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Hey! I was wondering what pet name VIXX would use with their significant other.

N: For N I see him using terms like Cookie and  Sugar Plum. He wants his girl to know just how sweet ans wonderful she is. 

Leo: I can see Leo calling his certain someone something like Kitten or pet. This would represent how Leo views his significant other as a cute and lovable person.

Ken:  I picture Ken as having a wide selection of pet names to choose from. He could go from something cute and playful such as Sweet Little Dumpling, Cutie Patootie,  or Fruit Loop To something more romantic like Juliet or maybe even Cinderella. If things were real serious or as serious as they can be with Ken I can see him calling her Wifey but only if they were to that point.

Ravi: I feel like Ravi would really admire his girl. He is they type of guy to treat her like royalty so calling her something like My Queen or  gorgeous. He wants his girl to feel special and know just how he feels her.

Hongbin: I see Hongbin opting to use pet names such as Cinnamon, LambFairy, or Peach. I feel like Hongbin would defiantly go the more innocent and sweet route for his girl.

Hyuk: Hyuk would be using terms like ButtheadMonkey ButtMouse, or even peanut if she was short (everyone is short next to Hyuk). These names are not serious and would be used with a joking tone. It he really wanted to call you a more serious pet name he would go for something like babe.

Can I just say that I currently have two ongoing series that have characters named Yuri and they couldn’t be more different, I just???

We have this figure skating cutie patootie

And then we have this ‘I like turning people into cards’ utter asshole

Character Contrasts: R63

Scary Crows: Devout to her job, scares crows on a daily basis, smol, cutie patootie, sort of shy, loves her girlfriends, business savvy, Ostrich.

Eerie Gulls: Does jobs well, usually feeds gulls, tol, handsome samson, not shy at all, flirtatious, also business savvy, Ostrich.