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Dating Draco headcanons? For the giveaway please! GO SLYTHERIN HOUSSS

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  • Draco presented you with a monogrammed bracelet for your one month anniversary, which he remembered & you didn’t. The bracelet has his initials, of course. “Why would you want one with your own initials?”
  • He charges you 1 Galleon every single time you make a self-depreciating comment or joke, and during every Hogsmeade trip he gives you the money back - forcing you to use it to buy one item of self care or something that makes you happy. 
  • He charmed his pillow so that it smells of you on the nights that you’re apart.
  • He throws an absolute tantrum at the mention of any plans you’ve made that don’t involve him.”But Draco, it’s just a Doctor’s appointment.”
  • He once refused to play a Quidditch game, because you couldn’t attend, causing Slytherin to forfeit the entire match.
  • He waits for you every morning in the Common Room to escort you to the Great Hall for breakfast. If you’ve overslept, he brings your favorite food to you, in bed, and lectures you on why you ‘really must get more sleep so you can be at your healthiest, princess.’
  • He took a cane lashing from his father upon first bringing you home because his father refused to greet you properly and he spoke up, not willing to tolerate you being disrespected by anyone. 
  • Before the Yule Ball he arranged for Narcissa to take you for a formal dress fitting. He made sure to have a bouquet and card waiting for you at the shoppe and he paid extra to see to it that the seamstress provided an excessive amount of compliments whilst you were trying things on because he knows you lack confidence. 
  • On your Birthday each year, he rents out Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop so that you can host a private brunch with your friends whilst he tends to the last of your party preparations. 
  • Draco had overheard you say “I’ve always wanted a guy that would send me flowers for no reason at all, you know, just because it’s Wednesday” to your best mate during 3rd year and he took it quite literally, so now you find roses on your nightstand every Wednesday morning like clockwork. 
  • He uses “Spektor Crawley’s Slimey Hand Salve” before holding your hand because he knows how much you hate when they get sweaty. 
  • He still blushes every single time he see’s you. Occasionally, when you hold eye contact for just a little too long, he loses his train of thought and stumbles over his words. 
  • He says “tu me manques” instead of “I miss you” because that’s french for “You are missing from me” and he finds that better suited and he’s a total sap
  • He cuts your food for you each night when you’re having dinner, despite your many protests, because “a lady should never have to serve herself.”
  • Don’t act like Narcissa didn’t raise him to stand until you’ve sat at the table and to open doors for you because you best believe my boy is chivalrous twat.
  • He knows you’re a smart student but he insists on revising with you because he’s fascinated by your intellect and frankly, just loves hearing you talk. 
  • Let’s not forget that one time when Cormac touched your butt and ended up in the Hospital wing.
  • He gets extremely insecure when he feels as if he doesn’t know everything about you. “What do you mean you don’t know if your second toe is longer than your Big Toe?”
  • He’s so possessive that he can sometimes be accusatory over the weirdest things. “All I’m saying is that you didn’t have that freckle last time I saw you and suddenly it’s there!”
  • He gushes about you so much that the lads have given him a very specific rule; he’s only allowed to talk about you once daily for ‘no more than twenty minutes’ but its not like he gives a damn.
  • After sex he always slips you a small piece of parchment with a survey on it that reads ‘was that good for you? circle: yes or no’