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The Bat Family

And here’s the reason why I recently made the entire Batman Family as presented in season four of Batman: The Animated Series. After making my brother-in-law a couple of framed cut-outs (Spider-Man and World’s Finest), my boy wanted one of his own. He also wanted his own DCAU-style Batman. Two birds. One frame.

As for the multiple signals; yes, that may not be canon, but you can imagine how it went over with five year old. (Like a Bat plane. Soaring high above Gotham City).

Hopeless (Olicity future fic)

(The amazing andcreation suggested this dress for Felicity at her and Oliver’s engagement party.)

“And where is your bride-to-be?” Thea asked, sidling up next to Oliver where he stood at the bar. She already had a glass of champagne in hand, and the sparkling liquid perfectly complimented the soft gold floor-length dress she wore. She cocked her head. “You do know that the whole ‘wait to see each other’ thing only applies to the actual wedding, right?”

“Ha ha, Speedy,” Oliver replied, nodding his thanks when the bartender set his glass of scotch before him. He took a sip and turned back to face the ballroom. 

It was already starting to fill up, he realized with a sinking stomach.

When Felicity had first mentioned an engagement party, this hadn’t been what he’d envisioned. He’d thought a simple party with friends and family, something where the main drink being passed around was beer and the only food was Diggle’s killer BBQ ribs.

Not this.

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Finished rough draft of cutout MacLaurin series concertina card for exp(x)! First thirteen terms this time, for an expanded length of a ridiculous 1.68 meters. Colored it with fountain pen ink I squirted out of my pens onto a copy of that badass Laplace transform table I laminated (ha!) and then applied to the graphs with q-tips after taping off the ends of the graphs with painter’s tape for ~good, clean, wholesome edges~. Actually bothered to erase all the pencil marks this time, ha.

Super pleased with how it turned out, even if I forgot I’d made some adjustments to my color scheme after I put down the first color and it was too late to do anything about it. Just means it’s a little unbalanced towards the warm colors, but whatever. I REALLY like the square format a lot and think I’ll stick with it, and I’m loving how vibrant and rich the pen ink colors are!

Exp(x) itself on top and in black again, everything else in exciting rainbow colors.