cuz he's a puppy

*laughs* y’all make fun of how much yugo confuses the other girls for rin but like

he the same. poor dense boy sees what he wants.

Fox and Ram~ ^●ᴥ●^ ♥ Ꮚˊ•⌔•ˋᏊ 

At the hairdresser right now. Merlin got all the puppy pets by like everyone in the city. He’s the total star. And he loves watching the people come and go. Also his favorite spot is right in the middle of the shop and when anyone walks by he forces them to cuddle him through the ultimate combo of heavily wagging his tale and puppy eyes. Cuz like apparently he doesn’t get love at home. Poor thang.


I will jump away if I hear the word ‘ouch/ow’ but sometimes I know when it’s a lie!
(Kofu will always pretend to bite but never bite down cuz he knows it’s a no no to biting - gotta train that puppy behavior early on!! Esp with they have razor sharp puppy teeth 👐🤕… @malamutebella on the otherhand sometimes forgets… 😱🤕😱😵😱)
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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1.3k

Summary: “Hey I really like your drabbles! A Steve x Reader where the reader is sleeping and Steve sketches her? Not erotic or anything just fluff maybe? Thanks!!” - Anonymous

A/N: I think I got a little carried away for a drabble, but I hope you like it anyway. :)

Steve sighed in resignation and closed his sketchbook for the umpteenth time.

He had been walking around the compound, just catching up with everyone and making sure things were running smoothly, when he passed by the large windows and saw you reading under a tree. The serene look on your face told him you were probably comfortable, so he rushed to his room to grab his sketchbook and pencils, and situated himself in front of the window. He’d been trying for a while now to draw you, but you never could sit still for very long.

Once he sat, he hurriedly outlined your posture and the scenery. As he was mapping the way strands of your hair brushed your cheek, you pushed yourself away from the trunk, and flipped your legs up to lean against where your back had just been. You lay on the grass, holding your book up in one hand as the other stroked the soft, green blades.

Steve frowned, but turned the page and began again, this time skipping the scenery except for the trunk. He was disappointed he couldn’t see your face in that position, but the way the sun shone in your hair as it fanned out on the ground, and the graceful way your hand barely grazed the grass was so uniquely you, it took his breath away. He was marveling at the way your legs looked, crossed at the knee, and your right foot softly tapping against the tree, when again you shifted.

You positioned yourself on your side, resting your cheek on one hand while the other drummed against your thigh. After a while, you sat up, cross legged with the book on your lap, before again laying on your back with only your feet and shins visible to Steve.

He made his way up to his room to put his things away. Sitting on his bed, he flipped through the book and saw all the unfinished pictures of you he had, and was a little ashamed at the realization of just how fixated on you he was. Yes, you were friends, but there was no way to justify how he always noticed the way your eyes lit up when you were happy, or the way he could distinguish what each of your laughs meant. Though you were friends, he just couldn’t bring himself to ask you if he could sketch you.

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every westallen scene ever (11/?)

Guys i had to save a puppy today cuz the family he had couldnt take care of him and moved away and left him there and i just wanna say that if u cannot properly take care of your pet take him to the pound man its better than leaving them somewhere to starve!!! I mean jeeze thats animal abuse!!!

Just so u know i found him a loving family that knows how to take care of a dog and hes so sweet and adorable and just yesss so hes happy now.

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking requests, how would the RFA+V & Unknown react to Zack wanting to adopt a child.

