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that post that’s like “hirohiko araki writing jojo’s bizarre adventure: sure” is really just the best possible way of explaining this series because… we came off of an extremely dark stretch of episodes about a serial killer who can blow shit up with the press of a single finger and changed his face and assumed someone else’s identity

…but now we’re taking a break from that and having a few episodes that involve a manga artist having an intense rock-paper-scissors battle that he won using an invisible baby and an episode dedicated to a teenager trying to make some money by using a shapeshifting alien in the form of loaded dice to gamble against the aforementioned manga artist who he fuckin hates because he insulted his hair once

also the manga artist is currently wearing a croptop turtleneck sweater with multiple eyelets with cutout sections at his shoulders, some suspenders, long white baggy pants with a buckle around his right knee, neon yellow sneakers, earrings that look like pen nibs, and an inexplicable yellow zigzag headband that goes around his head like a circlet

like, 3 arcs ago, we were following a weird buff englishman try to kill his adopted brother in victorian england and now we’re here

gdo i love jojo’s bizarre adventure

I’m not often all that opinionated through social media but wanted to share some thoughts with anyone who would like to read on. (This is a personal story and opinion, which means that I accept and respect that people may feel differently than I do.) When I was in the 6th grade I was suspended from my public school for a dress code violation. I was on the honor roll + maintained a 4.0 GPA. I was not a disruptive student but found myself being shamed and embarrassed by adults. I had worn a turtleneck sweater with long sleeves but cutouts revealing my shoulder blades. I was removed from class in front of all of my peers who whispered and laughed, I was forced to write “I will obey the dress code” over and over in the front office while being told that my indecency was appalling and “a distraction to other students”, and I was suspended. My education was interrupted to call attention to my body and my gender and to shame me for both. My mother told me I had done nothing wrong, but I cried, feeling ashamed nonetheless. Society had taught me to make other people comfortable, to be sexless, to be apologetic, and to be receptive of their criticism. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized I was allowing everyone around me to dictate how I felt about my body. We are at a time now where there is still fear/taboo and often times an intolerable reaction toward female sexuality and women taking ownership of their physical form. As adult women we are weighted by the social obligation to have a reason to explain ourselves if we feel entitled to our own bodies. We teach young girls who mature early to be mindful that the gaze of other people is now their responsibility. Society perpetuates the idea that women need to appease others with their physical form, when in actuality we should rally around the idea that females are reclaiming their bodies. We are more than our bodies, but we are also entitled to celebrate them if we choose. Your body is the post natural and beautiful thing you can own! The point of feminism is to support women in their freedom to choose, to be equal, to be without shame/guilt/self-doubt. To teach them that showing their own skin doesn’t make them less intelligent, less respected. Women can be all things, and that’s beautiful.

Hey guys. Long ago I made this blog to talk about fashion, how I feel and what I think about it, and I haven’t been available to do that in a while so I came back with this collage to show you what’s really IN this 2017, although it’s kinda late, it’s never actually late to get in style.
•Khaki: never gets old. You can wear pants, dresses, tshirts, even shoes, you can never go wrong with this lovable colour.
•Yellow: this season there’s an option out there for everyone, no matter your skin tone. So go find yourself your compatible yellow and rock it.
•Stripes: you can never go wrong, seaside stripes, banker stripes, at the end of the day stripes are stripes.
•Waist cinchers: guess we are back to the good ol’ days. Waist trainers never looked better! These are real IN.
•Trench coats: our dearest friends. Winter is coming and so are long coats. Pick yourself one, whichever colour you like, ‘cause they are in.
•Robes: although I eventually chose Rihanna who will never do wrong, you can rock them too. Buy yourself that silk robe and go to the party, it will be better for the after party, though..
Not on the collage but the single shoulder cutout, the flash dance shoulder and sleeve slits are really in though, just so you know at the time to pick yourself a dress. Remember, always reinvent yourself! Also if you have any feedback feel free to talk to me, I’m always available. Xoxo.

