cutie patooie

The silver haired male awkwardly fixed his the collar of his white button down—before deciding against it’s discomfort, and throwing the professional appearance to the side, unbuttoning the top two buttons. He’d rather breathe than look overly professional and perfect—, and handed a bouquet of flowers to Sehun. This was turning out a lot more awkward than he had actually intended for. “You got to it before me, but it’s our last day, and I think I will actually miss you,” he remarked.

The jeweler stepped to the side, and grinned lightly, gesturing for Sehun to follow him down the stone paved pathway to the expanded garden. There’s a small table set up, clearly meant for some sort of romantic meal. There was a box on the table, placed on what was meant to be Sehun’s seat. Han wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s waist, and hummed lightly in his ear.

“That’s for you… wear it in your videos, and tell them your rich boyfriend bought it for you,” he whispered playfully in Sehun’s ear, and lifted the lid with his free hand. It’s a watch. A Rolex; and it’s a part of the new collection. It doesn’t really matter if Sehun knows or not, because on the face of the watch, the specifications of the model is there—and if he decided that it were a good idea to Google the price, and found that the Oyster Perpetual Explorer held a value of what was probably too much for a normal citizen to handle, then it would be okay, because Han had already forced him to accept the gift.

“Before you tell me that I really didn’t have to get you anything, I’m going to tell you this—it’s my birthday, and you’re the best present I could ever have asked for, so, let me indulge in just this, and make you keep what I can give you,” he pauses, and pressed a gentle kiss to Sehun’s jawline, and a light smirk played on his lips, “Plus this way, you’d never forget me. Don’t break my heart, and reject my gift, mm, baby?”

Sehun straight on gapes at the display, the bouquet of flowers resting loosely in his arms. “Even if I did get to you first…I didn’t do anything much,” he whispers as he lightly tugs onto the crisp fabric of Luhan’s shirt. He felt under dressed. While the other was in formal clothing, he was left in the clothes he had worn out today. A striped shirt with black slacks that clung onto his legs, not to mention Vans. Classic Vans for walking.

“You think you’ll miss me?” He manages to tease before clearing his throat. “I’m…I’m going to miss you too,” comes the quiet reply after a short silence. He blinks in surprise at the box that rested in Han’s palm, peering at it curiously before he opened it. And that’s when Sehun began gaping again. “It’s gorgeous,” he faintly recalls replying. He didn’t know the exact worth, but by judging its exterior appearance it definitely would’ve left a hole in his wallet had he bought it. “Are you sure I can accept that?” Sehun scrunches his eyebrows together.

“But you really didn’t have to get me anything because now I feel bad for not buying something equally as good…” he mumbles as turns his head just enough for his lips to graze Luhan’s cheek. His hand slowly trails towards the pockets of his slacks, taking out the small black box that he had slipped in there earlier. “I went out today, to hang out with a friend but also to get something for your birthday. It’s pretty fucking cheesy and not as good as your’s so don’t laugh at me,” Sehun grumbles as he lifts the cover to reveal a simple silver bracelet. On it had a small decoration with the letter ‘L’ engraved into it. He rolls up the sleeves of his left arm, revealing the same bracelet with ’S’ on it instead of the other letter.

“I just thought that it would make a nice parting gift, like you said, so that you wouldn’t forget me either.” He looks embarrassed as he rolls his sleeve back down, cheeks dusted a soft pink before he all but thrusts the box into Luhan’s hands. “And I definitely won’t forget you…” he pauses. “I’ll accept your gift then. So I won’t break your heart, and uh, reject….so I won’t break your heart yeah.” His teeth sinks down onto his lower lip as he ponders the situation. It takes a bit but soon enough he whips his body around so that he’s able to face the elder up front. “…and your second gift is me. Happy birthday Luhan,” and with that he locks their lips together.