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8 Cutout Dresses for Different Body Types

There are a million and one articles (and counting!) about different types of dresses to compliment all body types. Here’s a special one dedicated just for cutout dresses. Cutout dresses are sexy and flirty because they allow you to flash skin in unexpected areas while remaining classy and fun. But as always, take notice of where the cutouts can best be used to your advantage! While we can’t cover every single body type out there, we’ll do our best to give tips for the most common.

Sporty or Pear Shaped

The girl who swears she was born without a real waist to flaunt should look for a dress with cutouts right at the waist or the ribcage area. The eye will be drawn to where the dress’s fabric cuts in, creating the illusion of curves. And for the girl who’s pear-shaped, the A-Line will skim nicely over hips.

Left: Topshop Cutout Skater Dress
Right: Forever21 Favorite Cutout Dress

Busty and Curvy

Don’t want to show too much cleavage or conscious of too many cutouts? Look for something with delicate cuts along the collarbone or cutouts on the upper or lower back, so you don’t have to worry about your bra or the girls showing.

Left: Alexis Narelle Dress with Cutouts
Right: Forever21 Southwestern Cutout Back Dress

Humbly Busted

If you’ve been lamenting all this time on how you’re decidedly lacking in the chest department, your lucky day is here. You can probably get away with the deepest cutouts in the back of dresses because you have the option to go with a strapless bra, bra-less or with just a bralette.

Left: Line & Dot Back Cutout Dress
Right: Forever21 Floral Cutout A-Line Dress


Conscious of showing off the stomach area? Stick to cutouts at the clavicle or shoulders.

Left: Dee Elle Cutout Print Skater Dress
Right: Laundry by Shelli Segal

Be brave and make use of the different cutout styles to accentuate your body’s features. Look for more cutout dresses to suit your needs this spring!

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The 3 Edgy Dress Styles You Need For Summer

There’s no better time than summer to rock dresses 24/7! With perfect temperatures, sunny skies, and frequent trips to sunny beaches, it can definitely get difficult to reach for jeans or shorts when deciding on your OOTD. For an edgier take on this essential summer fashion piece, go for cutout, crossback and strappy styles. These fun, playful, sexy options add adventurous twists to the daintiness of day dresses. Check out these summer-certified dresses and have some fun under the sun:

Cutout Sundress - Cutouts front and back! This sundress should cure anyone’s cutout addiction.

Kate Dress - Looking for a dress with a hint of nautical inspiration? This is the one!

Crossback Kate Dress - The cute cutout detail of this crossback dress adds the perfect final touch to its micro-floral print!

Fit & Flare Sundress - Here’s a cool dress with a mesmerizing pattern that you can easily dress up with sandals and a wide-brim hat, or turn casual with classic sneakers and a snapback!

Tropic Printed Sundress - With it’s scoop neck cut and tropical print, this sundress can be worn as a beautiful coverup for the beach.

Strappy Back Dress - This piece might not have a model, but it’s too adorable to leave out! In pink or black, perfect for night and day.

What are some of your favorite dress styles this summer? Still find yourself going for a maxi dress most days? Let us know!

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