I’m a pangender, panromantic pansexual (ultimate pan!). The cutie patoot on the right is my bae, a transman who is my shining stars. 

I didn’t have to come out to my parents since they kind of figured it out on their own after I dated a girl in middle school (and continued to show interest in girls afterwards). I didn’t figure out I was pangender until into my college years, when I realized how largely unisex my clothes were and remembered how much I disliked being called ‘female’ and female clothing (which was actually dysphoria, only at the time I just thought I was being bratty). 

My gender always felt mixed, so for a while I was bigender. I was demiboy for some time after that, and then finally settled on pangender when I realized my 'off days’ were actually me feeling agender and therefore uncomfortable with the 'he’ pronouns I used to go with. So now I’m trying to settle with 'they’ and it’s hard after using 'he’ for so long! Hah! 

Feeling represented after being so often overlooked makes me feel excited. I can’t go out waving flags and painting my face and nails but trust me, I’m feeling proud to be what I feel and identify as. Happy Pan day!