cuz he is so damn cute

O~M~G!!! (^O  [  ]O)^ when i saw @askyuuriandviktor ‘s comic >HERE< which had Yuri dressed in the CUTEST OUTFIT EVER - i saw the version colored by @mermaidstrandedonland >HERE< and ohhhh dear oh dear oh dear it was SO CUTE!!! SO GAWD DAMN CUTEEEEEEE!!!! (> ///3///<) so… (=   w =) i had to draw it myself… cuz… oh dear… he looks way too darling in this outfit! EEP! so thank you to both of you for the inspiration and i hope you like my version <3

The signs as things my friend said the first time she got high

Aries: “I work out I’m stronger than you ahhhh!”

Taurus: “Allison, Allison, Allison the skittles in my mouth are red and green like Christmas!! *sticks out tongue* ahhhh”

Gemini: he’s in Ireland cuz his grandmas dying - “honestly who even believes that story”

Cancer: “I only got ready in 20 minutes but damn I look cute as hell”

Leo: “do you think if I knock on the ra’s door he’ll make out with me”

Virgo: gets caught trying to sneak out “ugh” *rolls eyes and storms back to her room*

Libra: “just give me one pillow I’ll sleep on the floor”

Scorpio: “this blunt is gonna make his dick taste funny”

Sagittarius: “there’s like probably 2 beds so I can sleep on one while they fuck on the other”

Capricorn: “I’ll be fine I have water in my room… And there might even be an apple in my desk!”

Aquarius: *falls asleep in an uber but promptly wakes up to sing control by drake*

Pieces: “methinks I should - that’s Shakespeare”

Okay but can we talk about the hotel?? Even planned this cute ass surprise for his beautiful boyfriend at a fancy hotel (I’m guessing at least a 4 star cuz it was really nice). He ordered room service and champagne. Impulsive? Yes. But so so so heartfelt. You can’t tell me he isn’t deeply in love with that boy. Manic episodes don’t turn you into another person like Sonja is alluding to. This kid loves Isak so damn much, he wants to give him the world.



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  • Guzma: oh- ol’ geezer, you’re back…. 
  • Nanu: That’s your way to greet me after sleeping on my couch? ((Here’s your souvenir)) 
  • Skull Grunt: Boss!! How’s the souvenir?!! ((yay~!)) 
  • Skull Grunt: BOSS!!??? ((He got countered!??)) 

^ cuz in my headcanon, Guzma simply could not beat Nanu literally in everything XD;;;  

in japanese this time cuz the joke(?) actually works better in japanese than english IMO so  |D;;; 

wee hours of the morning indeed! yeesh! it is FULLY day time outside! oops! (O AO) well! (-^ O^-) i promised @jathis and @marlonbookcase some Matt/Techie fluff, and i’m a lady of my words as often as i possibly can be! HAHHAHA! XD sadly~ no time for shading though… *sigh* i drew this too lovingly and ran out of time… i can only give myself so many hours a day that aren’t for commissions while my plate is still so full! (^  v ^);; (and really… i should have gone to sleep hours ago! lets be real! LOL!) still! i think it turned out pretty damn cute!!! Jathis had sent me a zillion prompts in the past and i went for the one about Matt having to go to Iso (Dredd AU prison) ~ cuz fuck if that boy wont learn to regret his actions when he has to leave such a sweet little birdy all alone… heheheh~ (-^ ___^-) thanks for your patience guys! hope you like it! night night Tumblr family! <3


I finished the extra stories of the Saiki 3DS game about two weeks ago,surprisingly there’s not much information(or game review)about the game on tumblr?so here’s a short game review:D !(With no spoilers)
I really like the stories!
so much fun to use telepathy!the dialogs are funny but I (still)can’t get used to the fact that Saiki talked(a lot?)in the game , like in the manga he NEVER or merely speaks 😂😂😂
and I love the saiki customization (?)too
but sometimes the game&camera controls is pretty annoying😓I got really pissed off when I kept failing one of the missions (cuz the damn camera controls asdffhghk)that one was so harddddd
I’m planning to play the game again as I think I missed a lot of the dialogs (because most of the time I was too lazy to look up dictionary lmao)
feel free to ask me more about the game~(and u r gonna bear my terrible English hahahahahaha )

I love the prologue bad ending so much tbh. yeah I am a girl, not a boy, so I don’t sound exactly like him, but honestly he uses so many effects during this part that it doesn’t even matter . It’s practically not my voice anymore. Anyway, if you wanna see more from me like this, I’d love to hear suggestions.

