cutout sketch

Debuting at TCAF 2017 - Deep in Travel by Randeep Katari

Upon visiting Europe for the first time, Randeep decided to mark the occasion and express his love for Paris with the materials he knew best - his pen and sketchbook. Combining fun cutout sketches of his cartoon self in real-life locations, Deep in Travel narrates Randeep’s experiences in a twist on the travel journals that he’d grown up admiring.

Randeep Katari is a story artist, illustrator, writer and cartoonist originally from Toronto, currently living in NYC. He’s worked on films such as Rio 2, The Peanuts Movie, and Epic for Blue Sky Studios, as well as the award winning tv shows ‘Nina’s World’ (NBC), 'Clash of Clans’ (Rough Draft), Disney’s Descendants, Fangbone (Disney TV) and many others. He is probably currently drinking coffee or eating bread.

Price: $15
ISBN: 978-0-9988757-1-2
Size/Specs: Paperback, Full color, 8" x 8"