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If Anti's loose again, someone should REALLY get word to the Septic egos so they can watch their backs. If Dark's got time to go harassing convalescents, he's got time to do that, maybe?

(Oooh, dragging the Edgelord. I like your style, cutie pie!)

Darkiplier appears at the Septics’ cabin in the woods where life seems to have begun to return to normal. Chase and Jackieboy jump up upon seeing Dark enter the den, and Marvin raises his hands like he’s ready to sling spells at the shadowy figment. Chase steps forward. “What do you want, Dark?”

“I’ve come to warn you that Antisepticeye is back on the loose. Apparently in a… struggle between myself and the glitch, his holding cell was damaged.” Dark folds his hands behind his back and tilts his head to the side. “I just thought that I’d give you all a fair warning since he no longer seems to be anywhere in my building.”

A pained expression crosses Chase’s face, and he curses under his breath. “We don’t need to tell Henrik,” he glances back at the other two Egos present. “At least not until we know more. Understood?”

They nod, watching him closely. Chase turns back to Dark. “Thank you for your consideration,” he says flatly. “Now unless you have more, I’ll have to ask you to leave.”

Dark smirks. “Well, hospitality is dead, I see. Do I make you uncomfortable, Brody?”

“Frankly, yes,” Marvin answers for them.

Dark’s smirk turns into a jagged frown. “Frankly, I’m bored anyway.” He snaps his fingers and disappears in a puff of smoke.

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Teacher ! I have a newbie question ! Little D and little A are a different ego from Dark and Anti? I got confused with the conversation between Anti and little A on the kitchen on one of your comics .w. Btw, love little D, such cutie pie ❤️ Love your style so much ❤️

Just bleeding throat anti ranting, hes so talkative if watch the bio inc videos.