selvedorada, 12:07 p.m…

melanie was so ecstatic to finally be in selvedorada. she had always wanted to travel here, and when cameron came up with the idea of a vacation with just the two of them, melanie just had to accept. melanie had been jumping up and down ever since they got of the plane and arrived at the rental house.               excitedly, she jumped on top of cameron’s back, almost toppling them both..

cameron, laughing: are you trying to take us both down? *smiles*

melanie: *giggling* sorry!! im just so excited!1! it’s so amazing here, and so bright, and warm, and bEAUTIFUL!!

cameron: *chuckles* c’mon, let’s go look at the inside.

beautiful lot by the amazing @avelineyt!!

✧; Día 7 ➠ Fanservice.

Se me había olvidado ponerlo aquí más temprano¿?

Nuestras nenas de Latin Hetalia vestidas de conejitas~ ♡

Faltaban Tiare y Victoria, pero ellas son muy puras para eso(?).

Feña está incómoda.

E Itzel quiere golpear a los babosos que no dejan de mirarlas.

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