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Total Drama series (Jennifer Pertsch; Tom McGillis)

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Prompt: Gundam and Chiaki bonding over Pokemon Go.


SHSL Pokemon Breeder meets SHSL Gym Leader

It’s only been a month since Pokemon Go has been released and since then it has changed the talents of two students.

Tanaka is now the self-proclaimed supreme master of the nefarious Team Instinct. He has long since been building his kingdom by capturing every single creature he has encountered regardless of whether or not they are weaker duplicates. All are welcome in his exulted kingdom and all are bestowed upon with powerful incantations for names. He always makes sure to go out and walk his eggs, even going so far as to use a restraining leash (selfie stick) on his instrument of the dark arts (phone) so he could properly walk his beasts from another dimension. He loves them all very much.

Nanami is carving out the path of glory for Team Valor. She’s claimed more gyms than anyone else has in whole Japan and has been undefeated in battles. She’s infamous even though she’s oblivious about it. She’s unhealthily invested in the game. More than once, she’s walked a 10km egg in one straight go. She rarely sleeps but then again who needs sleep when there’s a rare pokemon just waiting to be captured. She’s competitive by nature but honestly, this is just her normal mode whenever she gets into a new game. She doesn’t forget to just have fun every now and then.

Despite their differences in playing style, every now and then these two trainers join forces and embark on their own pokemon journey together.

“Ah, DarkForbidden1. There’s a Ratata in the area.” Nanami informed him.

“What’s this? Another beast is lurking in the shadows?” Tanaka said as he quickly pulled out his phone. “Quickly, we must go forth and seize the creature before it wrecks havoc upon our world, GameGirlGalaga!”

“Hmm, I don’t think we have to hurry though.” She commented. “Not a lot of people like Ratatas.”

“Then all the more reason for us to rescue them!” He shouted fervently. “No creature of another dimension shall go unloved on my watch!”

Nanami just smiled at his enthusiasm. “You’re right. Then we should start walking before it runs away.”

“Yes! We must! Another dark beast is always welcome in the glory of my high kingdom!” He yelled as they brisk walked towards their designation.

Two pokestops later and halfway there, a phone beeped.

They both checked their phones but only of them was lucky one.

“THE HELLSPAWN HAS BROKEN THROUGH ITS SHELL!” Tanaka yelled at the top of his lungs as he grinned at his phone.

“Oh, you hatched an egg. Congratulations.” Nanami said with a smile and then tilted her head. “What pokemon did you get this time?”

“Fufufu!” He chuckled darkly. “Behold the mighty Ratatoskr!”

She slowly blinked. “Ah, it’s a Ratata.”

“Not just any Ratata but a beautiful Ratata of its species.” He corrected as he smiled proudly. “And please, refer to her as Ratatoskr.”

“But isn’t this your 33rd Ratata?” She asked him skeptically.

“And we’re about to welcome the 34th!” He cheered and dramatically laughed once again. “They will be crowned with the name Sumatrat should they choose to fall under my legion.”

Nanami smiled fondly at him. This is one of the reasons why she liked playing this game with Tanaka. He always looked so happy and it’s always fun to have someone to share this experience with.

“Good for you, Tanaka. Now let’s go form a contract with Sumatrat.”

“My kingdom grows ever stronger with each new pact!”

It’s only been a month since Pokemon Go has been released and since then these two have been going on their pokemon journey, sometimes separately, sometimes together.

BONUS: SHSL Reserve Trainer

Hinata is Team Mystic and is secretly competitive.

He blames Nanami for getting him sucked into the game in the first place and now he’s trying hard to beat her in this sort of awkward rivalry they created between themselves. He fails every time but he doesn’t let that dampen his spirits. What he lacks in talent, he makes up for in hard work by researching a lot on tips and techniques.

They go on journeys together too sometimes but most of the time they just end up fight over the pokemon they find. They’re having fun even when they’re battling against each other.