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consider this: Hansy 1950's prep school AU

I HATE YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS except no i don’t lmao this is the au dreams are made of b l e s s

  • so.
  • theyre sixteen and it’s early december and a faint ripple of excitement is sweeping through their small new england town because the girls’ school has invited the boys’ school over for a winter dance at the end of the month and that means–
  • well.
  • pansy’s not entirely sure what that means, not really, because all she knows about boys is that they smell like cigarettes and they never call when they say they will and they don’t seem to get in nearly as much trouble for breaking curfew as they should. and she’s watched leather jacket clad bad boys on television, with tight jeans and scruff on their chins, and she’d grown up with fourth-generation malfoys and notts and goyles, with their sailboats and their tie pins and their cut crystal decanters of whiskey, and she’s seen other boys, obviously; seen the boys around town, in their sweater vests and their school ties, seen them loitering outside the diner and slipping food coloring into the ice cream at fortescue’s and calling out lewd, frankly insulting things as her and daphne cross the street.
  • and then there’s harry potter–leftover war orphan, impossibly rich, borderline infamous.
  • pansy knows all about him.
  • she tells herself, though, as she slides on a flouncy pink crinoline dress, curls her hair and applies her lipstick and draws a single sparkly snowflake on the apple of her cheek–she tells herself that harry potter is an anomaly. nothing like the other, doubtless better boys who will be coming for the dance.
  • because harry potter is messy and awkward and mean. he wears rumpled slacks and iron-singed shirts and he slurps his milkshakes and uses his forearm as a napkin and his hair is barely combed and his glasses are always taped together and pansy has never, not once, felt as small or as silly or as insignificant as she has the one and only time they’d met. harry potter is a scoundrel, and she doesn’t care how handsome he is. she won’t be giving him any more of her attention.
  • except.
  • well.
  • he trudges into the gymnasium that night–festively decorated with enormous velvet bows and glistening strings of lights and dozens of paper-mache snowmen–and he stuffs his hands into his pockets and he glances around like he’s waiting to be tortured and when his gaze finally lands on pansy, he freezes. she thinks, a little viciously, that the expression on his face would be comical if it weren’t for the acute sense of dread suddenly pooling in her stomach.
  • he approaches her slowly. warily. of course he does.
  • “parkinson,” he greets her stiffly, brilliant green eyes raking over her body from top to bottom; from the peek-a-boo cutouts at her shoulders, to the nipped in curve of her waist, to the graceful swish of her dress around her knees. he bites his lip. she raises her chin.
  • “potter,” she replies, just as stiffly.
  • “i…didn’t realize you went here,” he says, clearing his throat. “uh. lived here. whatever.”
  • “i didn’t realize you did, either,” she lies.
  • he looks at her doubtfully. “can i, uh, get you a drink?”
  • she offers him a falsely saccharine smile. “no, thank you.”
  • his jaw tightens, almost imperceptibly. “a cookie, then. they’re shaped like christmas trees.”
  • “oh, i really shouldn’t,” she drawls.
  • he rocks back on his heels. “why not?”
  • she releases an exaggeratedly wistful sigh. “well, see, over the summer, someone was kind enough to point out to me that my only redeeming quality as a person was how i looked in a skirt, so–”
  • “maybe he was just reacting to the horrible things you’d just said about one of his closest friends,” potter interrupts through visibly gritted teeth.
  • “and maybe i wasn’t aware this friend was even his friend,” pansy retorts, tossing her hair.
  • potter’s nostrils flare. “maybe that actually makes it worse.”
  • a blush, stinging and fierce, creeps up the back of her neck. “maybe i was just trying to get his attention,” she snaps.
  • “and maybe you already had it!” he snaps right back.
  • and pansy gasps, eyes going wide and heart skipping a beat and hand fluttering up to her mouth; and potter blinks, and then groans, and then grimaces, tone resigned and vaguely bemused as he mutters–
  • “i said that out loud, didn’t i?”
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Samsung Presents: Plume

A modern look for the modern Capitol Citizen. Created with wearability in mind, this look is perfectly suited for shopping during the day or attending a casual function in the evening. This bold feather mohawk packs a big punch—a bold alternative to your everyday wig. The look is supported by a skin-tight PVC body suit featuring well-placed cutouts and gladiator shoulder pads draped with lush white furs. We applaud the collaboration of Samsung and Capitol Contributor Susanne Bartsch for creating looks that challenge our notions of fashion and invite us all to rise to the occasion.

ohhhhhhh no but what if since the spn fandom exists inside the spn verse does that mean they have spn merchandise

like more specifically does that mean they have cardboard cutouts of tfw

bc what if sam decides to buy one of cas because dean’s been hardcore pining over cas and puts it in dean’s room

and dean comes home to the bunker after a solo job and five minutes later sam hears a loud thump and a scared shitless dean screaming “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST SAM GET THAT THING OUT OF HERE”

but it doesn’t end there, sam just keeps putting cas near dean when he’s feeling lonely

like dean will make a sad little sigh at breakfast and sam places him right next to dean at the table

or dean and sam will hit the road for another job and cas is sitting in the backseat

or cas will be standing in the bunker shower wearing a poncho

and finally dean just gets so fed up with the joke that he punches the cardboard cutout in a way that he’d really like to punch both sam and cas right now

sam decides to stop after that

curiously, however, on the night after they summon lucifer and try to talk cas out of it, sam catches dean in his room, door cracked open just wide enough for sam to see dean slumped forward against the wall, his forehead pressed against the cardboard cutout, eyes closed and shoulders slightly shaking

and when sam sees the cutout stuffed into a trash can the next morning and notices the water stains on cas’ face, he doesn’t bother asking about it

