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au prompt, keith and lance are in the same class (maybe at the garrison, or maybe another college) and maybe keith is kind of this quiet guy never really talks in class and lance kind of gives him a glance but the class is boring and it’s more fun talking shit with pidge and hunk, the teacher has given up on getting the class to focus so he just gives the assignments and is like fuck if i care

anyway one of the final projects is giving a presentation in front of the class and when it’s keiths turn no one is paying attention not even the teacher is giving a fuck but this stupid presentation is fucking timed so keith just starts talking stupid shit that has nothing to do with the assignment like “the moon landing was faked” or “professor iverson is secretly a lizard man and will kill us as a final exam” and other nonsense cuz why the hell not? no ones listening

except for lance who got stuck at a table at the front and he was really dreading having to sit through these boring presentations but now he’s trying not to laugh cuz holy shit this guy is hilarious

and lance comes up to keith to tell him he liked it but keith is just embarrassed cuz fuck fuck fucking fuck this cute boy listenex to his crap and he books it to lance’s confusion

Your mother really loved you.

AU where Bill doesn’t go off the rails in Sock Opera and instead befriends Dipper and tricks him into helping him take down Ford, the only person who would know how to stop him.

Bill uses Dipper’s body until they’re caught snooping, then switches with Dip so he can play the innocent nephew just wanting to learn more about his long lost grunkle.

So when the direct was on a little while ago and we saw the fe14 trailer and the SE got released for preorder with a launch date (WE’RE SO CLOSE GUYS WE’RE SO. CLOSE.) I remembered my EXTREME HYPE for this game and wanted to draw something for it ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ  but at the same time I remembered that I’m still in denial over Silas not being the gay marriage candidate so I thought of something fun to do to squeeze in both and TADA. quietly lays on the otfamily

I’M REALLY SUPER HAPPY WITH HOW THIS CAME OUT and I absolutely had a blast doing it.  It’s a simpler thing but I think that’s what was so fun about it tbh.   I had some trouble with Silas’ face at first since downward angled faces are the bane of me sometimes and didn’t draw his full chest piece cuz SCREW ARMOR but the way the interactions and expressions and just the whole thing came out makes me so proud ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ 


If you would have told me I would be smiling like a giddy fool over a line like that, said to Hayley Marshall, back when she was on TVD, I would have laughed in your face.

But here we are, and it’s Elijah saying it to her, all proud and understanding.

And then also telling her to let the wolf go because he doesn’t want her to lose herself either.

It’s a fine line she’s treading, and I love it.


My idea for a redesign of Manic the Hedgehog to have him fit into the current style of the franchise! (Plus within my iteration of the Sonic Forces world but that explanation will come eventually)

I muted his previously bright (and clashing imo) color palette quite a bit to make him easier on the eyes (specifically my eyes cuz holy shit his colors hurt to look at) as well as ditching the frontal quills for the look of a messy mohawk. I borrowed the scarf idea from Sonic Boom and decided he should only have his pierced ear while he lost his other one due to an injury.

Read more about this design+my ideas for Manic under the cut!

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IMAGINE JACK INVITING GABRIEL OVER FOR DINNER AND GABE IS REALLY EXCITED AND NERVOUS CUZ HOLY SHIT THIS IS A DATE AND HE GETS TO HIS HOME And Gabriel is dead. He's dead. This chicken was seasoned with only salt. He's dead. He asked for something spicy and he got handed over ketchup. He's dead. He asked for some condiments and they handed him salt. He's dead. He's not even sure he can look at Jack in the eyes anymore. This is the birth of reaper.

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One year Jeremy and Michael participate in the Middle Borough talent show. They wanna sing something but don't know what, so they finally settle on "An Awkward Duet" by Dodie Clark. Michael plays his ukulele n almost fumbles a few times cuz holy shit Jeremy's voice is so pretty. Little does he know Jeremy is also like !!!! bc Michael's voice is rlly nice n smooth n warm?? Anyway it's rlly gay n they don't win but everyone still loves their performance (they're both rlly blushy by the end)

AHH….this is so cute wtf theyre in love?

things civil war could have done instead of suckin iron mans dick:

  • actual character growth for steve rogers, ya know the actual title character lmao, he literally begins and ends the movie arguably without really any major development unlike tony who gets a huge emotional arc
  • focus more on sam wilson and his motivations. give him more development. flesh out his relationship w/ steve more. flesh out his relationship w/ natasha more. he had some great moments but overall i really wanted so much more of his character. 
  • focus on the amazing relationship that steve and nat had in tws and actually showcase the emotional impact of them having different ideologies and being on different sides of the conflict. it would have had So Much more impact storytelling wise than pretending steve and tony were at any point close friends lmao
  • idk actually let steve and bucky have a real and emotional conversation at least once that revolves around their different traumas………..imo their whole friendship needed to be bumped up more in this movie on the emotional front.
  • actually have the female characters meaningfully interact with each other……….
  • maria hill actually existing perhaps
  • in general giving the characters of the winter soldier a proper finale that focuses on them just a little more !!!!! just a little !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • especially steve cuz it’s his movie!!!! holy shit !!!!
Lightning and Metal Don't Mix

A/N: Alrighty, so I’m trying a Thor x reader x Bucky pairing, this has nothing to do with my upcoming series, “I Picked You Pikachu, Now Deal With It”, this is more of a warm up, a test run if you will. Let me know if you think I should continue or leave it as is. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

 Warnings: angst, fluff, swearing, Bucky being an ass and Thor cuteness 💕 

 Paring: Thor x reader x Bucky

Your large dysfunctional family consisted of the avengers. Everyone had a role, you had Mother-hen Tony, big brother Steve, second older brother Sam, older sister Natasha, little sister Wanda, and cousin Clint and Bruce.

Well except for Thor and Bucky. Bucky did NOT like you. At all. He’d come from his shell of a life and became friendly, firty, and cheerful to everyone, but you. You got his other side, the harsh, bitter, judgmental, and cold side.

He made small comments to you, when no one was around, but then he became more bold, using small words the others overlooked to insult you.
No one really knew why, not Natasha or Steve, both of whom you were great friends with.

You could handle lightning like Thor, except you didn’t need something to channel it from, you just used your mind, and bing ba-da boom! Lightning!

And though you were given the abilities through Hydra, you were naturally freakishly strong and fast, you could easily keep up with Steve and even lift him.
Thor was the one who you mostly spent time with during missions as your abilities went well with one another. And to be honest, you had a crush on “Fabio” as Tony called Thor.

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This storyboard revisionist have criticize zuke's writing with lapdoot,openly supports amedot and even have a sideblog of it, have stated that garnet was just rupphire and not her own character anymore, have mocked peridot on twitter before as well wondering how can people see her currently and think she have evolve, she's overall a cool gal and I hope she can maybe share some ideas to the crew because god do they need someone like her in their writing team rn.

can she just replace zuke cuz holy shit man