cuties in the airport

What I need to talk about is Sam looking at cute animals on the internet. Like it’s now canon that in between researching hunts he’s looking at cute animals, a picture of a weasel riding a flying woodpecker, what could be cuter?

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what do you think of rafi personality ? i mean how is he ? shy . or outgoing ? like describe him how do you see him am sorry for my bad english i hope you get what i mean

Don’t worry. I understand you perfectly (I hope).
He seems to be a really calm person and I think that he is a shy guy. When I “met” him at the airport in Barcelona he was such a cutie! He looked surprised when we (me and my brother) were calling his name.
For sure he is a wonderful person. Very gentle and lovely man. Perfectly perfect perfection 💕

This cutie walked around the waiting area at the airport to find an empty seat and sat down on the floor to do this. ❤️ going to miss this cute bunch 😣 (at Benazir Bhutto International Airport)

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Walaupun kami dah mula outstation cuti online masih tetap boleh jalan. Bag kami poskan hariini ke #johordarultakzim & juga baru cod dgn return cuatoner haritu lagi untuk frontrack black matt. Terima kasih kepada semua customer customer kami. Untuk masa ini semua cuma dapat buat pengeposan saja. Harap maklum.



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