cutout sleeves



Pink and cream silk chiffon layered over silver lamé, metallic lace hem studded with sequins, short sleeve bodice decorated with crossed stylized flowers in white, crystal and ombreéd pink beads, metallic lace insert under tulle, sleeves having cutouts edged in paste jewels, off-center beaded band with ombreéd tassel and three lotus flowers, chiffon underskirt edged in crystal beads, corset interior

I’m not often all that opinionated through social media but wanted to share some thoughts with anyone who would like to read on. (This is a personal story and opinion, which means that I accept and respect that people may feel differently than I do.) When I was in the 6th grade I was suspended from my public school for a dress code violation. I was on the honor roll + maintained a 4.0 GPA. I was not a disruptive student but found myself being shamed and embarrassed by adults. I had worn a turtleneck sweater with long sleeves but cutouts revealing my shoulder blades. I was removed from class in front of all of my peers who whispered and laughed, I was forced to write “I will obey the dress code” over and over in the front office while being told that my indecency was appalling and “a distraction to other students”, and I was suspended. My education was interrupted to call attention to my body and my gender and to shame me for both. My mother told me I had done nothing wrong, but I cried, feeling ashamed nonetheless. Society had taught me to make other people comfortable, to be sexless, to be apologetic, and to be receptive of their criticism. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized I was allowing everyone around me to dictate how I felt about my body. We are at a time now where there is still fear/taboo and often times an intolerable reaction toward female sexuality and women taking ownership of their physical form. As adult women we are weighted by the social obligation to have a reason to explain ourselves if we feel entitled to our own bodies. We teach young girls who mature early to be mindful that the gaze of other people is now their responsibility. Society perpetuates the idea that women need to appease others with their physical form, when in actuality we should rally around the idea that females are reclaiming their bodies. We are more than our bodies, but we are also entitled to celebrate them if we choose. Your body is the post natural and beautiful thing you can own! The point of feminism is to support women in their freedom to choose, to be equal, to be without shame/guilt/self-doubt. To teach them that showing their own skin doesn’t make them less intelligent, less respected. Women can be all things, and that’s beautiful.

Let Go

Genre: smut, fluff

Word Count: 2540

Jimin College AU

You were a straight A student, the type that always had their pencils sharpened and ready on the desk, arranged next to a neat stack of textbooks and assignments before class even started. You straightened out your ironed skirt, although it was already perfectly ironed, and thumbed through your notes as students began entering the classroom. It wasn’t that you weren’t attractive, because you were stunningly gorgeous; it was that people were intimidated by you. Your intelligence, how well spoken you were, how immaculate you always looked. That’s why when it came time to pair up for the final presentation you were left looking firmly towards the front of the classroom, waiting for the inevitable loneliness that would follow when everyone else paired up.

 “Class, this English presentation will span 2 weeks. You are to work with a partner and analyze any of the works we’ve studied this year. Cooperation with your partner is key to this project,” the professor said. He noticed how you tried to look busy organizing your color-coded notes, avoiding the stares of others, when he realized you didn’t have a partner. 

 “Y/N, your partner will be Park Jimin,” he said as he scanned the roster, “He isn’t here yet, but-“ Just as the professor, decided your fate, a striking boy sauntered into the classroom. He was clad in ripped black skinny jeans, black combat boots, a loose white t-shirt, and had a lollipop between his lips. He was the embodiment of a free spirit, not carrying a backpack, showing up to class 20 minutes late, and running a hand through his beautifully disheveled hair. The class fell silent when he walked in, and from the way he met your eyes and lightly smirked, you had a gut feeling he was your partner. 

 “You must be Park Jimin, this is Y/N your partner for the next two weeks,” the professor pointed towards you. Jimin looked you up and down and a small smile fell on his face as he walked towards you. He was probably making fun of how nerdy you were, you thought. You sensed this would be a difficult partnership and you would end up doing most of the work. 

“H-hi, I’m Y/N. So…I guess we can split up the work for this project and meet up later, or I could just do the whole thing, I mean…” you stumbled over your words, distracted by his piercing gaze and the way his plump lips looked around the lollipop. 

 “How about we meet up tomorrow at my place and we can work on it. Here’s my number,” he said as grabbed my journal and scribbled his phone number on it. He leaned over to place back on my desk and you took in the scent of cigarette smoke mixed with mint. It was intoxicating and it caught you by surprise when he winked at you and walked out of class after just 10 minutes. You stared at the door in shock at how he left you alone for the rest of class. No matter how attractive he was, you knew his type. Bad boys like him would never fall for someone like you; it was just the way the world worked. But still, you felt a slight sadness that he left so soon. 

 The next afternoon you walked up to his apartment door and knocked twice, as you had agreed to meet to work on your project. You noticed a black motorcycle parked in front. He was so different from me, you mused, smiling to yourself. You would never get on a moving deathtrap like that. You were so immersed in your thoughts you barely realized Jimin had opened the door, wearing low-slung sweatpants, a black t-shirt, and a red beanie. 

