cuz i like that one better

  • Sasuke: I will do the laundry today.
  • Sakura: Um, are you sure Sasuke-kun? You've never-
  • Sasuke: (interrupts) Just let me do it, Sakura.
  • Sakura: Alright, alright. Thank you!
  • -a few hours later-
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun all my clothes are ruined! The colors mixed and they all shrunk!
  • Sasuke: Doesn't matter. I got you new ones. (hands her a pile of clothes)
  • Sakura: Well you better, I don't want to have to walk around naked... (unfolds one shirt)
  • Sasuke: ...I'd never allow that to happen...
  • Sakura: (staring at the shirt, shocked) B-but these... they all have the Uchiha crest on them...
  • Sasuke: Yes.
  • Sakura: Tha-that's... I can't accept that, I'm not an Uchiha, I'm not worthy of-
  • Sasuke: Sakura, shut up.
  • Sakura: (slightly upset) ...
  • Sasuke: (lifts her chin up, smiling slightly) Will you marry me?
  • -years later-
  • Sakura: Darling?
  • Sasuke: Hn?
  • Sakura: You destroyed my clothes on purpose back then, haven't you?
  • Sasuke: (smirks) ...Maybe...

Nursey & Dex actually getting along, during an away-game warmup (or somethin)

The rink depicted here is supposed to be Yost Ice Arena cuz it’s pretty and I like it.

My file-name for this is “Perspective Nightmare” hahahahahahaaa I’m dead.

Also I like the b+w one better? but I figured I’d share both.

(The Lines for this piece)
(The Sketch for this piece)

My Check, Please! FanArt
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My All for the Game/Foxhole Court/ Raven Cycle Fanart


Fairy Watching vs. Star Gazing cuz I don’t know which one I like better.


Drawing Challenge Meme

3 Conforting Eachother, 2 Flirting and 1 Holding Hands

these are the ones i could draw today.. XP all day drawing and coloring made my hand hurt.. so better take a rest ^_^

still some more to go.. reminder that i’m not taking anymore
 ^u°  ♡  hope u liked these!

totally out of the blue but...

@ everyone who has a HUGE crush on someone: ASK THEM OUT / tell them u like them!!

worst thing that could happen //if they’re a good person?// they say no & THAT’S OK! I’m sure that u two can still be buds and/or you’ll get over them & find some1 even dreamier!!

& if they humiliate you 4 asking them out they’re obviously as dumb & useless as mosquitos so drop kick them out of ur life & all the way 2 Timbuctoo and try to move on!!


UR LOVELY & DESIRABLE!! have fun with this random advice buds

(there’s also like an entire paragraph of advice & reassurance in the tags… just sayin)

Twas inspired by this song and the need to see these two smoochin ;3

Granted, my animation skills don’t give it that effectiveness, but I’m getting better I think. It’s a WIP. I MAY just color it ;)

I’m running out of title ideas since they’ve been having so many moments

170212 #EXOrDIUMinHongKong Day2

We can always count on the unfair moment if there is a lack of moments :)

Boom! Kick! I swear they are so cute XD They act like little kids. I wonder how they act at their dorms 

The mimicking machine has returned

I legit just watched Goblin yesterday :D It’s cute. I can totally see these two doing a parody of the drama XD my life would be completed.

Why Chanyeol, I must say, Baekhyun’s face on your own looks rather charming

Yas :D

Here we have Chanyeol giving Baekhyun a Mongryong toy~ They look so precious ;-; *cough* we’ve gotten roses, water bottles and other toys Pork Chan chan. I’ll be waiting for a ring XD (ahhhhh whyyyyyyy)

(cuz everything is better with gifs)

And then Baekhyun treasured it forever.

Why do pictures like these remind me of couple pictures? Like I don’t know, Baekhyun’s like the dorky partner while Chanyeol’s the down to earth one who can never stop staring and smiling.


170212 HKG airport

SO at the beginning Chanyeol had that red marshmallow of a jacket right? 

BUT THEN. We have Baekhyun wearing it~ Just imagine ;-; either Baekhyun stole it or Chanyeol was being a considerate boyfriend friend and gave him his jacket. Is that boyfriend material or what?

Aww look at them walking with each other (when you’re a thirsty and delulu fangirl XD) BUT BUT WAIT did you see that? Chanyeol grabbed on to Baekhyun’s arm because he was wandering too far ahead. He’s like “Boi stai bai meh. I dunt wanna lose ye or else mummah SUho will punch meh.” Protective boyfriend.

Chanyeol’s duty: ‘STAY. WITH. BAEK.’

