cutout t shirt



The cutout trend has been around for a while now and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere! Cutout T-shirt dresses are super comfy and easy to wear making them the perfect beach throw over. We show you an inexpensive way to create your very own cutout t-shirt dress! 

You’ll need:

  • - A t-shirt a couple of sizes too big for you 
  • - Sharp pair of scissors 
  • - Measuring tape
  • - Marker

How to:

  • - Mark out all the areas that need to be cut.
  • - Cut the t-shirt just below your ribs to get two pieces and cut the sleeves to turn them into cap sleeves. 
  • - Create two triangle cut outs for both halves of the t-shirt. Make the top half of the cutout about 5cm long and the bottom half cutout about 7 cm long.  
  • - Then cut out a small hole in the bottom middle of the top half of the t-shirt and create a slit about 7cm long in the top middle of the bottom half of the t-shirt.
  • - Take the slits and tie them together through the holes both in the front and back of the t-shirt. 
  • - Even out any uneven edges and you’re ready to show off your DIY Cutout T-shirt Dress! 

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite Trent eras?

hey there mane!
aesthetically, early PHM era (1988-1990) definitely takes the cake for me. he’s cheeky, but awkward. And ofc, the dreads he eventually gets, the hundreds of cutout t shirts, and the great videos from that time — Hell yeah. I also really love Dissonance era (1995-1996) nin a lot too, aesthetically and musically. Bowie came in at a really important time in his life.

musically, it’s really hard. Depends on the mood but a lot of my favorite nin stuff tends to be the early remixes, like Fixed and Further Down the Spiral (which would translate to late Broken/early TDS and Dissonance era again), or largely instrumental stuff like the Fragile and Ghosts I-IV. I also love the Quake OST which was pretty much made around the same time in 96.