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OMG I just had the cuuuuuutest headcanon: So we all know Tony knew Peggy as his Aunt Peggy but what if he grew up knowing the Howling Commandos as his uncles? I can just imagine little Tony being told stories of the war by his Uncle Dum Dum and then growing up a bit and going to college and building a robot and naming it after his favorite Uncle... I mean we've already seen his affinity for naming his mechanical babies after important people in his life *coughJarviscough*

Imagine Steve when Tony told him.

Idk maybe they were just chilling in his workshop while Tony was doing a little bit of maintenance work on Dum-E, and then Steve just asks him out of the blue, “JARVIS was a person, before he was an AI, right?”

And Tony freezes for a moment, before looking up at the ceiling and nodding his head a little. “Yeah. One of the best men I grew up with, honestly. Seemed only fair he got to… I don’t know, be remembered? And he always used to look out for me when I was a kid, so - carrying on tradition? I guess?”

“What about the others?”

Tony stopped, raising his eyebrows in silent question. Steve just gestured at Dum-E and sat back, waiting for the story.

“I… well this one,” Tony patted Dum-E fondly on the head, “he was kind of based loosely off an uncle of mine? Not by blood,” he added, when Steve’s eyebrows raised in surprise, “just… a good guy. He’d swing by with Pegs sometimes, tell me cool war-stories. And Howard was never an ass when he was around, ‘cause Uncle Dummy would just clock him on the nose.”

Steve smiled in amusement. “Uncle Dummy?  What a respectful name,”

Tony shrugged. “Pegs always called him Dougan, but it was too long for three-year old me. So he told me to call him Dum-Dum. He was… he was always fun like that-”

“Whoah whoa. Wait. Hold up,” Steve had stood up and crossed the room before the was even aware of what he was doing, taking Tony’s shoulder and clutching tightly. “You… you knew Dougan?”

Tony stared in shock for a moment. “You knew Dougan? But- but he never mentioned you! I talked about you all the time and he never…” Tony trailed off, getting sad for a moment as he thought back. “Oh. He… he always got sad when I spoke about you. After a while I just stopped asking. Was- was he a Howling Commando?” Tony asked quietly, but Steve couldn’t miss the childish little spark of excitement in his eyes.

Steve smiled fondly, and looked down to Dum-E sat patiently, as if he were listening to the entire conversation. Steve could almost see the shared traits, now he was looking. The clumsiness. The general loudness. The mood-swings.

“Yeah,” Steve replied softly. “He was… he was one of my best friends. We pretty much all lived in each other’s pockets back then, so it was hard not to be.” 

Tony looked at him, and then placed a gentle hand over Steve’s. “Want me to tell you about him? What he was like after, I mean. With me. Because he was great, honestly, I adored him-”

“Yeah,” Steve answered, smiling weakly. “That’d be… nice.”

And so they just talk. For hours. And it’s the first time Steve ever sees Tony’s face light up when he talks about his childhood. 

He leaves, six hours later, with a feeling that isn’t pain from talking about the people from his past. Just happiness.

Dum-Dum had looked out for Tony. He’d been doing Steve’s job before Steve had even known about Tony Stark.

And not that Steve likes picking favourites, but… it’s Dum-E

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Yang sleeping while her baby is on her chest and Blake thinking it's so cute 😍

Blake thinks so too… As well as a few others.

Blake: Hey Yang. Its Yin’s nap time so do you think… you… could… *Blake began to say as she entered the living room where her wife and daughter to find a site she didn’t expect. For on the couch laid Yang peacefully sleeping with a  small blanket over her torso covering their baby cat ear girl as she snuggles between Yang’s breasts, clenching her mom’s orange tank-top with sucking on her thumb, being held in place by Yang’s left hand.* … Oh… oh my god. *Blake whispered as she blushed, covering her mouth with tear filled eyes at the beautiful adorable site before her when Suddenly their daughter Yin begins to stir in her sleep. However, she quickly calms come as Yang while still asleep slowly and gently rubs circle with her fingers on Yin’s back and sleep hums a lullaby.* Mmmmmmmh.~<3 *Blake tried to hold back her awes of what she is witnessing when she thinks to herself.* I need my scroll!


Ghira: *Working in his office.* I wonder if we should expand the city to the south east rather then the north. We would be able to get more water that- *Suddenly Kali burst through the door.*

Kali: GHIRA! *Kali Shouted as she rushed over to her husband with her scroll in hand.*

Ghira: What!? What’s wrong!?


