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A pretty character that belongs to a pretty person, @luciasatalina​ !!! A little gift from me to show how absolutely I love the design and every idea she has told me about concerning her OC! She’s such a cutie and needs to be shown a lot to everyone~!

AU/Almost Missed a Good Thing: Chapter 1!

Riley and Lucas suck when it comes to matters of the heart. See what happens when these two romantics fight their way through, misunderstandings, heartaches and learn that sometimes the person who’s seen you through it all is that good thing you’d been searching for all along!

Word Count: 1,454


“Love Stinks”

Riley stared blankly at her ceiling as a single tear trickled down the side of her cheek.

She was at yet another crossroad in her life and felt more confused than ever. Should she, or shouldn’t she? She wanted so badly to ask Lucas for guidance, but she couldn’t. If he knew everything, he’d hate her for sure. No, this needed to be a decision from her and only her.

“Riley!” He called. “Come here!”

She took a deep breath in, then hoisted herself out of her bed and made the long journey across their tiny hallway. When she reached his doorway, she felt her eyes widen as her jaw prepared to unhinge itself. He looked gorgeous! He caught a glimpse of her reaction in the mirror and smiled as he adjusted his collar.

“You think she’ll like it?” He mused.

“She’d be a fool not too.”

His smile widened as he stood a little taller. He was on top of the world!

He quickly spun around. “Thank you, Ri-” His excitement vanished as he took in his melancholy friend. She looked miserable! “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” She lied. “Just tired” 

“You sure?” He asked, elongating each word as he continued to observe her cracking mask.

“I am!” She insisted, shifting her gaze to the floor. “Just go!”


“Go!” She demanded, shoving his peacoat into his brawny chest. “You’re gonna be late! I promise I’m fine.”

He still didn’t believe her. She’d been off for a while, but something about today seemed worse. He wanted to ask why, but he knew better. She was strong willed and knew it would only end in an argument, so as usual, he left it alone. He knew she’d tell him one day and allowed that fact to be victory enough.

“Alright.” He huffed, pulling her in for a much-needed hug. “’ll believe you… for now.”

“And always!” She protested as she pushed him away. “I’m FINE!”

“Sure you are.” He chuckled with heavy notes of sarcasm. “And I’m Scott Eastwood.”

She rolled her eyes at his lame attempt at a joke and stormed off into her room, locking the door behind her.

“Love you too, bud! Bye!”

“Bud.” She hissed under her breath. Not babycakes like he called Maya, or sweets like he called Izzy or babes like he called every other girl, not even Riles! Just bud. That’s all she ever was to him and that’s all she’d ever be… When she heard the main door close, her body collapsed to the floor.

“Bud.” She repeated. “Just bud.” And suddenly, a flood of tears came rushing out of her as the pain in her chest deepened. He was in love and she was his bud and never the twain shall meet. With that final understanding, she mustered up all the strength she had left and crawled to her night stand to grab her phone.

“Hey Izzy.” She sniffled. “I’m in.”

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If the signs had a tiger as a pet 🐅

Aries: turns the tiger into a model, dresses it up in designer tiger clothes

Taurus: “dude I’m gonna be rich! Let’s bring this tiger to space I’m gonna be the first person to do it”

Gemini: becomes a singer and brings the tiger out on stage

Cancer: goes to the club so they can pick up chicks using the line “my p*ssy is cute but yours is so much cuter”

Leo: becomes an nature activist, brings back the tiger to some jungle and then eventually lives there with a hundred more tigers

Virgo: puts a bandana and some cool shades on the tiger so it can pick up some cuties near the hood when they pass by

Libra: literally cries for 20 minutes, moves away to China

Scorpio: teaches the tiger how to stop your mom from coming home by growling near the door so you can clean in 2 mins to make it seem like you did work

Sagittarius: raises the tiger to become an ultimate f*ckboy hurting machine, and in stealth, they sure are hungry 😩

Capricorn: trains the tiger to deliver you snacks that are already laying out in the kitchen bc you are too busy watching Netflix

Aquarius: makes hilarious vines and then becomes famous by getting invited to Ellen

Pisces: attempts to ride it to school to make a good impression

Consider that Niënor was around 21 and Morwen 51 when Nargothrond’s war policies allowed them to attempt escaping to Doriath.

Consider young Niënor holding on to an axe - not even a fine one, they dont have that anymore, but the one she used to cut wood back in the day - and using it to protect them.

Episode 51, part 2: fire clouds the brain.

When we left Yugi, he was in a warehouse that went on fire REALLY quickly and effectively. This is some Disney-fire level shit right here people.

I have to admit, I lol’d.

Yugi grabs the chain and tries to pull the spike loose (how the fuck did Keith jam that spike in there? what is the duel arena made of anyway?)

But he can’t.

Okay. I know this is a cartoon. And I’m not supposed to take it too seriously. But.

The chain is attached to the spike by something that reeeeeeally looks like a carabiner clip. That’s not a padlock, look at it. It looks like you just screw that open. Maybe it’s been locked somehow, although I dunno how you would lock it, but maybe it has. WE DON’T KNOW BECAUSE EVERYONE ALMOST DIES AND NO ONE THINKS TO FUCKING CHECK. NO ONE TRIES. NO ONE EVEN TOUCHES IT. *laugh-sobbing*

I spent this whole warehouse fire saga alternating between “JUST UNSCREW THE FUCKING CARABINER YOU MORONS” and T_____T

</3 He needs his big brother figure to help him but Yami can’t help him because his soul has been literally-not-figuratively shattered! T_____T

But help is on the way!

