This is easily the best photograph of Aaron Tveit. Look how the lighting enhances the sharp angle of his jaw, making it look like it’d be a breeze for him to slit my fucking throat with his jawline. Look at that strand of beautiful hair curling in the most perfect way, dropping a mysterious shadow on his profile, hiding his eyes and contouring his nose, as if his face is carved out of fucking marble. His facial expression is something else - being used to him making the most adorable, dorky faces, my insides melt at the exposure to this seductive smolder. But then, fucking then, that gross jacket - the most obnoxious shade of blue I have ever seen with my mortal eyes, the disgusting shine of it, the downright ugly cut-out patterns on the back and the fact that he probably loved wearing it ruins fucking everything. I will never have this photo as my background. I will never print this out at stick it on my wall, no matter how otherworldly gorgeous he looks. Because of that stupid jacket. I hate that fucking jacket.

Bridal Panel

Late 19th century

Joseon dynasty

Embroidered panels, such as this one, were originally sewn on to a noblewoman’s wedding over-robe, called a hwalot. This piece is likely to have been part of the sleeve. In the Choson period (1392-1910) the hwalot was sumptuously decorated with embroidered panels and patterns cut in thin gold sheets. The hwalot was predominantly red, the colour associated with weddings. The panels were embroidered with Buddhist and auspicious motifs such as lotus flowers, phoenixes, rocks and butterflies. In the Choson period princesses wore the hwalot as a ceremonial robe, while aristocratic women used it as a wedding robe.

From the Victoria and Albert Museum. 


Romantic outfit in rich superfine pure silk with intricate woven pattern.
Raglan cut allows tunic to be worn by dolls with a different shoulder and waist width. Two lacings at the collar and waist allow to adjust the dress to your doll’s measurements.

Vintage Indian sari was used for the tunic and skirt. The ruffles are carefully formed with water (you can redo the ruffles by wetting a certain parts of the dress too, especially after washing).
I recommend to wash the dress either by hand or in the washing machine in protective bag on “Delicate” or “Silk” program.

Please take into account that the fabric can have some tiny imperfections here and there.

Fits 60-65 cm BJDs, like Iplehouse EID/SID, Soom SG old and new bodies, Feeple 65, Spiritdoll and many other female bodies of this height. My aim was to create the design that could fit a variety of doll bodies and be adjustable.
The body on the photo is DIM Love, bust & hips circumference is 27.5 cm, height is 61 cm.

Available on Etsy:

For this #FursuitFriday I figured I’d upload a progress sequence of finishing Jad’s head!  From foaming to finished work.

Hopefully this can help some of you out there by seeing the way I usually do things :)

1. Foamed head
2. Used masking tape to make a pattern of the head (only tape half of the head because since the markings are symmetrical, I can use the same pattern for both sides.
3. Use the pattern to cut out the fur.  I shave the pieces before furring, it just works for me though I know some people prefer to shave after furring everything.  After everything is shaved I start sewing all the pieces to each other.
4. All the pieces of fur for the face shaved and sewn together, looks like some kind of pelt XD
5. Use a mix of hot glue and spray glue to glue the fur to the base.  Start at the nose and go backwards.  After that’s done I sew the hood/neck on and sew ears on, as well as add the eyes.
6.Finish it up with some airbrushing around the nose, mouth, and for the eyebrows :)


// What is Cut/Sew?

Cut/Sew is a crowdfunded sewing pattern company that’s fundraising to make patterns for cosplay & street fashion that are easy to use and better fitting. We’re based in Orlando, Florida and are working hard to bring you patterns that inspire creativity and make dressing up and cosplaying easy and accessible.

// How are you raising money?

We have an IndieGoGo campaign that’s live now! Plus, we’re offering some exclusive perks for your support like stickers, tote bags, and early access to our patterns.

// Why should I donate?

Without your contributions, Cut/Sew won’t happen! If we don’t raise enough money to hit our goal before our IndieGoGo deadline of March 1st, your contributions will go towards making enough patterns to fulfill the perks that people signed up for, but we won’t go into mass production and the company will be disbanded. (Yikes!) So if this is an idea you’re excited about and something that you want to see happen, we need your support! Even if you can’t contribute, spreading the word about our campaign is still a huge help & can help us make this project a reality!

// Are these digital patterns?

Nope! All Cut/Sew patterns are physical products that are hand-printed on 100% recycled medium weight kraft paper, and are packaged in reusable zip-top bags. This means that you can use them over and over again without having to worry about rips, tears, or damage.

// What makes Cut/Sew better than store-bought patterns?

Cut/Sew is produced by a small team of friends & creatives with professional experience in costuming, pattern making, fashion design, and costume construction. We make all of our patterns in house from start to finish, and everything is done by hand from truing to printing the patterns. We fit every pattern on real people with a variety of body sizes, not on mannequins which means a more realistic fit for you, and every pattern’s instructions comes with tips to make our patterns fit your unique body perfectly. Speaking of instructions, ours are clear, easy to read, and beginner friendly, with no extra terminology or complicated techniques making sewing accessible for everyone.

