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The Tragic Love Song of Destiny 

  • Uraraka: Is your dad Robocop? Because your arms are guns!
  • Midoriya: Robocop didn't have guns for arms.
  • Uraraka: Oh my god, that's so not the point, you nerd.
  • Lawless: Maybe I just like you.
  • Licht: Maybe I just like you too...
  • Lawless: Oh, REALLY?!??!?
  • Licht: Yeah. Maybe I've liked you for a really long time, but didn't realize because I hated you so much.

It can be said that what destroyed Ryuugamine Mikado was his distorted love for the “Dollars of the past” and everything around him.

Kida Masaomi, who became scared of facing his best friend.
Sonohara Anri, who tried to be a third party.
Heiwajima Shizuo, who gave the pure boy a “longing for power”.
The Headless Rider, who made the line between reality and illusion ambiguous.
Kuronuma Aoba, who tried to take advantage of him and approached him.
Rokujou Chikage, who didn’t punish him for creating the Dollars and didn’t give him the chance to make things up.
And Orihara Izaya himself, who pushed his back a little in the beginning.


“I was always one of those kids that just liked music in general, and I always wanted to pick up the nearest instrument.”

Happy Birthday Niall James Horan 13.9.1993 ~ 13.9.2014

It’s easy to, you know, have your physical, surface, superficial preferences, but the second you like somebody, all that shit goes out the window.
—  Chris Evans at Anna Faris’ Podcast

Ryuugamine Mikado, Sonohara Anri, Kida Masaomi. 

Since they entered Raira Academy, they had done many absurd things within only a year and a half. It was probably not because they were growing up, but all three had changed a lot. The city changes people in both good and bad ways. New circumstances, new meetings, new life. As they change, as they grow up, or rather as they are corrupted, they are intertwined with each other without knowing it. At last in the end, they will return to the same place. The three people who meet again while they changed, what will they see in each other— that is something only these three people will know. These three possess “something” that has not changed all the way since they have started to run.  


steroline meme: [7/7] quotes

“You can’t accept a world where Bonnie dies, even though that’s a choice she’s trying to make for herself. And you know why? Because you love her too much. And there’s nothing wrong with that.” 

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