 “You wanna go for a ride?” He asked with humor in his voice, leaning against the doorway, as he noticed you looking at his motorcycle. You gasped and looked at him, and your throat went dry at the way his tan, muscular biceps looked in his shirt. 

 “No, not at all! Let’s just get started on our project,” You followed him into his apartment and silently cursed yourself for acting so stupid. You took in the way his broad shoulders stretched his shirt and how strong his thighs looked as he sat on his bed, looking at you expectantly. You reluctantly sat on his bed, primly crossing your legs and sitting as far away as possible from him. 

“So, I was thinking we could analyze,“ you began rambling to take away from your nervousness. He stared at you, a smirk playing at his lips. He stared at the way your hair cascaded over your shoulders and the smooth skin of your legs. 

“Y/N, have you ever been kissed?” he asked all of a sudden. Your face heated up, cheeks turning red as his gaze burned through you. Your heart beat faster and you nervously tucked your hair behind your ear. 

 “Why are you asking me that? That’s personal,” you responded. He smiled and leaned forward, the scent of coffee becoming stronger. 

 “You’re always so focused and studious, do you ever take time to relax and let yourself go?” He said softly, his gaze lowering to your lips. This was too much. You felt like you were going to explode. Sure, you had been kissed before, but never had you felt such a strong attraction like this. Jimin was magnetic and you felt yourself melting under his presence. He slowly leaned forward and cupped your cheek, rubbing circles with his thumb. His touch was rough but gentle, exciting and blissful. 

 “Um, I have to go,” You ripped yourself from his grasp and hurriedly grabbed your bags, racing out the door. As you walked home your mind reeled with thoughts. How did this happen so fast? You were never the type to love freely, to just give yourself to another person. You wondered if the feeling in the pit of your stomach was because you wanted to kiss Jimin or because you were still jittery from that encounter. You went to your apartment you shared with your best friend and proceeded to tell her about the heated moment between you and Jimin. 

 “Oh my god! My little Y/N is all grown up!” she laughed as she threw a pillow at me. “Do you understand who Park Jimin is? He’s the resident bad boy, a rebellious guy who, under all that leather and tough exterior, is a genius,” your friend gushed. 

 “But why is he after a girl like me? He probably thinks I’m a charity case,” you sighed. “It’s probably some sick prank or bet,” you said. You couldn’t help reliving how sparks flew when he touched your skin, the heat that emanated from his skin burning you to your core. He meant danger and risk, something that was foreign to you. 

 “You know there’s a party tonight at the club down the street. Jimin will probably be there, which means you should go and finish what he started!” your friend said. You weren’t the type to go to wild parties but you felt something with Jimin and you had to find out whether it was a sick prank or real. Remembering his words, you decided you would try letting go for once, tired of being the prim and proper nerd. 

 “You know what, I will,” you resolved and rushed to your closet to pick out your sexiest outfit. You chose to wear a backless, black dress with see-through sleeves and cutouts. The dress hugged your curves and you looked like a different person; a confident, sexy version of yourself stared back in the mirror with cherry red lips and feline eyes. You barely recognized yourself, but took a deep breath before heading out with your friend.

 After a few hours you had yet to spot Jimin and you drowned your disappointment in straight vodka, pouring back another shot and looking out at the dance floor. You wanted to be carefree and live life on the edge like those people. Throwing back another shot, you strode onto the floor and started moving to the blaring music. 

Swaying your hips back and forth, you let the music guide your movements, raising an arm to run your hands through your hair. You closed your eyes in bliss, feeling utterly free. 

 A strong arm snaked itself around your waist and you leaned into it, not caring who it was. The person pressed your hips back into his and you swayed against his firm body. A rough hand brushed your hair to the side and the scent of cigarette smoke and mint prevailed. 

 “You look gorgeous, Y/N,” he whispered. You spun around and stared up at Jimin, eyes wide. He looked sexier than ever, his intense gaze eyeing you up and down as he bit his lip. This is what you wanted, wasn’t it? Fuck it. 

 You pulled him by the lapels of his leather jacket and kissed him like you had never kissed anyone before. He grabbed your waist and pulled you closer as your lips melded in a rough, passionate kiss. The cigarettes mixed with vodka to create a taste unique to you and Jimin, embodying this moment of passion. His tongue explored your mouth as you ran your hands through his bedhead hair, grabbing it and lightly gasping. 

 “Whoa, whoa Y/N. You’re drunk, I can’t do this,” he said reluctantly as your lips lost contact. You definitely weren’t drunk enough to do anything you regretted, just buzzed enough to gain some confidence. Your eyes glossed over his lips, moist and swollen. 

 “How about that motorcycle ride now?” You asked, still hazy from the kiss.

 “How about I take you home, Y/N. You need to sober up,” Jimin said as he grabbed your arm and pulled you out of the club. Spotting his motorcycle, you ran towards it gleefully.