The Riley Diaries Pt9

AU: Riley Matthews is a regular teen,until one day,she is not. Can moving away erase your past? Can you ever move on if you don’t actually accept it? Riley Matthews was a regular teen,until one day,she wasn’t.

A/N: This is another filler part but I am glad it is because the next part is really important. It will be either really long or in two parts but it will be a huge part so stick with me! Seeing how the story is going, it will probably have 20 parts, depends on what I come up with in the process of writing the end. Anyway, I am kinda okay with this part so I really hope you like it too.
Enjoy xo

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part5 Part 6 Part7 Part8 Part10 Part11 Part12 Part13 Part14 Part15 Part16 Part17 Part18 Part19


I can’t tell you the million thoughts going through my head at this moment. I saw Josh there and even though he wasn’t my actual boyfriend, he agreed to do this stupid thing and I couldn’t even respect him enough.

“Josh, please,” I said, as I made my way towards him, “I can explain.”

There was a rage in his eyes I never saw before. I was afraid of what is going to happen next. Josh just walked past me and grabbed Lucas by the shirt.

“Stay the hell away from my n-“

“Josh,” I yelled out and caught his attention, scared of what he would say next, “Please, stop.”

“You stay out of this,” he took one hand off Lucas just enough to point at me, “You’ve done enough.”

“Hey,” Lucas yelled right back in his face, “Don’t talk to her like that.”

“Don’t tell me what to do.”

Josh just hissed his way and that’s when it happened, Lucas’ fist collided with my uncle’s jaw. I got on my knees as Josh fell down and looked at Lucas with fear in my eyes, this was a side of him I never saw before and didn’t even think existed.  

“What is wrong with you,” I said as I helped Josh up, “Why would you do this?”

I just now noticed Maya, who was standing by the stairs in disbelief.

“What the hell did I miss?”

She said as she took Josh’s side too and looked at his face. When turning to her twin brother, her eyes were filled with the same feelings mine were – fear and surprise.

“What did you do, baby brother,” She turned Josh’s face towards her, noticing the blood on his lips, “Did you thought he was a thief or something?”

“There is a thief in here but it’s not me,” Josh said wiping away some blood with his thumb, “We should get going, Riley, I don’t want you to spend another minute here.”

I was still shocked, I couldn’t even move my eyes off Lucas, and he couldn’t stop staring at me. His emotions were written all over his face – at first it was pure rage, then regret and now he was just sorry that I saw him in another light.

“I, just,” I stuttered, still trying to make sense of everything that happened in the last 10 minutes, “I need to take a walk, I need some fresh air.”

“No,” Lucas protested, grabbing his keys, “It’s late, you stay here, I am going back to Sarah’s.”

And with those words, he was gone. I just looked after him and then turned back to Josh, who was still upset with me.

“Maya,” He started, “Can you please give us a minute?”

She nodded slightly, still confused - I guess she slept through the whole thing.

Josh led me out the kitchen door so now we were on the back porch.

“I am so sorry-“

“Riley, what in the world are you doing?”

His voice was soft, he was worried about me and my feelings right now, not about the physical pain he felt.

“I don’t know,” I just closed my eyes and sighed, “I don’t know.”

“Look, honey,” He said quietly, “I don’t know the reason you ran away from Lucas in the first place, but you need to stop this. He is not the right guy for you.”

“What,” I looked up, “What made you think that?”

“Well, first off, he is kissing you while he has a girlfriend,” Josh gave me his best judgmental look, “Do you want a guy like this to be your boyfriend?”

“It’s complicated,” I said as I turned around, “He doesn’t love her anymore.”

“Stop justifying his actions and clean this mess,” Josh put his arm on my shoulder, “Either be with him or not, just don’t play any games.”

“I am sorry you had to be a part of this.”

I turned around and gave him a hug, he was the best uncle ever and I was an idiot.

“There is no problem, sweetheart,“ He sighed in my hair, “I will break up with you after the dance after all.”

We both laughed and got inside. The dance is tomorrow, Riley. Just try to keep it together a little longer.

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