Crushing a Crush

Me:  Hi.

You:  Hi.

Me:  Whatcha up to?

You:  Nothing much, just on Netflix looking for a movie to watch.  How about you?

Me:  I’m just laying in bed thinking about things.

You:  What’s on your mind?

Me:  …I think it’s best if I just kept that to myself.

You:  You sure?

Me:  Well, I don’t know…would you judge me?

You:  Come on, you’ve known me long enough to know that I would lmao.

You:  But I promise to not judge you too much.

Me:  Gee, thanks ass.

Me:  Well, um, so there’s this girl who’s been on my mind for quite sometime now (and by sometime, I mean about the entirety of my time being acquainted with the girl).

You:  Cuuuuuuteeee lmao

Me:  Yeah, I mean, I think by now it’s safe to say that I’ve developed quite the crush on her, but I’ve been hiding it for as long as I’ve known this girl.  The reason I’ve been carrying this crush within me for so long is because I love her.

You:  Really?

Me:  Not the romantic, head-over-heels, I’ve became obsessed with her kind of love, but the kind of love you develop for someone when their persona is admirable.

You:  What do you mean?

Me:  Like, you look towards that person as someone who makes you better simply by just being in their presence. You see, that girl’s presence became more important to me than my selfish act of having a crush on her. I saw pass my crush, and focused on the friendship the girl and I shared. In reality, it was a very twisted, friendship that I shared with the girl. We would tease and make fun of each other…a lot. Like, if we weren’t teasing each other, we were eating or actually conversing about something. I enjoyed the twisted friendship the girl and I shared, but there were days when I wanted more.  Deep down inside, I knew I did not only want to be mean to this girl, but a part of me wanted to be extra nice to her too. A part of me wanted to hug her more often, speak to her (like actually talk to her), and hold her hands. A part of me wanted that more than anything in the world, but there was another part of me that knew the tragic truth.

You:  And what’s the truth?

Me:  That part of me knew that such reality cannot exist. It knew how incompatible I truly am with a person like such. That part of me feared more than anything else that if the truth of my emotions were to come out, I would lose the girl all together. Would she be creeped out and just cast me away like any and every other guy? That fear went on for so long, and it’s been bothering me for as long as I’ve held it in.

You:  You shouldn’t let that stop you.  Girls aren’t always out to reject guys.  I think you should tell her how you feel.

You:  Stop being a pussy.  Text her right now!

Me:  Lmao, wait, I’m not finished yet.

Me:  Time went on, and that fear began to slowly lift due to another fear consuming its predecessor. I was beginning to fear that holding something in like this for so long can do no good for me, and can cause me to regret this, for a long time.

You:  I still don’t understand why you are wasting time texting me.  Text her right now!  Let her know!

Me:  You sure?

You:  Of course man, if you never do it, you’ll never know, and you’ll live your life regretting that decision.

Me:  Okay.

You:  Good luck! <3

Me:  I won’t need it, I already told my crush how I felt about her.

You:  How’d she take it?

Me:  I don’t know, I’m still waiting for you to tell me.

Mark Lee as a boyfriend :-)

Group: NCT

Member: Mark Lee

AN: happy late birthday to my dweebish boyfriend 💖

  • his adorable laugh
  • it’s so cute and you can never ever get enough of it
  • how his slings his body forward so his head is touching his knees
  • all of his pearly whites out
  • its so contagious you can’t help but to laugh whenever he laughs
  • also that smile you know
  • where he smiles so big his baby fat kinda settles on top of his cheek bones and his eyes kinda squint up
  • *dead*
  • he’s just all around adorable
  • “be there”
  • “or be square”
  • “and nobody wants to be,,,,,square.”
  • when he wants to talk crap about the other members he always vents to you in english
  • ///johnny, jaehyun, and ten is like wtf man we can understand you and we’re telling///////
  • ok ok
  • so you’re hanging out with your two other friends at the amusement park
  • you’re waiting in line for the biggest roller coaster
  • there’s these group of five rowdy boys behind you
  • there’s one that keep catching your eye
  • when you get your seat, you’re the one that has to sit alone
  • “hey,,,,,,,c-can I sit here?”
  • oh shiiizzzzzz
  • it’s that cuuuuuuteeee guy that you kept making eye contact with
  • “oh oH yeah go ahead!!”
  • and so like the seat belt is the one that goes around you both and meets in middle
  • so you guys buckle up and holy mother of god your hands touched and sparks omg
  • he chuckles and is like “ok so I might get scared so if I do anything rash I’m sorry.”
  • so the ride starts and you can hear his friends start to yell and scream
  • up the biggest hill you go
  • you can hear his breath start to speed up
  • oh yeah you’re sitting in the very front
  • the scariest part of the cart
  • you get to the very top of the hill
  • you’re starting to go down and you feel the cute boy grab your hand
  • you look over at him and he has his eyes squeezed shut
  • throughout the ride he held your hand the whole time squeezing harder when there was hills
  • after the ride is over you’re trying to unbuckle the seat belt
  • however
  • the boy is still holding your hand
  • “uhhh we are supposed to unbuckle,”
  • “oh oH YEah sorry!!”
  • he hastily lets go of your hand
  • “well since I already held your hand I might as well tell you my name is mark, mark lee”
  • “my name is y/n”
  • so the rest of the day your group of friends hangs out with his group of friends
  • you learn that the rest of his friends are johnny, jaehyun, ten, and jaemin
  • you tend to stay closer to mark however
  • you have a blast at the park riding all the rides you can
  • at the end of the day when you are bidding your goodbyes
  • mark slips his hand into yours giving you a piece of paper
  • “i hope you use it.”
  • he kisses your hand????///??
  • so when you get home that night you text him letting him know that you’re definitely going to use it
  • three weeks of non stop texting and video chatting
  • he finally asks you on a date
  • so you guys go to a nice dinner, paid for be his precious hyungs saying that their baby is growing up
  • after dinner you guys go to the park and walk around talking about anything and everything
  • it’s getting late and he needs to get back to the dorm before someone comes looking
  • so he walks you home
  • aND THEN
  • “I had a really fun time tonight, and like anytime you’re free we could maybe do this again?”
  • “I’d love to.”
  • he smiles really wide
  • he grabs both of your hands
  • “c-can I?”
  • you look into his eyes and nod a slow yes
  • he hesitantly puts his hand on cheek
  • leaning in
  • your eyes and his flutter closed
  • once your lips meet his there’s that same sparks but a million times more
  • you really couldn’t wait to do this again

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