cuz he knows


Sure, the bedroom scene is #iconique, but can we talk about how Keith gives Lance the softest look ever in the middle of a f i g h t??

i looked up alexander hamilton’s last words and among them were:  “My vision is indistinct… Take care of that pistol. It is undischarged and still cocked. It may go off and do harm. Pendleton knows that I did not intend to fire at him,” and “I have no ill will against colonel Burr. I met him with a fixed resolution to do him no harm. I forgive all that happened,” which is sad but also:

he wouldn’t fucking shut up even as he died that is the most hamilton fucking thing i


An au where Keith doesn’t get kicked out of the garrison because he and Lance are actually friends. And we all know Lance has a knack for trying to keep the people he cares about out of trouble. So Keith’s supposed “discipline issue” is somewhat managed by Lance’s intervening. But that doesn’t stop Keith from popping off at the mouth when someone messes with Lance.


Frank Castle vs Billy Russo [requested by: @yennefer-of-hells-kitchen and @foxtrot73]

Lance Headcanon #439

Since selfies are no longer a thing lance just screams until someone hears him and comes rushing in to help only to find lance posing and saying “check me out in this lighting i look fantastic”

yousef is gonna be so god damn happy when he meets isak and sees how much he loves even and how he’s always there for him because yousef loves even and he definitely feels like he failed him and knowing even has someone is definitely gonna be a huge relief for him