// Where will I be able to buy Cut/Sew patterns once you launch?

All of our patterns will be for sale on our soon-to-be-launched online store, and we’ll also be selling at comic and anime conventions around the country in the Dealer’s Room and in Artist’s Alley. A full schedule of our yearly convention schedule will be up once our campaign closes on March 1st.

// If I contribute to your IndieGoGo, when will I receive my perks?

All patterns will ship out no later than May 2016, and all other perks will ship out by April 1st.

// When will you be making a cosplay pattern for my favorite character?

If we hit our IndieGoGo fundraising goal, we have a stretch goal of $10,000 that unlocks two more cosplay patterns for immediate release, and we’ll do a fan poll on our Facebook page to get feedback on what you want to see!


My process for neat n pretty appliques. 1. Cut inverted pattern from fusible interfacing 2. Use iron to adhere interfacing to wrong side of fabric (follow interfacing instructions) 3. Trim around pattern, leaving a ¼-½ inch margin 4. Peel interface backing 5. Carefully iron excess fabric around edges of interfacing to adhere the edges to the back of your applique 6. Iron applique to project 7. Top-stitch applique into place 8. (Optional) use interlocking stitch to create embroidered effect and clean up applique edges

The Vintage Sewing Nerd’s Guide to Netflix: Chances are, if you’re into vintage sewing, you’re not above watching a show just for the clothes. We love a period drama around these parts and here’s what we’ve been binge-watching on Netflix (ok, and PBS) while cutting out our patterns… Netflix offerings vary over time and country; if somethings not available to you right […]


So @dollsahoy sent me these outfits in a surprise gift package. Some of my favourite pieces are all in this lot cuz they encompass my favourite things about her clothing aesthetics like the vintage style patterns and cuts.


Coming Soon! Rodney McMillian: The Black Show

Opening February 3, 2016

Rodney McMillian’s (born 1969 Columbia, SC; lives Los Angeles) broad artistic range forms an extended physical meditation on the United States. These sculptures, paintings, room-sized constructions, videos, and performances embody our social fabric in patterns cut by class, economic status, culture, race, gender, and history.

Deeply attuned to the social systems and policy decisions that economically and psychologically shape our bodies, McMillian engages the gestures of these forces directly: going large in scale through small actions, using post-consumer objects to reveal latent ideologies, exposing the violent strata by which a vulnerable citizenship is built. Added to this melting pot, here McMillian draws upon a fascination with science fiction to envision a place where fantastical physical transformation might express the unraveling of social injustices.

anonymous asked:

I'm doing a cosplay and it requires little knives, like daggers.. Any advice on how to start?

It all depends on what materials you’re using! I would use Worbla and foam.

You should start by drawing out your pattern of what you want it to look like on cardboard (to make sure it’s stiff) and cutting it out.

Then, use your pattern to cut the foam, glue your pieces together, and you have your base!

Then, I would cover it with Worbla or a Worbla alternative (I know some of you aren’t huge Worbla fans, but it’s what I’m used to using!) 

Then seal it and paint it!

This is a super basic/un-detailed tutorial, so if you need more info feel free to message off anon or IM my personal blog (for a more in-depth convo about it!)

I hope this helped!

MASTERPOST: Favorite YouTube Artists-- Part 1

1.) Angela Clayton: Costumery 

Angela’s videos are so relaxing and inspiring. Her voice-overs are very sweet and engaging, and I’ve learned a lot about draping, cutting patterns, and structuring garments from watching her work. She is impressively talented and motivated!

Favorite Video:

Tumblr: @doxiequeen1

2.) Audra Auclair– Painting, Drawing and Digital Illustration

Audra’s illustrations are dreamy and haunting, and her color palettes are absolutely delicious. I enjoy the fact that she uses a wide variety of media, from copic, to gouache, to digital art. She has done some very informative tutorials, but I particularly love her speed paints.

Favorite Video:

Tumblr: @audraauclair

3.) Coco Bee Art– Watercolor Painting

I’m not generally a huge fan of abstract art, but I just love Coco’s explosive color choices and how they pair watercolor with accents of ink lines. Their watercolor painting style is self taught and highly expressive. The paintings and the music are paired together seamlessly, and each of the videos contains an inspiring message. 

Favorite Video:

4.) Fran Meneses– Drawing and Digital Illustration

Oh. My. God. Fran’s everything is the cutest ever. Her illustrations are happy and simple and wonderful, and her videos have a great light and sweet aesthetic. I think she’s Spanish, and she posted a series of charming “day in the life” videos for December 2016 that are all worth a peek. I love her limited color palettes and her delicate line work.

