cutie patoody


Lady Drossel von Flugel 

This little cutie patoodie is from Fireball Charming, a series of Japanese animated shorts from Disney.  It’s a little confusing to watch if you’re not fluent in Japanese word play, because it’s full of puns and other word play and they talk pretty fast and I only took 3 years of Japanese in high school and I don’t remember hardly any of it!

But yea, it’s super cute and Drossel is amazing

She’s available on my RedBubble:

anonymous asked:

Your dedication is so inspiring! Makes me want to work on my art skills!

Haha, really? ;D That’s so awesome! One of the things I want most in this world is to inspire and motivate other people, and it makes me so happy to see that my hard work has payed off! c’:

I wish you all the luck in the world with your artwork sweetie, and if you need help with anything, I’ll always be right here! Thank you so much for your lovely message!!