And off they gooooooo

Baekhyun was lagging behind so he zoomed to Chanyeol and that other guy (I’m sorry I don’t know who that is XD) in the cutest way, making Chanyeol smile such a cute smile (I love)

He waits~~

Don’t you like the random unnecessary different angles on the same moment?

I stg Baekhyun looks so huggable. 


MANNNNNN 2017 really starting off well for CB shippers~ Also have you heard BTS’s spring day? It was so beautiful~ I hope 2017 will be a good year (it’s starting off quite nice for me, I hope you guys feels the same way). Well then again, anything could top 2016 ;^^


Am I the Only one?

Am I the only one in love with Kol right now? Like fuck! He’s looking out for Davina’s bestie cuz he’s still in love with her and she made him want to be a better person (Tvd Kol would have just killed Josh). Personally I love that we are getting some real depth to Kol now. Previously we learned some of his background and we got to see him fall for her but now we are seeing the lasting effect she had on him and I love it

Nintendo wins again

Nintendo has a way of bouncing back from crises.

After the entire video game market collapsed in the 1980s, Nintendo became the champion of quality standards and single-handedly saved the world from a videogame-less fate worse than death.

After the VirtualBoy failed, Nintendo pretty much pretended it never happened and moved right back to milking the GameBoy (which got a new version the following year alongside the new Nintendo 64).

And now that the WiiU has failed, Nintendo has decided to just go right ahead and make the greatest video game console of all time.

(aka The Console Formerly Known as NX)

The Nintendo Switch, as I’ve long expected ‘cuz I’m smoort, is a mobile and console device all in one, allowing you to buy a game once and play it anywhere. This allows Nintendo to capture the lucrative mobile market without sacrificing their oldschool home fans at all and opens the door for "better” or at least more indepth versions of handheld series like Pokémon (although Sun & Moon is already swaggerin’ rad.)

The Switch is made out of four core pieces:

  • Two ITTY-BITTY BABY CONTROLLERS, each featuring 1 stick and 4+ buttons, and a holder for them when you’re on big screen. Conveniently, they also resemble mirror images of one another i.e. you get a left- and a right-handed controller

The controllers are really REALLY tiny so some of us might want the Pro Controller that is also available.

When you put the screen in the dock, the dock sends the image / sound to a big screen like a standard console. To play it mobile, you simply slide the itty bitty controllers onto the sides of the screen and pick it up off the dock.

While the console doesn’t seem to have the rumored cloud computing power, the main chip is a custom-made Nvidia - you may have heard Nvidia is now making REALLY GOOD cards for REALLY CHEAP - allowing the console to switch between 720p and an okay framerate when handheld, but 1080p @ 60 FPS when docked.

This also means that Nvidia will handle documentation for third-party devs, who formerly had to wrestle with Nintendo directly, which apparently sucked.

Combined with only needing one software kit, one license and build-once-play-anywhere, Nintendo is effectively the best offer for third-party developers and may finally see better suppoh wait Nintendo’s already got a boatload of third parties on board.

Of course you’re still here, SEGA. Hmph!

So not only do we get Super Mario Mexico (shown), but also Skyrim (shown) and Dark Souls (not shown I’m just hyping that From Software is listed), and they can all be played portable by picking the console up and walking into a light post while playing it.

Oh frabjous day!

Now if only Nintendo can make two good consoles in a row for once!

A moral dilemma

Anonymous said: “Playing off of the “smol” request, could you do where you’re at the mall and you ask a stranger (Yoongi) to get headphones off the shelf because you’re too short? + He refuses and offers another pair cuz the ones you wanted were “really bad quality”?”

I hope you like this! <3 Thank you for the request! :D 

Curse these shelves designed for tall people! The tip of your finger brushed the box you were trying to reach, pushing it further back. You were about to step on one of the other shelves to boost yourself up when you saw a better way of obtaining your goal.

“Excuse me?” You said to the young man who was trying on the display headphones. He took the pair off when you tapped him on the shoulder, looking slightly confused. “Could you get those headphones down for me?” He looked over to where you were pointing, walking a little closer.

“These?” He reached up and touched the box for confirmation.

“Yeah, thanks.” You smiled expectantly. 

“No, I can’t.” He dropped his hand back to his side, and your smile fell.

“Oh. It looked like you could.” You would have understood if he was busy, or couldn’t reach. But to walk over, touch the box, and then refuse to get it down? That was a little strange. 

