cutie patooie

• He’s biromantic (sex positive!) asexual.

• Tsumugu steals a ton of your oversized jackets and uses them for his own.

• He is willing to type a ten page document to show that you’re wrong. He made one for Minato to show how Superman was superior to Batman.

• You guys often switch on who’s the big/small spoon.

• Tsumugu does want to spoil you a lot, but you’re already used to his lifestyle. So you often make compromises on how much money to spend or which product to buy.

• You sometimes go to karaoke as a joke. You never end up seriously singing anything, but usually end up singing stuff terribly as a joke.

• The contact names he has for the other guys are terrible.
Kaoru: tolerable tol
Chiaki: blonde bastard
Shusei: dirty old man
Minato: ur opinions r wrong
Akiyoshi: the only okay one

• His contact names for you are rather cute actually. He changes it often.
• lala land velociraptor
• my smol cute gf
• my missus
• cutie patooie
• dreamy dork
• pom pom headbands


Streaming results for today!

1. TP was a bad gurl (she called me mom after telling her to go to sleep omg) and now she will have herself babysitted ùwù googlyjelly

2. Pippy is good at beating anons off. Never let them get you down gurl ùwù mcpippypants

3. Roboskunk for happyaggro What a fancy skunkie ùwù

4. I forgot his name FORGIVE MEEE q8yshadow

5 & 6. for my cutie patooie nursenspeyotes

Thanks to everyone as always for coming ;w; See you soon!

    ——————-OH MY GOD——————-

I hit over 100 followers, what did I do to deserve this???? My writing isn’t even that good and Dumbo is the most under-appreciated character ever?? But you guys all love him?? I’m not quality, I’m not sure what you guys are looking for but it not here!

Regardless, I am SO SO happy that you guys like the way I interpret this cutie patooie. I’m filled with joy that people actually want to roleplay with me! I’ve seen so many Disney blogs and I’m just so scared that I won’t be enough for them? But you guys are so sweet and nice and I’m in  t e a r s.

So I decided to make this in honor of all the AWESOME people out there who think I’m worthy. THANK ALL OF YOU!!

———– The Elephants (Aka baes who’ve I’ve interacted with, plan to interact with or have interacted with in the past. You guys are my drive!! I hope to roleplay with some of you more! )

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———– The Acrobats (Aka the people I’m too shy to speak with because the mun shrivels into a pile of unworthiness when in their presence, but they are the gods of the roleplay community, and I admire them SO MUCH.)

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