Favorite Video:

Tumblr: @frannerd

5.) Iraville– Watercolor Illustration

I originally started following Iraville on Instagram, and when I found out she had a YouTube I kind of freaked out a little. She works almost solely in watercolor, and does these wonderful moody little illustrations. Kind of like Wes Anderson meets the Moomins. Her use of watercolor layering techniques are positively masterful.

Favorite Video:

Tumblr: @iraville


And now Tumblr won’t let me add any more videos to this post, so this will be 

continued in Part Two!–

–Part Three–


A mock-up for Syd’s Anna undershirt, which will have sleeves and be worn under the bodice. It’s one of many things we did tonight but I didn’t bother taking pictures of — cutting out patterns, pinning fabrics, etc. I also cut out Tiki’s cape liner and sewed the back seam and then put it back away hahahhaha. Look at our kitchen whiteboard! We bought a new costume one weeks ago but haven’t had time to drill into our [gulp] concrete walls to put it up… So this whiteboard gets covered in Dangerous Ladies shitposting for now. More tomorrow. We’re now mostly in the boring pinning and cutting phase haha. - Jenn

anonymous asked:

Are there any more things about drawtale? I'm in love with that AU :000


I TOld my friend and she added in Undyne being a martial artist mainly witch i s lik e ‘yoooo’

And Asgore doing Topiary!

It’d be kinda cute if asgores house and place was just covered with decorative bushes and cut out patterns and faces

frisk ju st walks in and’s lik e ‘why is alphys face here’

it’d be really cute if he collected really cute cups that reminded him of all his friends too aaaa

frisk just finds a bunch of cups in different shapes in his room and o much just ‘wow these are all really cute’

Also it’d be kinda messed up if chara used monsters dust in their art like making gritty paint and everywhere they go they just leave like lines of gritty paint and dust everywhere omc

I’M GLAD YOU LIKe it btw, sorry I kinda poofed! I’ll get to everything in my inbox this weekend! my schedule is mostly clear and I shouldn’t be too tired vdgsahk



Cut/Sew makes sewing patterns to get you creating, but we’re reshaping our blog to become a space to get you inspired too, with features, tutorials, contributions, and articles all about making amazing stuff, getting messy, and turning your creative passions into a reality.

HeyCutSew.Tumblr will relaunch next week with fresh content and new series’ including:

  • Guest Editorials
  • Written pieces on everything from style to soul-searching, written by passionate folks from all walks of life.
  • Street Snap
  • Photographs of outsider fashion & costumes from comic conventions, events, and major cities, featuring mini-interviews and conversations.
  • Audio Interviews
  • In-depth interviews with everyday people about their adventures in dressing up, making shit, and conquering their fears.
  • How To’s
  • Tutorials, walkthroughs, tips, and tricks on how to hack Cut/Sew patterns and conquer sewing.
  • and more…

Want to be a part of what we’re doing? Cut/Sew on Tumblr is accepting submissions.

We’re looking for passionate folks with something to say to submit writing, poetry, photographs, art, collages, comics, mood boards, and more. The only prerequisite? That it’s honest, authentic, and captures what it means to be young, wild, & creative.

Need a little more to go off of? Some of our theoretical prompts include:

Overcoming creative blocks, learning something new, forming relationships through making things, finding your craft, dressing up as empowerment, harnessing your passions, conquering your fears, and more.

Have something you want to send our way for consideration, or an idea that you think would fit with our themes? Email us at We’ll let you know if it’s something we can feature.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled and stay beautiful, babies.

xoxo - CUT/SEW

What better way to show the binding nature of your love than with a love knot in the shape of a heart? If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend this Valentines Day, look no further!

This luxurious premium pendant is hand crafted from two heart shaped pieces of 0.9 mm brass, with an intricate celtic knot pattern cut out, along with a solid 0.9 mm copper heart. These pieces are polished to a mirror finish, then fastened together with aluminium rivets to form a delicate sandwich of brass and copper. The rivets are then sanded flush with the surface, and the faces polished once more. The final piece is then coated with a micro-crystalline wax polish to preserve the finish and prevent tarnishing.

Check out the product listing on Etsy here!

The finished piece is 34 mm by 34 mm (1.34") and 2.5 mm (0.1") thick, and polished to a mirror finish. It is supplied with a 51 cm (20") black waxed cotton cord, fitted with a lobster clasp (other lengths are available on request).

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FILLING PIECES “Low Top Wavy” Available Online on & in Store @masplusmilano

“Low Top Wavy” sneaker makeup arriving in two colorways, each handmade in the brand’s Portuguese production facilities. The Low Top Wavy is crafted using wave-patterned laser cutting techniques, and is finished with sewn leather strips, as well as Filling Pieces’ signature tongue and padded heel. #fillingpieces #lowtop #wavy #red #blue #new #collection #at #masplusmilano #sneakers #streetwear #shop #viasantacroce21 #ticinese #milano (presso MAS+)