sxmniare asked:

" Sometimes I wonder why you stay with me."


                 her whisper leaves pins over his skin; a mixture of 
                 both intoxication of her and a slight guilt that picks away at his mind.
                 for if she wonders why he stays with her, the answer is rather simple.
                 he is protecting her from the organization he has sworn allegiance to.
                                          no matter the real reason why he is here.

                          and sometimes i wonder why
                                               you let me.

                          this was the third time this week cobra commander has 
                   requested to see aurora, and it was concerning snake eyes very
                   much. not to mention she hasn’t offered him proof that the commander
                   is hurting her. it was possible that he wasn’t, but you suspect the
                      worst when the worst people are involved.

                                                  so this time, snake would go in with her           
                                            something he should have done a long time ago.

                    after snake eyes dismisses the excess guards that trailed behind
               them, he turns his head towards her, gaze heavy on her from
                      behind the mask;

                        but i hope that you will continue
                                                to let me.

                                            and before they enter the commander’s office, snake
                                     raises his hand and begins to form words, and with having
                                         these past few weeks teaching her, he knew she would
                                 understand. so he asks: is there something you want to tell me?