 “Take me for a spin. I want to know what it feels like to be you. I don’t want to be a nerd anymore,” you said. He smiled lightly and there was a look in his eyes you couldn’t understand. Nevertheless you hopped on behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist, leaning your head against his back. You didn’t know where all this courage was coming from, but you liked it. He revved the motorcycle and sped past all the cars. You felt the wind in your hair, the lights of other cars flashing by, the highway bathed in moonlight, the scenery that zoomed by. You closed your eyes and leaned back throwing your hands in the air. This was what paradise felt like. When you leaned forward, you caught Jimin smiling at you from the mirror, admiring how beautiful you looked. When he got to your house, he walked you to your door and ran a hand through his hair. 

“Do you want to come in?” you asked, looking him in the eye. He knew you weren’t drunk and noticed how your eyes had darkened.

 “Yeah,” he breathed and followed you into your house. There was a moment of silence, both of you not knowing where this was going. You followed your heart and the feeling in the pit of your stomach and turned around and kissed him. Your lips melded together perfectly, tongues moving in sync as you wrapped your arms around his neck. You walked him towards your bedroom, lips never separating. He backed you against the wall and you lifted a leg up, wrapping around his firm thigh. You moaned lightly as he tugged your hair and kissed down your jaw and neck. 

“I can make you feel so good baby, if you let me,” he whispered. 

 “Please,” you moaned and arched your back. 

He ground his hips into yours, pressing his hardness into you. He flipped you around so your back was facing his and unzipped your dress, pressing feather light kisses down your back. You arched your back as your dress fell to the floor and he groaned when he noticed you weren’t wearing a bra or underwear. 

“The things you do to me, Y/N. So pure yet so sexy,” he sighed as he pushed me onto the bed. He kissed down your body, starting from your neck, leaving a wet trail. He swirled his tongue around your nipple, closing his hot mouth over it. 

 “Fuck, more,” you gasped. He moved to the other side and continued sucking your bud. He moved down to your hipbone and placed kisses on them. 

“You are so beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you differently,” he said against your thigh. He rubbed circles into your inner thigh and your skin burned with need. You felt a fire growing in your core, as he got closer to where you needed him the most. He gazed up at you and placed a kiss on your pussy. He maintained eye contact as he licked a stripe up your slit. He placed a sloppy kiss on your clit and you bucked your hips up. 

 “You taste so good, so sweet,” he said as he held your thighs down, sending vibrations down to your warmth. He dipped his tongue in and out of you, rubbing your clit with his thumb. You were in euphoria, you were about to go over the edge, clutching the sheets tightly. 

 “Cum for me baby, let go,” he said as he moved his thumb in faster circles and slid a finger inside of you, pumping roughly. As you reached your high he lapped up your release and moved up to kiss you. The taste of your own cum excited you and you deepened the kiss. You felt his hard erection against your thigh and you found you courage again. You slowly leaned over him, pushing him back against the bed. You rocked your hips against his clothed bulge as he groaned. 

 “Now, it’s my turn to make you feel free,” you said as you unzipped his pants and wrapped your hand around his leaking cock. He looked at you with hooded eyes, lips parted as you worked your hand around his cock, dipping your tongue into his slit. You sunk his cock into your mouth as you bobbed your head up and down, your hand moving over the base that you couldn’t reach. Your eyes never left his as you swirled your tongue around him, moaning around his cock. He grabbed your hair and pushed you down on his cock, thrusting into your mouth. 

 “Fuck, I’m close Y/N,” he groaned with closed eyes. You swallowed around him and gripped your hands tigher as you felt his hot cum splashing into your throat. Drops of it seeped out of your mouth and you swallowed the bitter liquid because it tasted uniquely like Jimin. He grabbed your neck and pulled you in for a heated kiss. He brought your head onto his chest as you both lay together in bliss. 

 “You’re perfect just the way you are, Y/N. Beautiful,” he said as he smoother your hair back and laid a kiss on your forehead. You held him tighter, never feeling safer than you felt now, in the arms of a bad boy.

10 Gowns We Want to See at the Oscars

Tune in this Sunday for the real red carpet

The 87th Academy Awards is set to take the stage this weekend and, as usual, we wait with bated breath to see what everyone will be wearing. From full princess gowns to sleek, simple floor length dresses, we’re getting ready to place our bets on who’s making the best dressed list. 

Here are 10 gowns we hope to see on the red carpet below!

Hollywood Glamour

Badgley Mischka Gown - Cowlneck Back Cap Sleeve Sequin

Cutout stretch-wool gown

Embellished tulle gown

Parham crepe gown

Disney Princess

Lace and point d'esprit gown

Off-the-shoulder printed cotton and silk-blend dress

High Fashion

Strapless Bustier Gown

Embellished tulle gown

Embellished belted silk gown

Strapless twill and tulle gown

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etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2016 | 6.19.16

theme: KP’s top wedding picks for 2016
lacy bridal gowns by saintisabel

  • skye | sheer beaded lace top wedding dress
  • solstice | strapless burnout velvet and silk gown
  • olivia | cotton lace and tulle dress with back cutout

i started this year’s wedding week with a multi-gown post from saintisabel, and i’ll end there, too — this shop is one of my newest faves for bespoke, unique, super-detailed wedding dresses. wedding week is my FAVORITE time of year here on EFOTD! thanks for sticking with me, everyone! i hope you’ve enjoyed.