cutoff shorts

Rose was fucking adorable in this episode!

In all honesty, though, this episode raised just so many questions for me.

1. If two customers is a lot, them where the fuck did Greg get money to support himself and Steven? Idk if it’s just jumping to conclusions, but I’d always kind of assumed that Greg started the business himself and managed to keep it successful enough to ensure Steven was able to live in the lifestyle to which he was accustomed. I mean, Greg apparently lives there in his van and Steven sometimes spends the night at the car wash.

2. If Greg doesn’t own the car wash, then who the fuck does? Apparently, this is a guy who allows employees to live in their van on company property, and will immediately hire someone who shows up in cutoff shorts with no shirt on.

3. If the money to support Steven is not coming from the car wash, then where is it coming from? Greg may be rich now, but he wasn’t for most of the series. Business at the car wash is apparently far from brisk. if Greg isn’t the owner of the car wash, that would presumably mean that he gets an hourly wage, while the actual owner gets whatever is left. Putting aside the question of how a business like that stays afloat with so few customers, how does Greg earn enough money to keep little Steven in the lifestyle to which he is accustomed?

I mean, we’re not just talking about “I can keep my kid fed and housed” money here. Throughout the series, Steven never seems to want for anything, nor does he really ever have to worry that something may be too expensive. He has a TV, a Gamecube (with games), a cheeseburger backpack, a hot dog duffel bag, a smartphone, a replacement smartphone with a GPS app, and the cash flow to buy whatever donuts or treats his heart desires. It’s a little hard to believe all that comes from an hourly wage job at a car wash (especially at a car wash that apparently does not get a lot of business).

4. Why does baby Sour Cream have a deep voice like teenage Sour Cream?

5. When does all this take place? Sour Cream and Steven are maybe about 2-3 years apart in age, and Sour Cream already appears to be about a year old at this point (give or take). The aesthetic of most of these “young Greg” flashbacks suggest that stuff took place in the eighties, but Greg mentions in Beach City Drift that Steven and Connie weren’t yet born in the 90s.

6. How the hell did Greg go from this:

to this:

In just the space of a year or two?

*sigh* so many questions …


Strapless Knit Bodysuit in Black with Out West Distressed Shorts
Halter Bow Bodysuit in White with Forever Floral Denim Shorts
Flirty Floral Lace Bodysuit with Gone Girl Distressed Cutoffs
from Forever 21 (via shopstyle)

Finally…it’s Friday! Spring is in the air and hot every day weather is right around the corner, so how am I spending my weekend?

Making DIY clothes, of course. I have to date at the local Goodwill to scour the racks for the perfect mom jeans to cut off into shorts. I’ve decided to stud up one of the pairs to edge up the look of cut offs, like the ones shown. I’ll be sure to post pictures when I’m done!

What’s your favorite DIY clothing craft?

DIY Cutoff Shorts

As the start of another school year draws near everyone is stuck with the end of summer blues while frantically trying to get it together before another stressful year commences. Of course this doesn’t mean that we have to let go of summer just yet and this pair of cutoff shorts are a perfect reminder that summer is still here while also making a comfortable and fashionable clothing choice for school.

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