Ghira: WHAT IS IT!? ARE THEY OKAY!? WHAT HAPPENED!? *Ghira Yelled in a panic, Fearing something was wrong as he shot up from his desk.*

Kali: LOOK! *Kali told him handing him the scroll to which her husband found pictures of Yang and Yin napping together.* AREN’T THEY JOIN THE CUUUUUUTEST!~<3 Blake ever says if Yin is having trouble sleeping Yang hums and lullaby to her WHILE she herself is a sleep.~ I can’t imagine how our little girl isn’t cuddling them both.

Ghira: *Ghira stares at his wife then back at the scroll then back to his wife.* … Is there a video?


Qrow: Tai. Please. Get down. Please Tai.

Tai: *Standing on a table holding out his scroll with tears of joy in his eyes.* LOOK AT MY LITTLE GIRL AND HER BABY! LOOK AT THEIR CUTENESS! THEY ARE PERFECT! FUCKING PERFECT!

Qrow: *Groans as he shakes his head and walks away.*



Ruby: … I want a baby too.

Weiss: WH-WHA!?

And just for a bit of an extra.


Blake: Thank you for watching Yin for tonight, Mom. Dad. It means a lot to us.

Kali: Oh it is our pleasure Sweetie now you two go enjoy yourself.

Yang: Thanks Kali, Ghira. Oh just one more thing. *Yang then hands her in-laws two small bongo drums wrapped with her orange tank-top.* Here you go.

Ghira: Uh, Thank you? But what are these for?

Yang: To tire out Yin when its bedtime. She’ll be out like a light in no time.

Ghira: Okay?

Kali: But why are they in your tank-top?

Blake/Yang: Weeeeeell…


Yang: Blaaaaaakeyyyy. She is doing it again. *Yang called out as she sits on the floor with her daughter in her lap, as the baby faunus bangs he hands against her mom’s chest.*

Blake: Oh let her have her fun.

Yang: But my tits are still sore from feeding her… And will you stop filming this.

Blake: But it’s so cute.


Yang/Blake: She likes the color orange.

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The way jungkook grabs jimin's hand, the way they smile, surprised to be together, the way they keep smiling all the time like two people who just get married. Can't wait for the next episode, the iconic trio JJJ will surely be extra funny ! And the behind the cam. I'm smiling like an idiot lmao.

I mean, not to look too deeply into it but like. Jungkook entwining his fingers with Jimin and gently guiding him towards him sounds like something from a fanfic yet it happened RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES. 

That was cuuuuuutest. 

But you know what, sometimes I just gotta take a step back, especially after seeing their behaviour like this, that even though in my mind jikook is this ideal,  couple of literature with a classy amount of love-hate and push-pull exchanges etc etc but nowadays they just straight up trash when they around each other. ._.

like look at them. jeon’s gross ass gigantic smile upon simply discovering he on the same team as jimin. how they both had stupid, sketchy ass smiles on their faces for the like entirety of the episode when they were next to each other. and they think they being so slick at being “lowkey” affectionate but….yeah. so grooosss. actually get a room. plz 


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but you have the cuuuuuutest mobile theme, a very lovely shade of pink with the matching lil louis icon which fits perfectly with your amazingly cute and sweet personality and content of your blog:'( ily

oMG im blushing thank you so much?? this is the sweetest ask ever and you’re the sweetest person, im actually smiling so big rn, i love you :(

BTS highlight tour Houston [Fan Account]

