Hello guys! so I decided that I wanna make another follow forever bc why not  and I’m so close to my goal (thank you), I can’t believe you guys are awesome.

I wanna thank everyone that follows me and the ones that I follow thanks, you make my dash look awesome and I’m sorry if I forget anyone, I follow over 700 blogs. 

These cutie pies I love you guys you’re awesome! 

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Blank Space Jelena Version (because im bored)

nice to ship you, where you been, maybe undercover and all that shit, magic, madness, heaven, sin, saw their candids and I thought “OMG, LOOK AT THEIR FACES, THEY LOOK LIKE A HUGE MISTAKE, SHIP’S A GAME, I WANNA PLAAAAAY, new selfies, cutie pies, they look like incredible things, aint it funny, spottings fly and you know i heard about them so hey let ship them, i mind to see how these two end, grab my laptop and my hands, i could be dead for good for a weekend, SO ITS GONNA BE FOREVER, OR ITS GONNA GO DOWN IN FLAMEEES,THEY SHOULD TELL ME WHEN ITS OVER,IF SHIPPING IS WORTH THE PAIN, THEY’RE ONE HELLA COUPLE OF LOVERS, THEY’RE DRIVING ME INSANE BUT IN THE END A FEW MODELS CAME AND MY OTP WAS DEAD.

[CHANYEOL’S DIARY PII] A Trip to Japan with Sehun

“Stop making phone calls and focus on the carousel!!! #firstjapantrip #fuji-q”

A video posted by EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on May 21, 2015 at 5:29am PDT

“The world’s fastest jet coaster!! Dodonpa!! I’m very upset we couldn’t ride it.. “

A video posted by EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on May 21, 2015 at 5:35am PDT

“ I told you to focus on the carousel?!?! #fuji-q “

“ Focus on the picture!! “ *Note: I think he meant their matching watches(?) 

“ I will take the picture so that you look like the Eiffel tower “

“The result.. What an Eiffel tower…”

“ Inserting Chanyeol in Sehun’s picture “ Note: Check out Sehun’s instagram photo and you will know what he meant ;) 

“ Inserting Chanyeol in a picture of a building “

“ I would like to post like 8000 more pictures but then the people that follow me could be like “ah.. why does he post so much.. I have to see other people’s posts too..” so I will stop posting, see you again Japan.. sayonara.. “


Another Sterek thing except with Wolf!Derek and ManedWolf!Stiles

Stiles just tending to Derek’s wounds and snapping at anyone who gets too close, because I will never get enough of Stiles being protective over Derek c:

Because let’s be honest here, is Stiles could shift into a wolf it would be a maned wolf, gangly limbs and everything. Plus it has fox markings so win win for everyone c: <3


Character©Each Other

How Cute The Signs Are
  • Aries:8/10 cute but intimidating
  • Taurus:9/10 SO cute but can't keep their mouth shut
  • Gemini:8.5/10 generally cute but kinda weird
  • Cancer:6.7/10 cute but pushy
  • Leo:6.2/10 they're just a really big hit or miss tbh
  • Virgo:7.5/10 they usually have good eyebrows
  • Libra:6.5/10 just like Leo they can be on or off; it really depends on the person
  • Sagittarius:8.2/10 cute and funny but a little immature
  • Scorpio:9/10 CUTIE PIES but they always either say too much or never speak up
  • Capricorn:10/10 ZAYN MALIK IS A CAPRICORN plus so am I so yep no competition for Capricorns
  • Aquarius:8.7/10 cute with a dark side
  • Pisces:9/10 CUTE AF but unintentionally screws things up

okay so got lots of peeps askin’ if I like Korrasami and bruh I LOVE it but I haven’t seen book 4 yet and I cant watch it bc of the data it takes up to watch things and the fact that money is tight AND I don’t like drawing fandom or shippy stuff if I’m not all in the know.

so idk what this is but I wanted to draw them so HERE have these beautiful dark haired girlfriends bein cutie pies (: