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Sorry for my inactivity recently!! i have no excuse but anyway happy valentines day!!! my artist followers consider participating along with this mysme valentines week! (also consider this crazy competition)


Leoji Week 2017 (@leojiweek)

Day 6 →  How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard / it’s okay, I’ve got you

For this I imagined Leo thinking about Guang Hong when they had to say goodbye after a competition, so he started listening to the songs that made him remember of their moments together and how much he wants to see Guang Hong again

okay dokes time for an aftg headcanon

  • neil gets really down about looking like his father. some days it’s better than others but he begins trying his hardest to avoid mirrors.
  • renee suggests dying his hair to break his hangups with his image and buys all the dye she can get her hands on. 
  • neil goes purple. as in lilac and looks like a tru cutie.
  • it helps tremendously. the whole team comment on the smile neil gets when he passes the locker room mirror. even aaron notices the difference.
  • but other teams and the press rip into him for it. there are countless articles about how silly he looks. how neil has lost his appeal (as if). and he begins to feel stupid. he tells andrew this one night before they go to sleep and andrew rolls his eyes. 
  • ‘why do you care? you look stupid either way’ so neil starts thinking about dying it back. 
  • but one day, shortly after, andrew turns up late to practice with his bleach blonde hair dyed baby pink.
  • neil dIES.
  • like d i e s. 
  • the rest of the team die along side him.
  • andrew shoots daggers at anyone that dares to question him on it.
  • later that night when neil and andrew are lying in bed being not boyfriends.
  • neil puts his hand in andrew’s hair and says ‘thank you’ and andrew just glares.
  • ‘it wasn’t for you.’
  • ‘mhmmm’ neil smirks and andrew looks like he wants to murder him.
  • ‘pink suits you’ neil says with the biggest puppy dog eyes.
  • and the faintest hint (the faintest) of a smile surfaces on andrews face.
  • they continue being pink and purple haired cuties for a few weeks before neil comes home with the biggest grin and shouts ‘andrew, andrew how do you feel about matching orange???’.

It’s the last day of @miraculous-weeks‘s AU week so how about this: WRECK-IT IVAN?

Seriously, you could swap out half the cast either way and the plots would remain exactly the same, that’s how well it fits.

- Ivan as Ralph, he’s giant and scary but actually adorable (not to mention, Stone Heart going around and wrecking Paris anyone? The most Ralph thing ever)
- Nino as Felix, because he’s adorable and wears a cap and is an actual polite sweetheart who likes to have fun :D
- Alya as Calhoun, she’s so hardcore and awesome and loves action and adventure!! (+DJwifi can exist now, yaaay)
- Nooroo as Sour Bill, having to obey the villain no matter what and is the only one to know the villain’s secret identity… save them both pls
- Chloe, Sabrina and Kim as Taffyta, Candlehead and Rancis. Chloe’s the head bully, Sabrina’s her sidekick who does everything she says, and Kim… just kinda sticks around and is a dork. (And also everyone ships Vanellope and Rancis so like there’s always heartrate if you’re into that?)
- Hawk Moth as Turbo. Whoever Hawk Moth is beneath the mask, that’s King Candy.

Bonus - please imagine this scene but with Ralph and Vanellope:

Commission for @gerdavonrinnlingen of her Sith Warrior Ringa and Quinn’s reunion! Basically a sequel to this :3