
(please listen to this while looking cuz I had it on freaking repeat the entire time)


okay listen I’m really shitty with words but like bear with me.

so hi, im mint. if you’re reading this you probably follow me which is really neat and you’re now one of over a thousand which is a lot. (like wow who are you people)
I never liked making long posts but this is very important to me so lets start from the semi beginning

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-paps his back again lightly- I mean every word,you are beautiful,you are special,you are you. Being you means more than anything,for if you let those words destroy you,for that person you were before will be gone. Brush away what they say,and believe in yourself,like I believe in you. You can do it,you can be you and do something great. Keep moving forward,don't look back,stay positive ♡

[ * G pulls his turtleneck over his face and tries to make himself invisible ]

[ * … ]

[ * Attempt unsuccessful ]

[ * Seems he’s flustered in a good way, regardless ]



Sceptred king of valour,
give me strength to drive from my head the bitter taint of cowardice,
but grant, Blessed One, courage to stay in the painless laws of peace

eli-gold49: more public embarrassment tonight?

I’ve made a male character who’s gonna seem like a “player” at first glance, but the readers learn that he is actually a really doting, polyamorous sweetheart who is dating like 6 people simultaneously, because he adores them all equally

and he has a dayplanner (that ppl mistake for his “black book”) until one day, someone trying to ruin his reputation sees a date where he literally goes out to the movies with like all his partners at the same time and they think he’s being a bold cheater

but really he actually IS dating all of those people at once and they all are aware of and super cool with it and the petty person has LITERALLY been told/given hints that he is happily polyamorous since the beginning

also the hilarity when “going out with the boys” literally means going out with all of them. on a date. at the same time

also all of this works because his “quirk” in the story is that he’s immensely good at budgeting his time, (scarily so) so he almost always knows how to balance multiple jobs, school, and/or relationships in a really efficient manner. And because of his day jobs (and upringing tbh) he’s financially well off enough to buy nice things for others and make ends meet.
He’s always had/earned what he wanted or needed growing up that he doesn’t spend frivolously for himself, and his thing, like everyone else’s, in this story, is figuring out what’s “missing.” For him, it’s finding out that he can love more than one person, and it’s not weird.

"BUT! We don't try to make Ichabbie romantic.."

-literally moments later shows a clip of banker hinting at Ichabod buying an engagement ring for Abbie-

-Ichabod literally in the woods talking about the only necessity of lighting candles is to set the mood-


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Pt 1 It upsets me so much to hate comments about sasuke being shit dad/husband bc I am a daughter of a military official and I understand Sarada's pain of her parents being apart. My dad left us to fight in Afghanistan when I was 4 and he was gone for 8 years. I had no memory about him except that he was blonde. That's it. I remember asking mom about my dad and she would not tell me where he had gone bc she was not allowed to.That's why Sakura didn't tell sarada about sasuke's mission

Pt 2 I would get so upset about it I would sometimes think my mom is lying and that my dad doesn’t even exist. When I was 8 mom finally told me that dad left bc he was fighting for his country and it made me so proud. I would brag about it in school and even tho I had no communication with him I knew that at least he is gone not because he wants to but because he has to. Around that year I received letter from him and after another year we were able to constantly communicate with each other

Pt 3 Long story short in 2009 dad finally came home and even tho it was very awkward between us two at first(cuz I literally didn’t even know him) we finally made up with each other. He retired now and lives happily with mom. And also let me just say that my mom is such a strong woman. She stayed loyal to her man for 8 years without even seeing him once plus she raised me all ALONE! That’s why I have such a deep respect for Sakura she truly reminds me of my mama

Pt 4 so yeah that’s why it makes me so upset to see all these hate towards sasusaku family cuz I relate to their situation so much. People just really have such low respect for soldiers and tho my dad was absent from my life for 8 years he made it up for me. He spent every single day of his return with me. And just by looking at him I know how much it hurts him that he was gone. People really have to change their opinion on sasuke cuz he IS a good father and husband just like my dad

That’s deep.

I can just imagine someone reciting your story whilst this song plays in the background:

But seriously though, I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for you, but I’m glad that you’ve now been reunited with your dad and you now know how much of a hero he is. Your parents are very influential people :)


Tony Goldwyn | Gold Derby Q&A 2014 [x]

Oh, won’t you s t a y with me?
‘Cause you’re all I n e e d
This ain’t l o v e, it’s clear to see
But darling, s t a y with me