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It’s the last day of @miraculous-weeks‘s AU week so how about this: WRECK-IT IVAN?

Seriously, you could swap out half the cast either way and the plots would remain exactly the same, that’s how well it fits.

- Ivan as Ralph, he’s giant and scary but actually adorable (not to mention, Stone Heart going around and wrecking Paris anyone? The most Ralph thing ever)
- Nino as Felix, because he’s adorable and wears a cap and is an actual polite sweetheart who likes to have fun :D
- Alya as Calhoun, she’s so hardcore and awesome and loves action and adventure!! (+DJwifi can exist now, yaaay)
- Nooroo as Sour Bill, having to obey the villain no matter what and is the only one to know the villain’s secret identity… save them both pls
- Chloe, Sabrina and Kim as Taffyta, Candlehead and Rancis. Chloe’s the head bully, Sabrina’s her sidekick who does everything she says, and Kim… just kinda sticks around and is a dork. (And also everyone ships Vanellope and Rancis so like there’s always heartrate if you’re into that?)
- Hawk Moth as Turbo. Whoever Hawk Moth is beneath the mask, that’s King Candy.

Bonus - please imagine this scene but with Ralph and Vanellope:

So basically every scene Daryl has in episode 10 virtually revolves around Carol - even when Carol is not actually in the scene. 

He’s talking about Carol to Morgan, he’s threatening and beating Richard for wanting to kill Carol, he’s talking to Morgan about Carol again. 

Daryl is so in love that he’s become one of those guys who can’t shut up about his wife and how in love he is. ❤

dooble for day 3 of @dirkweek. floating… hogwarts… au… thing?? idk my son being happy makes me happy

woW tumblr messed up the quality. click for a not blurry version?

Reasons to love Xu Minghao

Performance Unit Week Day 3!! It’s time for me to share more about my bias ^-^ So here are some reasons why you should love Xu Minghao/The8~

His b-boying

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his multitude of hair styles

or more specifically, his ice-cream hair (that I love)

his eyes <3 <3 <3 they are so pretty!!! (like look at the first one, they literally shine!!!!)

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he’s adorable af

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he can and will fight you

his dance skills

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his aegyo~

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praying mantis minghao 

((I’m sorry but he DOES look like a praying mantis in those clothes))

“cool cutie” the8

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“infinite possibilites” the8

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I absolutely love his eyeliner

he works hard on his korean

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his martial arts skillz 

(( I couldn’t find a gif for that so here’s flipping The8 instead))

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his voice (it’s so cute and distinct I love it)

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confused minghao is a gift to the world

one half of chinaline/junhao

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his finger-tutting

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he’s really cute in general actually

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like wyd in the back there??

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savagehao / thughao

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caring towards his members~

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the faces he makes

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cinnamon roll hao

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but I’m sure he’ll take over the world one day with Dino

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Last but not least, he’s our little flower prince and fairy The8

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