cutie patootie bb



Hello, my name is Charlie and I am a huge dweeb. He/him/his or they/them/their please, you can come bother me here: cmdthenerd. Chat with me about random stuff if you want. I like chemistry and space and weird artsy stuff and I’m REALLY into Steven Universe lately.

I’ve also got a bunch of feminine clothing that I’m still trying to give away to my transfem pals, so if you live in the US and can pay shipping for a box, you can hit up my inbox for some pictures of anything you’re interested in. I’ve got shirts, a dress or two, lots of scarves and accessories, a purse, and TONS of jewelry. And you know, if you wanna pay for it too or donate, any money I make will go towards me getting some nice manly clothes so I can feel more like myself. Also probably food and textbooks. So that’s cool. Sorry for the shameless self-promo! But yeah, if you’re interested, don’t be shy!