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Darling I know, the road ain’t easy,
and darling I know that life’s not fair.
And darling I know, it must feel like hell;
with all your fears right here,
and heaven way out there.
But darling, you know I believe in you,
and you know that I care.
I’ll be your light in the dark,
the angel on your shoulder
and the hope in your heart.
Just don’t give up on me, darling,
‘cause I won’t give up on you, I swear.
—  I know what it’s like: to be lost; that’s how I found you | m.a.w

anonymous asked:

Quick question: So Steven's character, let me say I don't like Steven much. Out of the main cast ( cause Peri and Lapis are just plot devices :D ) Steven is probably shit tier character for me for his characterization from the beginning of the show until now. Could I get your thoughts on Steven as a character and the progression of him? Thank you ~ Have a nice day

I’LL TRY MY BEST…………i can def say i agree. i didnt really like steven from the start, he really annoyed me lmao but i never said anything because he was just a kid and i actually got death threats over it once, back around when jailbreak had JUST aired (thats when i decided to binge watch it haha)

my analysis wont be SUPER DETAILED cuz i feel like its been done before…..but my understanding of it is

  • steven starts out as a kid who doesnt really know anything, is kind of annoying, but in the little sibling way (like, you hate him, but you tolerate him cuz you Have to). maybe its just because he reminded me of my own little brother when we were kids, but even though he annoyed me so severely, i found it charming (or at least, charming enough that i wasnt offput by the show)
  • he often seemed to suffer consequences for his annoying actions, like the sea spire collapsing (which….they retconned its importance later on anyway so :/ ), the episode with frybo where he ended up in trouble for not listening to pearl, etc
  • he seemed to have learned more responsibility for a little bit, and seemed to be learning! id say this was around jail break
  • and then he just……………….turned into “the always right” kid who can do no wrong. even his mistakes end up working out okay in the end. when he does something wrong or harmful (ie barnmates and lapis being forced to accept peridot, restaurant wars with ronaldos gf, BUBBLING BISMUTH, etc)
  • hes basically gone, at least in my opinion, from “annoying kid whos at least trying his best” to “annoying kid whos never been wrong in his life”, he went from learning from his mistakes (vaguely, at least) to having his mistakes end up being the Right Answer Always And Forever

tl;dr i feel like steven went from realistically annoying to preachy annoying

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i hope this isnt weird but ur like my art senpai ;; i know to improve one has to keep drawing but how do you keep yourself from feeling unmotivated to draw after being in a rlly long art rut? btw ur art has improved tons over the years you're a rlly cool person kthxbye ;;

my DUDE im in a perfect state to answer this cuz i went thru it pretty recently!!! i think the trick is to say “i’ll just do five minutes of drawing!!” and before you know it, youve done a few hours. making a nice space for urself is important too, where its comfortable and relaxing to draw. plus remember to never feel guilty about what you like drawing, if its special to you then go!! for!! it!!!

i also flip thru my old sketchbooks & look at my friends/idols art…!!! it gets me in the mood to draw