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Don't shit on people's posts claiming they're homophobic (which I'm not) cuz we ship Clalec. I ship both book Malec & tv Malec. But I also ship tv (not book) Clalec together, because they showed more chemistry towards each other in the first 5 eps. then Clary and Jace did, because theirs felt forced, cringy & awkward where as Alec & Clary's didn't. That post wasn't about hating Magnus or homophobia. It was simply about 2 characters that I felt had Great Chemistry. That's it! Stupid mundane

lmao, this truly made my day

1. just bc you’re upset/angry about being called homophobic doesn’t mean it’s not true. this is your chance to realize you’re being homophobic and do something about it instead of insisting you’re not.

2. please, explain to me in detail, how is it not homophobic to erase a gay man’s sexuality and make him like girls? especially when a BIG part of alec’s storyline is his internalized homophobia and how he feels that his duty is to fake a marriage with some woman he can never love. like, that is a major thing both in the books and the series. alec struggles with being gay, thinks there’s something wrong with him because he’s into men, which many non-het fans relate to, and you go and enforce that by going yeah lol but actually alec is into girls.

3. “I ship malec” isn’t your get out of homophobia jail for free card. you can ship a non-straight ship and still be homophobic, since homophobia isn’t about saying you hate gay people, but doing things that harm non-straight people. and that is what you’re doing.

4. honestly, just because the main straight ship is shit doesn’t mean you can go and shit all over a marginalized group and steal the tiny bit of representation we get. also, alec hates clary, even if it’s not rational or right. you’ve just been brought up to see aggression and hate as “chemistry” so now you think there’s something going on between them even tho alec is gay, as in only into men, and hates clary for messing up everything and “stealing” jace from him. because he was in love with jace. a man.

5. lmao clace is forced but clalec is not? you’re literally forcing alec into being with a woman. how do you not get how gross it is? for centuries non-straight people have been forced into acting straight, into dating and marrying the “opposite” gender, we’ve been told our feelings aren’t real and we can be changed into straight people, doing this to alec, the only canon gay character in the whole series, is so fucking horrible and shitty. you’re basically using conversion therapy on him for the sake of your own straight fantasies.

6. the post was and is homophobic bc it erases alec’s sexuality and hurts gay people. please get that and stop shipping alec with women. find some other guy for your het ships. besides, alec has great chemistry with magnus, his future boyfriend and husband, so sucks to be you I guess. alec is gay and that’s all he will ever be.

+ lmao I can’t believe someone called me a ~mundane~ in some navy seal copypasta way. also it’s pretty meta you’re calling me a mundane as a comeback, since in the tmi world it’s used as an othering slur by the (homophobic) shadowhunters to point out that ~mundanes~ don’t belong in their world. js

small note

I got nothing to post atm cuz I’ve been more than down the past week, and haven’t had my game nor pc open for that matter. I am better now though, and I’m sorry if anyone has felt ignored or somewhere along the lines, I can assure you, it has had nothing to do with you guys ♥

On the happy note, I am still open for playdates / collabs / future dates/romances / flings or whatever for Hayley and Liam. Message me and we can figure out something :) Please note that I will be sending you the sim.

so… yesterday i hung out with some friends that i hadnt seen in a while. we had an amazing time and i had two drinks, and of course the topics turn to guys and if I’m seeing anybody, what’s my type, etc

i say something vague and one of my buds turns to me, tilts her head and says, “or if you like girls thats cool too. no judgments here.”


so i say toMY 2 BEAUTIFUL LOVELY WONDERFUL FRIENDS, “yeah i kinda like girls more. guys are hot, but i like girls way more.”

and then the other one starts saying she also started looking at girls more and the conversation continued like normal!!! i almost teared up 😢😢

im still in shock. like i actually said “i like girls” aloud to someone

Oh my god here it is. Joyce, what have you done? 
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I really felt bad about the ending of Naruto. It’s not just the pairing. I felt that the ending was rushed so for me it had a very bad ending. But that’s just my opinion.
And before you attack me on the NaruHina and SasuSaku pairing..I am totally not against them. Because there was a time where I also shipped them. It’s just that the NaruSaku pairing was my number 1 ship.

**tbh I was having second doubts about posting this here cuz people might think of me as overly dramatic or something xD I dunno I just wanted to draw this certain situation where I have a chat with Naruto. ;;; /bricked because it’s a sad and nonsense story blahh**

nobody asked for this but im gonna do it anyway


twink axis = (100)
hunk axis = (010)
bear axis = (001)
twunks = (.5  .5  0)

im gonna give each character a vector and then i’m gonna add all the vectors to find out which axis predominates or whatever. alright here’s how im gonna do it (based on swamp-wizard’s categorization***). example:
“john: bear aesthetic, bear mannerisms” = (001) + (001) = (002)

john: (0  0  2)
dave: (.5  1.5  0)
jake: (1  0  1)
dirk: (1  1  0)
karkat: i’m gonna go with (.5  .5  0)
tavros: (1  0  1)
sollux: (1.5  .5  0)
equius; (1  0  1)
gamzee: (000) fuk gamzee
eridan:   (1.5  .5  0)
caliborn:  (1.5  .5  0)
slick: (2  0  0) (just cuz you said he had the most twink mannerisms?)

If u add all the vectors u get (11.5  4.5  5) . theres some characters missing but they wouldn’t do much to tip the scales (bc the beforan trolls don’t matter). the thrilling conclusion: homestuck is predominated by twinks!

(This was the dumbest thing ive done in a while. I couldve done this by just counting the amount of times you said the word “twink” in your post, but i had to be a nerd about it sorry) (ive just, got to use this shit ive learned for SOMETHING)
I just realized the felt could possibly change the end result but eh ive already spent too much time on this


*** ”john: bear aesthetic, bear mannerisms
dave: twunk aesthetic, hunk mannerisms
jake: bear aesthetic, twink mannerisms
dirk: twink aesthetic, hunk mannerisms
karkat: ???? aesthetic, twunk mannerisms (ive seen twink karkat and bear karkat and theyre both good so i hold no stake in this debate)
tavros: bear aesthetic, twink mannerisms
sollux: twink aesthetic, twunk mannerisms
equius: bear aesthetic, twink mannerisms
gamzee: hard pass
eridan: twink aesthetic, twunk mannerisms
caliborn: twink aesthetic, twunk mannerisms”