“I can’t morally.” The stranger clarified. “That’s way too expensive for what you’d be getting.” He continued, walking past you and back to the display headphones. “Here, look at these.” He waved you over, and you followed somewhat reluctantly. “They’re only five dollars more, but they’re higher quality and have a warranty.” He picked them up and placed them over your ears before pressing the play button so you could hear the quality for yourself. They fit nicely over your ears, and had a clear bass, which could be hard to find in headphones. The stranger said something to you, but you only saw his lips move.

“What?” You said, taking off the headphones. He smiled, picking up another pair. 

“I said, they cancel out noise well. Now try these.” He placed the other pair on your head, and you could immediately tell a difference in the way they felt. The ear cups were too small and put pressure on your ears, and when he hit play there was no depth to the music. “Can you tell the difference?” He asked, and you noticed that these had no noise cancellation.

“Yeah, there’s a huge difference.” You said, taking the second pair off. 

“These were the one’s you wanted.” He said, referring to the second pair. “You see why I couldn’t get them down for you, right?”

You laughed, nodding. “Yes, I do. Thanks. How do you know so much about headphones anyway?”

He shrugged. “I compose music, you need high quality equipment for that. I’d be happy to tell you more, if you’d like. My name’s Yoongi by the way.” 

long ass post but hopefully cute and amusing!!!

okay okokokokokok listen this prolly only appeal to ciellizzy shippers, hopefully no one gets butt hurt over this(if it makes anybody feel better i also ship sebaciel) but I was just thinking what if in the future , if ciel is still alive (insert sebby smirk pic here) and the arranged marriage comes to pass. what if ciel and lizzy have a kid. I MEAN JUST THINK ABOUT HOW DECKED OUT WITH PROTECTION THAT KID WILL BE. THE KID COULD WALK INTO THE MOST CRIME INFESTED CITY IN THE WORLD AND COME OUT WITH OUT A SCRATCH CUZ LIKE LOOK AT THE FAM.

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Alright I just saw Kong: Skull Island

And lemme just say that I fucking love…giant monsters fighting other giant monsters.

And I don’t care about plots or poor acting.

I just like seeing giant monsters fighting other monsters, that’s just one of my non guilty pleasures cuz I’m not ashamed to admit I like schlock.

But Kong was way better than I was expecting.

It subverted a lot of action tropes, like the guy covering himself in bombs and getting eaten?

Yeah the creature just slammed him into a wall.

His death was meaningless.

Girl tries to make a courageous speech to convince all the men to stand down from shooting one another?

Samuel L Jackson says bitch shut up.

I mean it played a lot of tropes straight.

Standard action.

But it was gorgeous and creative and the slow motion was fantastic.

Plus there was a lot of stylistic shots that I was just grinning so hard at in the theater.

Plus Kong….I just love Kong.

I always do.

Kong is my favorite anti hero and the fact that he’s saving us all from lizard monsters from in the mantle…hell yes.

Thank you, Kong.

for your consideration: louis and harry naming their kids after various nautical themes/objects: anchor, sailor, marina, pearl, etc etc. and one of them being named ‘polaris’ (because its the north star and sailors would steer by the north star–its cute) and giving them the nickname ‘larry’

Really Bitch Really!?

I like JJ’s character since the start because honestly he may be overconfident and arrogant at times but he clearly I REPEAT CLEARLY showed that he’s a good person; he loves his girlfriend/fiance, he works hard for his fans and his country because from what episode 11 shows, EVERYONE expects him to win and that caused him to have anxiety on ice!

Like I prior to episode 11, everyone be calling his fiance a colossal bitch only because she said JJ fans are better than Yurio fans which is technically true cuz JJ fans aren’t the ones who sniff out Yurio like a bloodhound (lets not forger that Yurio literally called her an ugly ass bitch because Yurio is a rude little shit even though I love him).

On episode 11, clearly JJ sees that the others are above him and threatening his momentum to win but that’s not all. It’s like they literally singled him out. Whenever he wants to join in good nature (episode 10), they literally ignored him without a second thought. It’s like they’ve shunned him from their circle. Otabek may be the dark horse of the grand prix but JJ is the outcast.

It’s not my business but what irks me the most is that after JJ haters wished for him to fail, guess what, he did. MASSIVELY. All of a sudden they turn sympathetic and finally sees Isabella as someone who’s not a colossal bitch like when in all 11 episodes Yoi has aired did it showed that Isabella would leave JJ if he didn’t win. If anything, it showed that Isabella is a good girlfriend for believing in JJ and now for cheering him despite his downfall. Like really bitch, all it took was for him to fail his jumps and making his chances on medals nonexistant. If this is how you act in real life then you really are a person who treats people badly because you have bad judgements of them.

Really bitch. Really.