Hello Anon! Just to let everyone know REQUESTS ARE OPEN. Okay let’s get started and thank you for sending one in. :)

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  • “Really?!” 
  • “I’m going to look into it now!”
  • “Should we get them pets now? Or later?”
  • I think he’d be excited actually. 
  • At max I think he would want two
  • A boy and a girl
  • He’d be happy to start a family with Zack and live a comfortable life together. 
  • He’d want to tell the RFA right away and would spam the chat with: 
    -The new house they bought so they can have the perfect family home
    - The playground set
    -The adoption process
    -Getting the children
    -And etc. 
  • Buy them all the game systems
  • Go hunting for rare ones on the weekends. 
  • I hope they look like Rika
    -LMBO I had too… XD


  • He’d be scared. 
  • Would he be a good dad? 
  • Would he be there for the kid and his husband because of his busy workload? 
  • I picture them adopting a girl. 
  • He’d treat her like the princess she is. 
  • They’d take her to plays 
  • She’d be in drama/choir
  • They’d get her all the pretty costumes and do mock plays in their living rooms
    -Zack’s the audience cuz he can’t act to save his life
  • They’d get her a puppy to grow up with
    -The dogs name is Shakespeare because why not? 
    -They would love each other and be best friends
    - I am now jealous of her
  • He’d love her unconditionally 

Jaehee Kang

  • She’d be happy with it. 
  • Wow! He asked her! She was nervous to
  • They’d get a sensible child
  • I picture a boy. 
  • If you’ve played Dreamy Days in West Tokyo he’d be Haru
  • He’d take over the family coffee shop
  • She’d always help him with his homework
  • She’d put him in Tae Kwon Do (or whatever she does) 
  • He’d have a pet hamster 
    - His name is Espresso
    - He’s very fluffy 
    - A cute little QUIET thing 
  • They’d have their own little at home book club, just the three of them. 

Jumin Han

  • Er…what? 
  • “How am I supposed to devote all my attention on you then, Zack?” 
  • I think Jumin might have the same mindset as me where I think “Ah…but they are a big responsibilty and I’m a jerk and am really selfish and want all the attention on me” <- that’s my thought process not his okay? 
    -I know, I’m selfish
  • Eventually they would adopt one child (girl or boy) after five more years of just them
  • This comic by( @myetie follow her, I recommend to at least, she’s really good) would be the eventual outcome
  • Still he’d love his child like they were the moon and sun. 
  • Best school
  • Best college
  • Best clothing
  • Best food
  • Everything he does is for the kid and his husband. 
  • They’d play chess together
  • They’d read together


  • “My own family!?” 
  • “I’m going to cry!!” 
  • They now run an orphanage. 
  • Okay this is NOT what Zack was expecting but he’s okay with it. 
  • Three of the children in the orphanage (triplets no less) are theirs. 
  • They all enjoy playing with Seven’s toy inventions. 
    - Now with less the fire! 
  • They have a big St. Bernard named Tom
    - Resident dog who loves to play with the children
    - I Love Pet Drama CD anyone? No? Okay :P
  • They teach the kids great skills 
    - No Seven no hacking…
  • Seven loves each child (all 12 of them including the triplets) unconditionally 
  • A HUGE ceremony when one gets adopted.
    -Bigger than a graduation. 
    -Bigger than a college graduation


  • “I…I can’t. Not just yet…”
  • He just can’t
  • He knows Zack wants to but he needs time
  • I’m Sorry That I Love You is cannon in my head okay? 
  • One day, but not now. 
  • And when they do it’s a quiet, soft spoken, talented girl
  • She smiles and his world is renewed with immense joy. 
  • “What did I do to deserve a happy family like this?” 
  • She can draw
  • She is always so quiet but they know she loves them very much
  • She loves drawing still life. 
  • Their walls are covered in her drawings
  • They have a quiet cat named Vera (Apollo Justice Reference) 
    -The cat is gray
    -But she say’s “She’s the most colorful being to me’
    -She loves her with all her heart. 
    -Vera was the first thing she ever drew


  • No. 
  • He still has nightmares of Magenta and Paradise
    - Especially if he’s the Unknown from my stories :P
  • He was the one *($)#$()# in the flashbacks with his brother (I don’t want to spoil) 
  • He can’t handle it. 
  • It brings too many bad memories
  • They’re going to live a nice life together, just the two of them
  • Zack understands and he’s not entirely hurt. 
  • Instead he raises a German Shepard 
    - They love it like it’s their kid
    - Not like crazy dog people though
    -So now it’s the three of them
  • He feels bad but he’s grateful Zack understands. 
  • He’s too messed up to be with a kid. 

