“Look Papy! The snow is so pretty here! I wanna play wit it allll day!”

“Well good– because this is our new home!”

“But I don’t want a new home.”

“… why’s that Sans?”

“Cause I already have one.”

“But we can’t go back…”

“Silly Papy, you’re my home! I’m always home when I’m with you, so I don’t need a new one–”

srfnwesgwesg I mentioned to a friend before that he wears the scarf as a hood– SO HERE IS SOMETHING VISUAL-

Have some of my SF babybones

I had so much fun with this too, the colors were nice to play with ;o;

Having some art blocks😧 so i’ve just doodled some of my ships😄 Aren’t they cute😍❤ Hopefully doodling and browsing tumblr will get me out of this… artblockiness? Anyway have a nice day😆
IDLESNOW: Umi @listlessafterall x Ice @reyindee
SORIEL: AlterTale @friisans
GLUMP: Swap Goth x Swap Palette @blogthegreatrouge
CHERRYBERRY: Swap!sans @candycornpr1nce x Fell!sans(i still dont know the creator 😓)
PINKCHERRY: Cherry @broken-tale-comic x Pink @minty-the-cat
CHARISK: Frisk & Chara belongs to Toby Fox

Art, Bunyan & Berry by Me @butterflypea