cuuuuties ;;

starflightthenightwing  asked:

The beanie au but instead of their emblem on the beanie it's their partners emblem

im just taking it further and imagining a whole system where you give your beanie to people that you care about

like ren&nora wear eachothers’ from day one, no question. Pyrrha and Jaune eventually get around to swapping them and the other teams usually wear their partners’ too

Ruby wears Yang’s for a long while until one day she knowingly hands it off to Blake, then after that she doesn’t wear one until Eventually one day she’s just sitting around and Weiss stomps up, shoves her beanie on ruby’s head, and stomps away again blushing furiously and Ruby’s left like:

(that night weiss finds ruby’s rose beanie lying on her bed ;>)