That was a lot of fun. I hope you like what I put :) thank you so so so much! 
And again! Requests are OPEN :D

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One Direction OT5 Egyptian Wall Painting/Hieorglyphs Edition :P

Experts have tried to puzzle out the inscriptions surrounding each figure, from left to right:

Figure 1: One hundred percent not [unreadable erosion of rock]
Figure 2: Come on now, come on
Figure 3: Damn right I captain two ships, you shower of [unknown hieroglyphs]
Figure 4: Good lad, nice little body
Figure 5: Behold my yellow fruit

anonymous asked:

is there a reason why leafe is green in canon? :O or is it just for artistic purposes?

at first it’s cuz he was born in a puppy mill and the grime in the cage stained his fur green, and later he rolls in algae and grass to keep it green!

Seventeen reaction their gf having/telling them that they have Type1 Diabetes

sorry for the long wait anon! here you go! - sorry, i didn’t do vernon and dino cuz i ran out of ideas but instead i wrote some longer ones - hope u like it


leader-nim will be kind of upset about why you didn’t tell him earlier. he will already be a protective boyfriend but grow even more protective, if that is even possible. always making sure that you are eating right, getting your injections etc


this angel.. ughhh.. he will be so understanding and sweet, making sure that u are feeling fine 25/8


let me tell you. this kid will be the boyfriend/mother kind of guy but not too much that it will suffocating. just the right amount. he will always make sure that you are eating right, exercising the right amount, taking the right amount of injections, etc. also since this kid is a declared child of god, he will always pray for you.


this little puff will be happy that you told him cuz now he will have another reason why he needs to always stick by your side. he will be such a adorable, protective and sweet boyfriend, always trying to dorkily make you smile or laugh


‘i’m glad u told me jagi. no worrries, oppa will take care of you’

puppy hosh is here for you. no worries


‘have you eaten yet? here i got you some healthy stuff’

he will be so protective and caring and sweet and ughhhhh


man, no one better be messing with his girl and putting her health at risk by causing her stress or emotional pain cuz then jihoon-ssi can’t help but give them a visit with some physical pain


he looks like one of those guys that will google what he has to do and visit those mum websites full of weird mum secrets and like one day come with some freshly opened coconut milk saying how he read that ‘if you mix it with 3 droplets of a harpy eagles blood, 3 and 5/8 dandelion feathers, some dragon tears, and obama’s sweat and then scrub it on your back you will instantly feel better because that is natures insulin’


this little sunshine will always be there to make you laugh and make you feel better on days that you are not feeling well and you just want to stay home and he will be flashing you those magical smiles that will literally be producing all the vitamin d you need for the day cuz he is literally a ray of sunshine 


this puppy gang leader will be so caring and sweet and like the other guys he will make sure you are eating and taking the right amount of injections etc


at the beginning he might be a bit too protective and worried but after awhile he will realize that he doesn’t need to worry too much because you know how to take care of yourself but he will still always make sure you don’t forget to exercise the right amount, take your injections and stay healthy in general. he will also make sure that you are always eating the best which means mother boo’s kimchi

*i dont own the gifs*


I took my puppy to the vet this morning cuz hes been biting at his bottom and my mom and i were concerned, the vet gave him a steriod shot to help with itching and requested a stool sample. He pooped after i took him for a walk, hopefully romeo is ok :(( hes been his usual happy self but :(( yall know i worry


Okay so lets think about a wolfstar modern au where sirius and remus are both working in a bookstore

