cuttlefish gif

Even the cuttle-iest of animals get hangry! This young stumpy cuttlefish instantly transformed from a sheepish cephalopod into a monstrous agent of shrimp mayhem the second its food hit the water.

Stumpy cuttlefish, like many cephalopods, have ink-redible shape-shifting and color-changing abilities. Pigment sacks expand and contract to produce color patterns, while tiny muscles pinch and pull on the skin to produce spiky projections. Cephalopods use these body-art super-powers to communicate and camouflage in an instant. 

First pencil test I ever did by planning everything using  charts, and although there’s still a lot of issues here, I’m very happy that I’m at least starting to understand how to incorporate them into my workflow(mainly due to this great tutorial I recommend to EVERYONE). I’m really excited about this strategy because it gives you a clear path where the animation is going from the beginning, so you don’t end up with something you didn’t want at all. Also, it’s way easier to hit accents that way, so I can FINALLY try to do some real lip synch animation :)