Following Naoki’s example, Tarou also updated his blog (x) with a personalized message of thanks for each Nekoma cast member.  And a final thanks for his character Inuoka Sou.  

Tarou celebrated his 20th birthday* with this cast, so they are extremely special to him and he has nothing but gratitude for this team.  

Thanks to Inuoka, he was given the opportunity to meet many wonderful people, he learned what it was like to fight with all his might with a team at his back and whenever things would get rough or difficult, he felt he could picture Inuoka smiling at him in his heart, and was saved by Inuoka’s bright personality.  He signs off his blog post with:

音駒高校   (Nekoma High School)
犬岡走役 中村太郎   (Playing Inuoka Sou, Nakamura Tarou) 

*20 is the age of adulthood in Japanese culture, and the 20th birthday is a very special one.  Many people still celebrate their coming-of-age by wearing traditional Japanese clothes and spending time with family and close friends.