  • sirius decides to intern because when he was young he loved reading but dear ol walburga thought the bookstore was a place for mudbloods darling all the dark arts books are at home why don’t we go see if the malfoys have any more
  • james thought it would be great
  • remus decides to work there because the store has a book club called “the marauders” and he heard from his friend peter that great writers could go there and he can’t wait
  • lily is remus’s neighbor and went to sirius’s school and is the manager’s daughter
  • james is the director’s son of the writing camp remus and sirius attend but they attend in different sessions so they’ve never met
  • remus and sirius keep hearing about how ohmigod there’s this dude he’s almost the polar opposite of you but u like similar things u guys would be perfect the only thing worse than a boy who hates you is a boy that loves you so chill we just HAVE to set you up
  • lily and peter organize the first session of the book club and both sirius and remus go
  • are you ready
  • it’s a brunch meeting on saturday (james is paying for the pizza cuz he’s been trying to impress lily for years, as usual)
  • the store’s back room is packed and it’s a rainy day so remus is drenched when he gets off the bus
  • sirius has bought a motorcycle using james’s money (lily and peter were surprised by the genuine kindess) and drove all the way there
  • sirius forgets his copy and guess who brought an extra? remus
  • cliche moment and they feel the spark and the lights have flickered and james and lily grin and they look up at each other but this isn’t about them
  • James drops not so-subtle hints to Sirius that that’s mystery dude (Sirius’s nickname to the guy he’s been hearing about) hey sirius that guy u’ve been checking out is so mysterious why would u be interested ur polar opposites
  • sirius sits back down after getting the book from remus but ignores the rest of the meeting even tho mrs potter is drilling holes in the back of his head
  • they keep staring at each other and oh my god he’s insanely mesmerized even the way he eats pizza is hot
  • when the meeting’s done remus practically shoots out of there
  • sirius just strolls, putting on his leather jacket while internally panicking is his hair nice!?
  • he turns to peter yes mate it’s fine, go after him (sirius goes after remus and peter laughs, being a wingman isn’t so bad)
  • sirius catches up to remus

“Hi, I’m Sirius.”

  • Remus has his nose in a book after he’s realized the glint in James’s eye only means one thing he actually went through on that godforsaken bet to set him up with mystery dude
  • Sirius sits down, and Remus can’t take his eyes off of Sirius
  • Sirius asks, hey sorry im just really interested in that series i was wondering if you know where i could find it 
  • Sirius has no idea where Remus is taking him but he definitely knows the fiction section was to the right
  • Remus goes behind the checkout desk and pulls out the series and says let me show you a book i think you might like it, it got me hooked (it’s The Book Thief, Marcus Zusak)
  • Sirius has already read it but he might as well get a copy
  • Sirius goes home and reads it he mopes cuz he doesn’t think remus is interested like a kicked puppy, james thinks his nickname should totally be padfoot
  • a few hours later he goes back, sits himself down, grabs a cup of hot cocoa, and when i mean he searches the book, he investigates it like a murder scene he can just feel it
  • and in the back of the book he finds a sticky note
  • “The only thing worse than a boy who hates you: a boy that loves you.” 
  • It clicks, Peter starts laughing and James, well James knew all along, what do you think texting is for? 
  • Sirius rushing back
  • Remus is about to leave, he’s closing up for the day
  • Sirius barrels through the door and Remus turns around oh well maybe his day isn’t so horrible after all
  • Sirius pants and holds up the sticky note
  • Remus plucks it out of his hand
  • They kiss
  • Lily starts cracking up and James and Peter are wolf-whistling

I keep thinking of you.


Darren:  11:52 AM - 22 Jan 2015         Chris: 1:08 PM - 22 Jan 2015

Lynne’s obnoxious head canon (but not really):

Both boys are on set together.  They hear the news about Melissa being cast as Supergirl. The two nerds geek out about it.  They fight over who’s gonna tweet her first.  Darren wins cuz he plays the puppy card which Chris can never resist

Chris wants to tweet right after but Darren said it’d be too obvious so to wait at least an hour to tweet.  They get distracted…and then Chris tweets one hour and 16 minutes later.

And that’s how Lynne *sees* it.