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♡ Happy Birthday Honoka (8/3) ♡

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So my good buddy Kairi is turning old about a half hour from posting this going by my timezone (she’s already old in her timezone lol) SO WHAT ELSE FOR A PERF KAIRI RP PARTNER THAN A PERF KAIRI PORTRAIT

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I feel like people don’t cuddle one another often enough for my liking. It surprises me how many people are shocked by how much I cuddle my nearest and dearest. I think a lot of people think that cuddling is an activity that you do almost exclusively with an intimate partner, but I do not like this way of thinking. What if you do not have an intimate partner? Is one supposed to endure a cuddle-less existence until one finds such a partner? The answer is no. There have been piles upon piles of studies that show cuddling is really good for our health, because of all sorts of biological, chemical, neurological, and emotional reasons. So, what I am really trying to say to you, is that we all need to cuddle more.