Transcript Under cut (Cuz that distorted voice oh damn. Also I ended up not voicing MC cuz i sounded weird as her lol)

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Damn, you guys are slick XD These all made me so happy, and they were pretty damn funny and clever! Thank you so much for submitting!

To the anon who said that they like being my friend and gave me a bunch of really sweet compliments, thank you so so much, that really made my night.

Also, the two that made me blush the most in the end were:

“Hey, did you sit in a pile of sugar? Because damn, you’ve got a sweet ass”

“Do you have a name or should I just call you mine?”

These made me blush the most cuz I saw the first one in this cute little animation for Valentine’s day with Red, and he always makes me blush, and the second one reminds me of @tyranttortoise‘s fanfic (another cute thing with Red)

I promise I’ll keep drawing Spones (I’ve actually been trying to come up with something really cute but idk what I’m wanting) but I’ve decided to do a series fof Hamratio comics XD because their relationship is just so damn relatable. Anyway, do so enjoy <3

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we all sharing crush moments, here's mine.So this aqua guy i like is so g'damn 😍ive been doing erthing to make him notice me and yes it worked! For some reason when im not paying attention i always bump into him like my head crashing in his chest😭but that moment was so beautiful cuz we were staring at each other. And there was this other time i was angry walking so i just slightly pushed him out of my way and later that day i just realized what happened and ohgod im regretting 🙃 -aqua girl

 No but honestly you sound so cute ! And he might like you back ?? Idk, keep me updated about your Aqua crush.

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Why does the SPN cast have to be so Attractive?
  • Me: *sees Sam* Aww, he's pretty freaking adorable.
  • Me: *sees Dean* Okay, maybe I'm more of a Dean girl.
  • Me: *sees Jo* oh lord...
  • Me: *sees Trickster/Gabriel* Okay...It's not wrong to have a cursh on a trickster/demigod/archangel right? Cuz...well I love him. *thinks about this for a while* Nah, not a problem!
  • Me: *sees Cas* ...Hot Damn
  • Me: *sees Luci* ...okay, Gabe and Cas are one thing...but I'm pretty sure it's wrong to have a slight crush on the freaking Devil...
  • Me: *sees Charlie* Yassss, I'm in love with her. She's amazing!
  • Me: *sees Benny* Aww, poor little vampirate...
  • Me: *sees Chuck again!* *yay!**Chuck is God* ...Okay...he's GOD...can't think that way! But damn...he's so cute too!
  • Me: ....
  • Me: Yeah. I'm definitely going to hell.
The cluster and tumblr

Omg but like the cluster’s blog would be so chaotic…. Posts about music mostly cuz like Riley made but then like random posts by everyone else. Lito lowkey (aka rlly high key) self-promoting his movies and cute photos of Hernando. Kala posts at least 3 cat videos every time she logs in and also adds to post as the science side of tumblr. Sun posts meditation and aesthetic photos Wolfgang doesnt post as much but when he does it’s usually weapon and car stuff. Will posts self defense stuff and rants on how shitty police brutality is. Nomi posts her usual lgbtqiap+ stuff . And of course, once Sun shows him how to work tumblr, Capheus posts about Van Damne. Riley totally renames the blog to “clusterfuck” after everyone starts posting. Will tries to change it to “cluster-cuties” but Riley is like no clusterfuck so they go back in forth a lot. Most of them also have personal blogs.

Wolfgang and Capheus don’t have their own blogs but use the others’ occasionally.

Nomi has a blog that’s basically an lgbtqiap+ dictionary and a social justice blog. She also, at one point, digs up baby pics of everybody and

Sun has an aesthetic/self defense blog but rarely uses it

Riley makes another music blog that doubles as an aesthetic blog

Kala and Will share a tumblr that’s 100% cute animals fight me on this

Loti has his acting/official tumblr and he also has a personal one where it’s mostly cute animals and cute candids of Hernando and some social justice stuff along w reblogging lots of nomi’s stuff

Hernando has a fashion blog that doubles as a book review blog. Lito and Daniela are his models.

Amenita has an art blog and she draws everyone matching icons of their faces in a rlly cute style