cuz i am lazy

whats the best way to waste ur time?

draw gay


I was listening to this while drawing dis 

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When EXO sings those seventh chords tho….


Yeah… I have been drawing a hell lotsa skeles and stuff and recently, i came across these two. Their designs are just so awesome!!! I really wanna draw them more.

Sorry for crappy drawing and quality.

And no dialouge cuz i am lazy. Its pretty self-explanatory.

Looks like a fight is going to happen.

Fell!palette belongs to @angexci
Fell!goth belongs to @nekophy

And I really want her to see it so

Drawing belongs to me.

The boys!

Joshuu hid Gappy’s one shoe of each pair also the socks because he’s terrible. 

They live together for now till Gappy finds his real family so they both share the same last name and Joshuu has to correct people that ‘we are not brothers, we aren’t even related’.

Gappy is always lost and confused and Joshuu has to help him because his dad promised him money.

idontflippinknowanymore  asked:

Hallo! >w< You are very strong and talented and a big inspiration to me. I hope you always find the greatness in yourself and the sun shine on a gray day!

hallo <3 awww shucks thank you thank you <3 <3 <3!!!

ehehe I will try~!!

University starts again tomorrow and I am TERRFIIIIIIIEDDDDD cuz I enjoyed my lazy holiday - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA boi

…Just wondering if pissfrog‘s Tamama would hang out with my Tamama. <3