After the huge reaction I got from the hand-embroidered patch I posted today, I’ve decided that after Christmas (or maybe even sooner), I’m going to open my own Etsy store. I’ll be making and selling patches of varying kinds.

My intention is to make custom orders for people, and also keep a consistent stock of Icelandic Magical Stave patches.

The above pictures are what I’m considering for consistent stock.

Ægishjálmur - “Helm of Awe”.  To induce fear and protect against abuse of power.

Vegvisir - To guide the wearer through rough weather (or in a more personalised version, to guide the wearer through rough situations).

Óttastafur - To induce fear in the hearts of your enemies.

Veldismagn - Worn on the chest to protect against evil.

What I need to know is, would you be interested in buy this, and if yes, which one do you like the most? I need to get an idea of how many of each one I should make before opening the store, as well as an idea of what people actually want to buy.

Additionally, I’ll do things like people’s names/word of choice in Elder Futhark runes as patches as well. 

If there are any other suggestions or questions you have, please feel free to send me a message.