Soooo here’s my version of the houston highlight event. The show: ConSio?, I think that was his name, came out and played a few songs. He had a skinny white guy as a hype man lol and I kept wondering if he was being serious whenever he “sang.” Most of the people around me were saying they wanted to save their energy for bangtan. Bts were amazing and phenomenal as always. They really are a group to watch live. I recommend it. They danced their asses off and sounded so good!!!!! The talk: Jhope- “I’m your hope. I’m your aaaaangel. Jhope!” Namjoon- talked about coming back again to do a real concert. Taehyung- lol something about a space museum?!?! He even made a spaceship noise. Jin: “Hi I’m jin” he said something else but I forgot -.-“ One of them gave their intro and then said "I’m your man” but I don’t remember who. Jungkook: I’m pretty sure he said “what’s up Houston!” Suga: “I’m Suga.” Jimin: I can’t, for the life of me, remember anymore. They didn’t really do any fan service. I tried hard to pay attention, and see (I couldn’t see sometimes), I think it was during I Need You, Suga had us do his part and then he gave us a thumbs up. They did N.O, Bulletproof, Dope, and I Need You. Hi-Touch: I was shaking like a leaf I was SO nervous but… It goes by fast. I repeat. It. Goes. By. FAST. Please please do not let yourself freeze up or even stare in awe and amazement because you will want to kick yourself afterwards when you realize you barely said a word to any of the members. This was my first time experiencing a Hi-Touch and now I fully understand what fans mean when they describe a hi-touch as “it was all a blur.” I’m friggin terrible with remembering details so I can’t tell you the exact order they were lined up but I’ll try anyway. Jungkook: he was first. He had a half smile on but you could tell he was tired. It was all in his eyes. Taehyung: he was second . He was one of the members that looked the most out of it and I mean OUT OF IT. Suga: I remember he wore that sweet smile of his and nodded while we hi fived. Namjoon: this was the one that saddened me the most. He wore shades or a hat (one of the two but he was basically hiding his face) and he had his head low and looked at the floor. I felt…just….so sad and hurt seeing him like that. He must’ve been exhausted and irritated and I don’t blame him at all. Jin: his face looks so small~ he was a blur to me though. It went by so quickly. J-hope: his smile is just as infectious in person!! His hair be on point. Jimin: JIMIN!!!!!! out of everyone, to me, he was the one that interacted the most. He gives a “come here bruh” type of handshake and his smile and eye smile is the cuuuuuutest thing! Oh! He grabs your hand. He. Grabs. Your. Hand. And each one of their hands are SOFT. SO FCKN SOFT. Trust me, I didn’t really believe it every time I’d read a fan account about how soft all their hands are BUT IT’S TRUUUUEEEEEEE. Here is where it starts to get extremely bittersweet. I was walking out and had to stop cause the girl in front of me stopped. A lady from the venue staff was yelling at the girl her. Then a lady from tgm staff yelled from behind us that she needs the line to keep moving and she came up behind me and pushed me out to the point where I was squishing the girl in front of me but the lady didn’t care and just continued pushing me. The venue lady was yelling “I’m MAD! I’m trying to tell them where to go but they don’t want to move.” I was utterly confused. This lady was HOLDING US UP cause she was yelling at the girl in front of me but then she says she’s mad that we’re not moving….I read fan accounts of the San Francisco event and a lot of them mentioned how the staff was really mean. It’s one thing to read about it and easily disregard it as something that won’t happen to you but then you experience it first hand…When I got out I was mainly thinking about the guys,how tired they looked, and how stupid I was that I just froze up. I felt SO much regret. I was trying so hard to hold it in but I ended up crying a bit anyway but it was mainly because of getting pushed. The staff over there were aggressive. I didn’t really know how to take it in. I had just met bts and then that happened immediately afterwards and I was just really upset. Autograph session: J hope: I signed a heart and told him I like him and he said thank you and his smile was asdflkjhg so sweet. Everyone went by so quickly but the only other member I got to speak to was Namjoon. I told him I really liked his mixtape and the “thank you” he gave me just felt so so genuine and his I got to see that huge smile of his. Suga!!!!!! I didn’t get to talk to him but I remember looking at him and he smiled at me and I felt so fucking sad I’m not really too sure why? It’s one of those feelings where you don’t have the energy to smile and want to cry. That’s just how I remember feeling but it had nothing to do with him looking tired, he looked fine. The majority of the members had their heads down and kept signing and i didn’t want to interrupt them and they’d only look up when they were done. At first I thought it was me and it was my fault that it went like that cause I was nervous and was scared to disrupt any of them but I kept hearing other people saying that the members hardly acknowledged them also. it was heart breaking. I don’t blame the guys at all, I just feel a lot of regret and wish I had done it differently. I spoke with these two girls outside and they said the boys were so tired and irritated, that they were scared of the staff so they felt like they just had to continue signing without much interaction. one had said “Suga’s my bias. I told him I loved him and he didn’t even look at me.” Same thing happened with the other girl and her bias. One girl had told me that during the hi touch a fan had her phone in her pocket but one of the staff members shook her and snatched the phone away and it all happened in front of Jungkook and the girl telling me this had said he looked PISSED. She said bts were mad and annoyed at the staff. *long sigh* a lot more negative things happened but I chose to leave it out. I left the place feeling very regretful. Overall it was a very bittersweet experience. The guys looked tried as hell, some more than others, but I don’t have any negative feelings towards them just because this is how my experience meeting them went. I just want them to go back home and REST and I hope they never have to deal with tgm again after the tour.