cuties in the airport

anonymous asked:

Can you do some Lay wallpaper (/.\) the Sehun wallpaper ruined me

Ohhh yes, sure thing :>

he’s so beautiful and gentle, I love this pic

fierce and hot Yixing for thirsty Xingmis

this one is hot yet somehow elegant, I like this one

blonde Yixing is life, good luck with breathing 

cutie patootie Yixing, good for younger Lay stans

airport fashion, hot Yixing, model look. YES.

boss Zhang, angelic look. GOOD CHOICE.

baby XingXing for younger stans

concert Lay, suit&tie

this one. colours. yes.

FOR THIRSTY STANS, I’ll pray for your soul

Sam Heughan wearing glasses at an airport. Cutie!
PS. I thought putting Danville in the hashtags would make him really be here; saw it on the internet so it must be true!!

#samheughan #outlander #travelingman #DanvilleCA

Vidcon Review 2k15!

My first vidcon was awesome. I learned so much and met some really awesome people. I got to see both Grace and Mamrie on different panels, but I never got to see Hannah, which I find highly ironic since I was a City Captain for a while…

Anyway, here’s the pictures of who I DID get to meet.

i met Ashley and Grace during a meetup they held, and it was really awesome, cause Ashley knew who I was. I’m not sure if that makes me creepy or not, but I’ll take it.

After Ashley’s meet up we just happened to run into Sarah and Adrianna, so that was cool.

Walking around on the Creator floor I ran into these two lovelies, and snagged a quick picture.

And finally, I ran into this cutie patootie in the security line at the airport, and we proceeded to have a pretty lengthy conversation about Vidcon.