cutie monkeys

Cancer & Libra
  • Cancer, watching Pisces and Sagittarius argue/bicker w/ Libra, takes a bite of their burger:
  • Pisces, pointing a finger in Sagittarius's face: That's why your still fucking single- you don't know how to listen to other people!
  • Sagittarius, scoffs: Oh yeah?! At least I'm in reality instead of trying to escape to the land of rainbow monkeys who don't even exist!
  • Pisces, gasps: You take that back, you son of a whore!
  • Libra, takes a sip of Cancer's drink: I bet when they reconnect around their 30's, they're gonna get married.

Whenever I’m about to put on a band shirt, I try to make sure I know at least 3 of their albums, 10 of their not so famous songs and the name of every band member just incase someone challenges my knowledge of them.