green char + purple char = main pairing of the game sorry i don’t make the rules

kaede stay AWAY FROM HIM he has two ahoges that can’t be good… jk tho i am gonna continue pretending he’s just arrogant but actually a good boy ok. he isn’t ko i refuse to believe he’s anything like him


Wang Eun: By the way.. what does this *thumbs up* mean?
Hae-Soo : It means awesome – the best! You see, the thumb is the head of the five fingers.
Wang Eun: Wait, this is not right!! There is the mighty king, so how could that be me?
..Well, maybe if we use this *shows index finger* one.
[ 짱 : jjang ] 달의 연인-보보경심 려 [ 01 x 06 ]
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