… Where have they been?! They’re in a totally different street from any of the dark alleys we saw Yugi and Bakura reach the warehouse from, and when they see the smoke from the fire, they’re like a whole block away still. Seriously how long did Bakura spend fabricating false arrow paths?!

When they do see the smoke, they run towards it and decide Yugi must be inside based on no information whatsoever but OKAY.

You guys are TERRIBLE FIREFIGHTERS. What kind of lame-ass looks-cool but-has-no-power-behind-it posturing kinda kick is that supposed to be, Katsuya Jounouchi?! 

Meanwhile, inside, Yugi has decided the best thing to do is just take a lash at solving the damn thing (CARABINER YOU MORON) …

… so he can at least apologise to Yami before they both die in the flames (T____T)

And this time, it doesn’t take him eight years! He actually gets it done really quickly, finishing right after Jounouchi and Honda finally manage to burst through that door.

He’s such a fucking cutie, even in near-death situations!

Jounouchi and Honda tell him to get his ass out of the very-much-burning-down building, but he won’t go.


Btw Yugi is such a Gryffindor. Fight me.

Jounouchi tries to detach Yugi from his literal death-grip on the Puzzle (CARABINER) but Yugi won’t let go (T____T) and Honda…

OH WELL PHEW. I mean, I know the deck is important but haven’t these kids ever taken any fire safety drills?! Nothing is more important than yours or someone else’s life, kids, leave it all behind. (The Puzzle is an exception because it actually does have a person in it.)

Yugi won’t leave Yami and Jounouchi won’t leave Yugi! T____T but serIOUSLY THE FUCKING CARABINER THO. Maybe Yugi was too short to reach it but Jou has no excuse!!

THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD CHECK THE C– … no, you know what, forget it. Just die there. 

Yugi’s really strong, though, if they can’t prise him off it. I guess he’s having one of those adrenaline rushes … but while semi-conscious? Hmm.

Now that the Puzzle’s been put back together, actually, I’m surprised Yami didn’t immediately take over, since Yugi’s in such danger. I guess maybe he got all rattled around in there and it took him a while to … pull himself together! (I tried not to.)

But he must be terrified that Yugi’s going to die because of him and he can’t do anything about it T____T

As Jounouchi grabs the Puzzle to try to drag it free, Yami manages to give him a brief vision!

If only.

He actually tells him to use a metal bar as a lever to free the spike.

But. But then. How did they ever get the chain free from the spike if they didn’t just open the carabiner clip, HMM?!

Meanwhile, Anzu has called 119 (the Japanese fire and ambulance number!) and the actual firefighters have arrived.

Except they are also TERRIBLE FIREFIGHTERS because she’s telling them there are people trapped in the building and the building is not collapsing, but they just ignore her and don’t try to go in to save them. 

But, with Yami’s plan and Jounouchi and Honda’s metal bar, they make it out!


I’ve actually started Puzzleshipping a lot more since I started this rewatch. <3 Bbys.

I mean, look at how cute Yugi is:

It’s nice to think that it was an impossible Puzzle because Yami didn’t want anyone to solve it, but he eventually made an exception for Yugi and gave him a fair chance (the first time he solved it) , and now, he wants Yugi to solve it again, asap, so he helps him as much as he can. <3

Anyway, now that excitement’s over, the next episode preview tells me it’s my homegirl Isis showing up! Yes!

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If you have enough time, could you maybe draw the Wammy boys all snuggled down in a blanket together? (Maybe Near is reading, Mello is sipping cocoa, and Matt is wearing a Santa hat?) Thank you so much!

okay they’re in a bed instead. maybe they’ve had a sleepover. (Matt’s in the middle because otherwise Near would get pushed off the bed). tried to make them look a lil bit younger here? 

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Hey Haddock ! In one of your analysis , i think I read something like your "favorite hiccspression in the entire franchise" so... What are your favorite Hiccspressions in RTTE ?

Oh this is so fun! There’s nooooo way to show them all (he has SO many good faces in RTTE), but I tried to nab at least a few of my favorites! These screencaps aren’t perfect representations of each moment - Hiccup always looks better animated - but they all get down the idea. :)

Sad little cutie angst face near the start of “Dragon Eye of the Beholder.”

I’m a dramatic butt-kicking explorer face.

Indiana Jones cautiously springing a booby trap face.

Daddy loves me and I’m five years old again face.

Screaming at the top of my lungs face.

You can’t get a more adorable heart-melting smile than this face.

My sense of self dignity is crying and you guys are driving me up the wall grouchy pants tableboy of Thor(s)tonton face.

I can’t peak without s’s thi i the most carring painful thing in my life face.

I’m so happy and dorky I’m actually going to start dancing with my annoying cousin and sing half a beat behind him face.

Anakin Skywalker would be proud of my dramatic angry face face.

I look too hot leaning against a post and also Dad just spit out the secret already face.

I am regal and chiefly face.

I absolutely look hot and dramatic at every angle when I’m serious face.

Tuffnut you don’t have to hold me like that I’m getting worried face.

I’m offended because I’m buried in fish face.

I’m actually angry enough to PUNCH Snotlout face.

And one of my all-time favorites… There is literally no way for me to look more badass and dramatic than this face.