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Imagine Shiro and Keith getting drunk off their asses and building an epic pillow fort. Imagine them being stupidly cute drunks together and just relaxing for once.


Honestly that’s a lot of alcohol for shiro to be able to relax LOL

poor boy, still them making out and kissing on each other and petting on each other’s face in the fort, good shit!!

This is everything you need in life

Monsta X Reaction: Their crush grabbing their chin and kissing them on a dare

@koneko14 asked: BTS GOT7 BIGBANG and Monsta Xs reaction when you and the others are playing truth or dare and him getting dared to kiss you you being his crush and you don’t mind but he’s shy, so you grab his chin and quickly peck his lips, acting like its nothing?

Shownu: *gets really frustrated with himself when you walk away because he got so flustered he forgot to ask you out*

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Wonho: *Becomes a tease* “Hey, I wasn’t ready. Come here and we can try again.”

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Minhyuk: *Stares at you* “So are you going to ask me out then or are you waiting for me to ask you out?”

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Kihyun: *giddy* “Did that really happen??”

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Hyungwon: “Y-you just kissed me??” You: “Yep…I did.” Him: “O-oh okay.” *flustered*

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Jooheon: *gif* thats it….he just stays like that for the rest of the night, not registering what happened.

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I.M: *embarrassed and unsure what to do*

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